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US ambassadors and Death Squads, Inc

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  • venezuelanquaker
    Cort Greene: John Negroponte, William Brownfield and Death Squads Inc Hands Off Venezuela coordinator Cort Greene writes: Current US ambassador to Iraq John
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2006
      Cort Greene: John Negroponte, William Brownfield and Death Squads Inc

      Hands Off Venezuela coordinator Cort Greene writes: Current US
      ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte has been nominated by President
      Bush to be chief advisor and the first National Intelligence
      Director, with authority over 15 formerly independent intelligence

      So just who is he?

      For starters, John Negroponte is a multi-millionaire who has made a
      lot of money off of owning stock in companies that benefit directly
      from the war and occupation of Iraq. In Iraq, he has been linked to
      a proposal where US-funded Central American-style death squads or
      the so called "Salvador option" has been put forward as a way to
      quell the Iraqi insurgency against the US occupation.

      Negroponte has denied this, but his record indicates that his
      support for such a plan is not at all far-fetched. During his 41-
      year career with the US State Department, or as some have called
      it "Death Squads Inc.," he and his cronies shepherded a murder
      machine from Vietnam to Iraq. Negroponte worked as a political
      officer at the US embassy in Vietnam from 1964-1968 ... a period
      during which there was increased involvement of the government in
      the war and thousands of executions of civilians and human rights
      abuses, including the massacres by the infamous "Tiger Force" of the
      US Army's 101st Airborne Division.

      As US ambassador to Honduras from 1981-1985, he was in charge of the
      Command Center set-up to stop and overthrow all the emerging
      national liberation movements taking place in Central America.
      Military budgets grew in Honduras alone from US$4 million to $77
      million dollars and the CIA agents stationed there increased
      tenfold. Money was no object legality or illegality to fight the
      insurgencies. He lied to Congress about the CIA-created "Battalion
      316" Honduran death squad and covert operations that occurred. He
      supervised the building of the "El Aguacate" air base and other
      regional military training centers for the Central American Forces,
      the Contras, and the Salvadorean military. These bases were also
      secret detention and torture centers and were used to launch the
      covert war against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua and the
      mining of their harbors.

      But we must remember that Negroponte did not act alone, he got his
      marching orders from Ronald Reagan and William Casey and all the
      U.S. embassies in the region worked together to put down these
      revolutionary movements. In El Salvador, one player stands out from
      the rest, the current ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield.
      He played a decisive role along with John Negroponte as a political
      officer in the embassy cover-up of US involvement in the
      assassination Archbishop Oscar Romero. He also worked to cover up
      the murder of the four American Maryknoll nuns and other nuns
      escaping the violence there. Brownfield also played a key role in
      directing the death squads and El Salvadorean military, who
      butchered tens of thousands of trade unionists and members of the
      FMLN. The death squads did not just kill these people, but in a lot
      of cases they dismembered them and placed their heads on poles as a
      warning to the rest of the population.

      In Venezuela, US ambassador Brownfield has been brought in as a
      relief pitcher to former ambassador Robert Shapiro, himself no
      stranger to coups. Shapiro helped in the staging of the April 2002
      coup against President Chavez and the destabilization programs that
      followed. He was also involved in the CIA-backed murderous overthrow
      of Chilean President Salvador Allende in September of 1973, and
      death of thousands of people under a military dictatorship that
      lasted a decade.

      In fact, William Brownfield, as US ambassador to Chile on the
      anniversary of the overthrow of that government in 2003, stated
      publicly in a memorial service that "people who hate the United
      States must be controlled, arrested or eliminated."

      Brownfield's game plan for Venezuela is to unite the opposition, the
      400 US corporations, and the fifth-columnists and create an
      atmosphere for the overthrow of the Bolivarian Revolution. He along
      with Negroponte will be at the forefront in trying to stop the
      flowering of the Latin American and World revolutions that we find
      ourselves in this epoch.

      These are the types of people the US government makes responsible
      for carrying out US policy around the world -- under both Republican
      and the Democratic administrations.

      The interests of the US imperialists are defended, while the
      revolutionary aspirations of working people are drowned in blood.
      Our task is to build a new society in which death squads, the
      Brownfields, Negropontes and the capitalist system that creates and
      nurtures them are consigned to the dust bin of history.

      Cort Greene
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