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Re: saddam death weirdness

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  • muckblit
    ... I don t think any muslim countries hang people. That s Texas. And the newspapers were saying last week that Saddam could be hung in 30 days . Jerry Bremer
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 1, 2007
      --- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, "Duncan M. Roads"
      <nexusmagazine@...> wrote:
      > Re the 'suddenness' and 'style' of execution ...
      > Isn't it all because Saddam was tried under Iraqi law, with Iraqi
      > judges, and therefore gets Iraqi-style executions?
      > That is what is being reported in our media and of that in Europe etc.
      > Happy New Year to everyone
      > Duncan

      I don't think any muslim countries hang people. That's Texas.

      And the newspapers were saying last week that Saddam could be hung "in
      30 days".

      Jerry Bremer just walked into a room and handed over a paper,
      transferring sovereignty from occupation to Iraqi puppet council, no


      > On 31/12/2006, at 5:23 PM, muckblit wrote:
      > --- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, "Vigilius Haufniensis"
      > <thehatefulnerd@> wrote:
      > >
      > > it seems to me that this decision to kill saddam came "all at once."
      > like all of a sudden they just decided to kill saddam, and just went
      > ahead and did it. as opposed to how long normal american capital
      > punishments take.
      > > another thing. they HUNG him!? from a gallows!? with a ROPE!?
      > > whats up with that?
      > > seems like an unusually barbaric and archaic method of execution.
      > > is it just me?
      > > what is the astrological/numerological/occult significance of this
      > date and time?
      > > anyone?
      > > vigilius haufniensis
      > >
      > As far as doing it all of a sudden, the turnover of sovereignty from
      > Coalition Provisional Authority(CPA) to puppet council by Paul Bremer,
      > neocon Iraq occupation czar, was done suddenly and without fanfare, too.
      > I think hanging is primarily guilt-projection role-reversal by the
      > Bush family, fugitives from Nuremburg's gallows, according to GHWBush.
      > At the surface it's cowboy symbolism by the Maine-stream Texans and
      > their fake 911 posse. Under the surface, scapegoat and Bush family
      > puppet Saddam Hussein gets patsied for 911 if not WMD by the son of
      > Bush who patsied the same puppet by luring him into Kuwait through
      > April Glaspie, then through Colin Powell lied to the Saudis, alleging
      > that Saddam intended to invade Saudi Arabia. The mad, mad,mad,mad
      > guilt jewels are buried under the Big Dubya, as Nuremburg's rope is
      > used on Lee Harvey Hussein instead of the Bush fam escapees from
      > Nuremburg via perennial guilt-projection role-reversal. Thus
      > throughout four generations of war criminal Bush fam, we keep
      > repeating history over and over because we never learn. Sam Bush and
      > Prescott Bush backed Adolf Hitler from the 1920's, backed Saddam
      > Hussein, Suharto, Shah, Pinochet, etc etc, and the Likudniks treat the
      > Palestinians like nazis treated Jews, and we never notice the same
      > history lesson repeating over and over. It would be a simple lesson
      > like don't trust a son of a Bush.
      > -Bob
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