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Re: Bush Crony Caught with Videos That Show Him Having Sex with Children, Feds S

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  • muckblit
    My first question would be, does Lawrence Scott Ward know through what layers of obfuscation FBI shared in crime of kidnapping children for its blackmail
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2006
      My first question would be, does Lawrence Scott Ward know through what
      layers of obfuscation FBI shared in crime of kidnapping children for its
      blackmail videotaping at the Seattle APEC conference?

      I guess Tim White would ask a no-win Jon Benet question to replace the
      obvious FBI Lindbergh question, along with a personal controversy we
      have come to know and love as sock-puppeting. Did Tim White really just
      show up when Kris said pedophile? I'm sure Bill Bottoms used to have his
      pager hardwired to the name of Barry Seal in deja usenet keyword
      monitoring. Then we had Duncan show up to defend Ruppert, or, attack
      three of us with unpredicated dead messenger labels, right on time. Here
      is Tim White, right on time.

      But what I really want to know is when and how did FBI get into the
      child kidnapping business. J. Edgar Hoover in a tutu, how far wrong were
      we then?


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      > Bush Crony Caught With Child Sex Videos at Customs
      > Ivy League Professor Caught with Videos That Show Him Having Sex with
      > Children, Feds Say
      > August 28, 2006 6:10 PM
      > Jack Date Reports:
      > An Ivy League business school professor is in federal custody for
      > allegedly having videos of himself engaging in sexual acts with
      > children, ABC News has learned.
      > Lawrence Scott Ward, 63, Professor Emeritus of Marketing at
      > University of Pennsylvania's renowned Wharton School of Business, was
      > caught with child pornography in his luggage and on his laptop
      > computer after arriving at Dulles International Airport on a flight
      > from Brazil, according to court documents.
      > An affidavit in support of a criminal complaint filed today in
      > federal court in Alexandria says Ward's luggage was flagged for a
      > more thorough inspection for possible child pornography after a
      > customs officer noticed Ward's "excessive" trips to Thailand.
      > Federal agents recovered at least three DVDs, in which Ward appears
      > to be "engaging in sexual contact" with children, the affidavit
      > reads. A video of children as young as eight engaged in sexual
      > activity was also allegedly found on Ward's laptop computer.
      > Ward's resume says he has been a visiting professor at Chulalongkorn
      > University in Thailand. Federal officials believe Thailand to be a
      > well-known destination for so-called "sex tourists" who travel there
      > to exploit minors. Wharton's website also lists pro bono consulting
      > work in Brazil as one of Ward's current projects.
      > According to published reports, in 1999 Ward was fined $2,500 and
      > sentenced to five years probation on charges of attempting to promote
      > prostitution and corrupt minors. In that case, he entered a plea
      > which allowed him to acknowledge that there was sufficient evidence
      > to convict him, without admitting guilt for those charges.
      > Ward's resume lists several government consulting assignments
      > including work with the Executive Office of the President, the FCC,
      > Department of Commerce and the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse
      > Prevention. Many of his published works deal with the effects of
      > television advertising and marketing on children and adolescents.
      > According to his biography, Ward has been a marketing consultant to
      > many top companies and lists IBM, Microsoft, General Motors, Home
      > Depot, Exxon, Citibank and Johnson & Johnson among his clients.
      > During the 1980s, he hosted a television program, "The Wharton
      > Business Report" on the now defunct Financial News Network. Ward's
      > biography also states that he was chairman of a foundation that
      > served disadvantaged children with learning disabilities.
      > The University of Pennsylvania issued the following statement today,
      > relating to Ward's arrest, "We have just learned of the arrest of
      > Scott Ward in Virginia. At the present time, we have very few
      > details. We are currently gathering information about the situation
      > and will take appropriate action as soon as we know more."
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