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Re: [cia-drugs] Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI)

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  • Michael Donovan
    Dear Norgesen, I have been enjoying your posts. Is this your site? Is it up yet? I think Kay Griggs, a good friend, could help you in some areas. A former
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      Dear Norgesen,
      I have been enjoying your posts.  Is this your site?  Is it up yet?  I think Kay Griggs, a good friend, could help you in some areas.  A former 'senior NATO wife' she has been working on crossing some groups here.  For example found an 'ex marine' association connected with a large amount of U.S. police departments, researched who is on the Board of Directors etc.  She comes from that 'set' so she knows the game.  She is doing alot of this work on her own.  Now the videos on the net , search Kay Griggs, are old, done about 97.  That was her married name, name now Katherine Pollard Miller.
      I think you two should be in touch.
      Michael Donovan, Camden Maine
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      From: norgesen
      Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 6:34 AM
      Subject: [cia-drugs] Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI)

      The purpose of the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI) is to put together the entire spectrum of hidden organizations and secret societies. Most of you who visit this site have probably heard of the more well-known 'secret societies' like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bohemian Grove, and the Skull & Bones student society. Two other well known 'secret societies' are Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission. The thing is, when you really research these institutes you find that members often disagree with each other, there's considerable infighting, and most members don't seem to be privy to any information from the black and deep black programs. This is the reason I always wondered how people went from the above organizations straight to the very undefined concept of the 'Illuminati'. Of course, I can see something very strange is going on. For some reason it's possible to suppress information about humanities past, the UFO phenomenon, alternative energy, the supernatural, high profile assassinations, or the true cause of many terrorist attacks. Rather than focusing on one tiny subject, PEHI will attempt to answer how all the above is possible and which persons and institutes could be responsible for it.

      This site will be fundamentally different than most. We don't need another rewrite combined with another religiously biased opinion, which doesn't stroke with any of the evidence. We need names of institutions, names of members, and as much background information about both as possible. We need organized digital membership lists in which all this information is available for any purpose at any time. Biographies should be included and must be updated continually in all of these lists as new information becomes available. I can already guarantee you that when this is done on all the globalist societies, one by one, we will see patterns in the leadership and we can pick out those people that need to be investigated still further. If there are any 'puppet masters' (and I'm not so sure about that at all), this is the only way to pick them out and to have a rock solid foundation of research no one can dispute.

      General oversight

      At this introduction page I will give you an idea of what I'm working on at the moment. It's not meant to back up every claim with a list of sources. This is something that will be done at the 'in depth' section of the website.

       On the left I have organized a lot of the most influential privately funded discussion forums in the world. Already it is clear that a few interests dominate the scene. The first one is the infamous Rockefeller family. This family played a major role in setting up and / or maintaining most of the American-based institutions: the Americas Society, the Asia Society, the Japan Society, the CFR, and the Trilateral Commission. As far as I know, they also funded the Atlantic Institute for International Affairs and the Williamsburg Meetings, and probably a lot more. They themselves, or their proteges, are represented in almost every organization you see on the left. They funded many other less important organizations, which will be included in an upcoming 'Rockefeller family timeline'. Another major influence appears to be the Rothschild family. Of course, just as the Rockefellers, this has been repeated endlessly, but I personally had a hard time finding any indisputable evidence that backs up this claim. A lot of research still needs to be done, but here's what I know for sure: Today's chairman of Le Cercle has been a 15 year Rothschild veteran. A previous chairman of Le Cercle had a very dubious father who was one of the most important (hidden) Jews to have built up the state of Israel, side by side with the Rothschilds.

      The chairman of The European Institute is also a 15 year Rothschild veteran, again the only person of the board directly involved with the Rothschilds. The Rothschild Foundation is one the prime sponsors of the 1001 Club-affiliated Club 21, which funds and manages the so called 'Peace Parks' Foundation. On the board of directors of the Club 21 sits a Rothschild director, who seems to be some kind of descended of a former Rothschild associate / Shell chairman. The foundation of the chairman of the European Institute is involved with this club to a lesser extent. The same goes for the Rockefellers by the way. Other interesting coincidences I noticed is the fact that the only Brit I have come across that has been invited to the Bohemian Grove camp Mandalay is a representative of the Rothschild and Murdoch interests [update: found more. They all revolve around the major City of London interests and the Royal family]. Rupert Murdoch and Jacob de Rothschild are close friends. The only Brit I found that has been invited to the Sun Valley meetings turned out to be another very close associate of Jacob the Rothschild. Jacob de Rothschild has been the president of the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research and still is it's honorary president. The exact extent of the influence of the institute I do not know. All I know is that it has been described as 'very influential', that until recently it used to be called the 'Institute for Jewish Affairs', that it is closely affiliated with Chatham House (RIIA), and that the Israeli ambassador pays them a visit once in a while. Another interesting fact is that the Rothschild Foundation donated the money to build the Israeli Supreme Court and the Knesset. Coincidentally, the Supreme Court has a large pyramid with an eye sticking through its roof. What is a very interesting about the Rothschilds is that they indeed seem to do almost everything through a front man. But personally, I have no reason to believe they cannot be touched. For example, in 1981 Mitterrand came to power and immediately nationalized the Rothschild bank. Guy de Rothschild (and Le Cercle, which had been trying to prevent Mitterrand from coming to power) wasn't very happy about that. From that time on, Guy de Rothschild started focusing on his main U.S. company, New Court (now Rothschild Inc.), which was located in Rockefeller Center at the time. There are other indications that the Rothschilds are very influential, but not the ultimate 'puppet masters'. For instance, some of them were captured or killed by the nazis. Others successfully fled. In 1996, Amschel Rothschild was found dead in Paris, just after he was selected to take over the Paris branch of the family. It's a very strange affair and although his aunt and closest friends vehemently denied he was anything near depressed, nobody objected when the death was labeled a suicide. Looking at some of the statements of the Paris investigators there's every indication that Amschel was murdered. It doesn't seem to make much sense that his own family did it. Then they wouldn't have appointed him in the first place. So who was responsible? One other interesting tidbit that actually shows their influence again is the fact that Bill Clinton allowed Sir Evelyn de Rothschild to spent his wedding night in the White House! I still need to do a lot of research on this family before I can post a 'Rothschild family timeline' with all the documentation, but what has been written above is completely documented.

      One thing that often seems to pop up is the close relationship between the British Royal family and the Rothschild family. If the Rockefellers mainly represent the American interests, the Rothschilds mainly the Zionist interests, then the Royal family is the spider in the British interests.


      These three important institutions have absorbed the leadership (or the founders) of all the organizations below it. In all of these high-level discussion groups the Royal family members aren't just figureheads. It has been stated repeatedly that the Royal family has made large investments in many of the largest British multinationals. This may not be proven, but it's actually quite understandable when you have such a huge amount of money laying around. Again, the British royal family members don't seem to be the ultimate 'puppet masters'. Prince Philip and his son Charles have very different personalities. Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was killed by an 'IRA bomb' in 1979, seems to have been assassinated by some right-wing Le Cercle-like interest. Two suspects were arrested even before the bomb went off, one of them was later convicted of the murder and sentenced to life. According to Diana's butler, the Queen mother warned him after Diana's death: "Nobody, Paul has been as close to a member of my family as you have. There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge." Who or what was she referring to when she advised Paul to lay low?

      Another institute with a lot of power is the Vatican. The Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, and the Jesuits are all operating from out of the the Vatican and are heavily involved with the intelligence agencies of the West. I found many of them in the secret intelligence group Le Cercle. Especially the Order of Malta has a very close relationship with the Monarchs of Europe. It's worldwide head, Andrew Bertie is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and attends many of the royal weddings. The full influence of these organizations isn't known, but a large amount of the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei figures have been involved in serious scandals over the years. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is a descendent of the Knights Hospitaller, the organization to which many of the Templar assets were transferred. It's Protestant version is the Order of St. John, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, which is far less controversial. These two groups are the main interests represented at Le Cercle, which I rate among the most secret organizations we know of today. At least in recent times, the Vatican seems to be the underdog.

      You also have some royal and industrial families in mainland Europe that seem to have quite a bit of influence on the globalization process.

      By the way, did you know that the Ordo Draconis is actually a real organization with royal and noble families in it? You don't have to believe it from some second hand source, just visit the website from the royal house of Stewart and look at their European Council of Princes section. You'll find a page about their involvement in the Ordo Draconis. And did you know that they believe in so called 'dragon genes'? I wrote a little bit about it here, which is a small elaboration on statements that were made in the article on Le Cercle.

      So, as you can see, there's plenty of stuff to investigate. This introduction page is only meant to give an idea of where my personal research is going. Below you can find the names of some of the more important institutions people need to be aware of. Some of them are very secretive. Others are quite well-known, although knowledge usually doesn't extent beyond the name itself. In time, every single organization will be discussed on this site (okay, that might be a bit too ambitious). I left out many of the smaller, regional ones. If you start adding all the world's think tanks and meeting clubs, the list will be at least 5 times as long. And why bother writing them down when most of their chairmen and presidents can be found in maybe a handful of the most important institutions below?

      Existence proven

      It's hard to categorize a lot of the institutions below, because you don't always know who's primary purpose they serve. Generally, I tend to look at the country the institute was founded in and who's heading it. As for America, keep in mind that the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, and other foundations have funded a huge amount of very influential non-governmental think tanks. The Brookings Institution, the Aspen Institute, the Foreign Policy Association, and the RAND Corporation are examples of this.

      United KingdomUnited States
      Anglo-Arab Organization Alfalfa Dinners
      British Invisibles (IFSL) Americas Society
      Chatham House (RIIA) Asia Society
      Corps of CommissionairesBohemian Grove
      Crown Agents Business Roundtable
      Fabian Society Council for National Policy
      Group 13 Council of Foreign Relations
      HakluytJapan Society
      Livery Companies JASON Group
      Multinational Chairman's Group Kroll Associates
      Order of the Garter MITRE Corporation (not-for-profit)
      Order of St. John of Jerusalem RAND Corporation (not-for-profit)
      Privy Council Renaissance Weekend
      The Round Table networkSun Valley meetings
      United Grand LodgeU.S. Council on International Business
      U.K. Intelligence U.S.-Russia Business Council
       U.S. Intelligence
       Williamsburg meetings
      Anglo-US (and / or European) interestsIsrael
      1001 club Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
      Atlantic CouncilsAIPAC
      Atlantic Institute for International Affairs B'nai B'rith
      BilderbergHerzliya Conference (IPS)
      British-American Project (BAP)  
      Cercle de Lorraine Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR)
      China-EU Business Summit World Jewish Congress
      Club of RomeIsraeli Intelligence
      EU-Japan Business Dialogue Vatican
      EU-Russia Industrialists' Roundtable Jesuits
      European Round Table Knights of Malta
      European Business SummitOpus Dei
      European Institute  
      Forum EuropeMuslim world

      Financial Services Forum

      Muslim Brotherhood
      Friends of Europe  
      Group of ThirtyOther religious
      Institute for European Defense and Strategic StudiesEuropean Council of Princes
      International Chamber of Commerce Ordo Draconis (Sarkany Rend)
      Le Cercle  
      Oil Club Scientology
      Open Russia Foundation  
      Pacific Basin Economic CouncilQuestioned fraternities
      Pilgrims SocietyPrinceton's Cap & Gown
      Pugwash ConferencesYale's Scroll & Key
      Safari Club (shut down 25 years ago) Yale's Skull & Bones
      Stay-Behind networks (should be gone now) Yale's Wolf's Head
      The Ditchley Foundations  
      Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue  
      Trilateral Commission 

      If you are interested in a list of all the international Institutes of International affairs I suggest you click here.

      Existence not proven (from my own viewpoint)

      Bormann Organization / Group Martin Bormann was Hitler's most trusted aide and has never been captured. Some believe he oversaw the transfer of most of the Nazi capital into some 750 corporations in Germany, South-America, and the U.S. He received help from someone like Allen Dulles (SMOM, OSS chief, Pilgrims Society member, later CIA director). The purpose was to establish a future 4th Reich. It's quite obvious that this is linked with the Ratlines and the recruitment of Nazi general Reinhard Gehlen in the aftermath of WWII. I suggest you check Paul Manning's 1981 book 'Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile' and the person who took over his work, Dave Emory. It seems that Paul Manning and his publisher have been punished severely for putting out the book.
      Chateau des Amerois

      The castle was owned by Prince Philipp von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and later by the Solvay family. The Solvay family is one of the leading industrial families of Europe (producer of medicines, plastics, and chemicals like fluor). In their 1996 book, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler (very unsure what to think of their information) referred to it as the 'Mothers of Darkness castle'. This obscure castle does indeed exist and has been named in late 1996 and early 1997 by at least one 'X' survivor of the Dutroux affair as a place where nasty things happened. Different witnesses who described child torture, child rape, child molestation, child hunting, and child murder have been declared 'mad', but only after all the original investigators were suddenly replaced. There were also multiple claims of sex parties that were held in different castles. It didn't matter that the witness accounts included many verifiable corroborative details and helped solve a couple of previous child murders. The cover up was so obvious that 300,000 Belgiums went to the streets to protest against the way the investigation was conducted. At least 3 families of the victims have been convinced there is a massive cover up and at least 20 crucial witness have 'committed suicide'. It seems to be very hard to get access to these X-files. Maybe that has to do with the fact that many senior officials have been named as participants in the above crimes, including members of the royal family and at least one former European Commissioner (name hasn't been made public). At the moment, I don't see how Springmeier or Wheeler could have gained access to these secret hearings, but we'll see where this story goes in the future.

      Important update:

      I found quite a bit of Belgian individuals who have been accused in 1999 of having been involved in drug & child trafficking. The person who gave the list committed suicide within a year. After doing a small background check it turns out that some of them have conections to, or are members of, the Trilateral Commission, the European Round Table, the leadership of Le Cercle, important individuals of Bilderberg, and the Russian mafia. Solvay SA again played a leading role, just as 2 royal families. And let's not forget individuals closely involved in investigating the Dutroux affair.

      Then there is one person who supposedly was named in the Dutroux X-files. After looking up the few available details about this person, it turns out that he was probably a Jesuit. Persons with the same (quite unusual) surname appear on the boards of Solvay SA (not again!), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium, and Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild - Genève. Another individual from the past with this surname was head of the Steel Division of the UN European Economic Commission in 1952. He brought Henri Rieben in contact with Jean Monnet, both founders of the European movement. And yet another individual of the past with this surname was a member of the 'Orde Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem'.

      Because I know very little about this subject and much of it is written in French (and Dutch) it will take a lot of time before I might write an article about it. I didn't mention the names, because I first want to verify some details (how the families fit together and what the source of some of the information is).

      Just keep in mind that Europe is continent waiting to be explored.

      Another update:

      It is now clear to me that all the aspects of the 'globalist conspiracy' can be found in Belgium. Expect loads of fireworks in the future. It's beyond shocking.

      Club of the Isles Could easily be the 1001 Club or possibly the Multinational Chairman's Group, because they share many of the same interests. Executive Intelligence Review mentioned it a couple of times. I asked them about the club, but they don't seem to have that much additional info either.
      Committee of 26 This group is mentioned in Simon Regan's book 'Who killed Diana?'. The author was informed about this group through his intelligence contacts, including the one who advised him to look into Le Cercle. I quote from his book: "My own security contacts, including the Baroness, had also told me about a highly mysterious organization called the Committee of 26, which is apparently based in Bristol, in England’s West Country. I have never heard of this and can find no other official reference in any file. But it is apparently a super-secret "liaison desk" between the highest echelons of British and American agencies and has the "co-operation" of the French. I was told it was "Old Guard" and worked unilaterally. That is, it was a kind of uncontrolled "super-agency" which answered to no one. I cannot show that this agency even exists... I trust the Baroness, but she was unable to give me any feasible further "chapter and verse." David Icke in his book 'The Biggest Secret' wrote: "Why Bristol? It is a former Knights Templar port and its name has evolved from Barati, the Phoenician goddess. It just so happens that an elite unit of British Intelligence called the Committee of 26 is based there and they use the runway at the British Aerospace complex to fly British and foreign agents in and out of the country... In that period in the 1980s, not only in Bristol, there were strange deaths galore of people at the cutting edge of development in the ‘defence’ industries. "
      Committee of 300The group former MI6 agent John Coleman talked about back in 1992. It's very interesting if you compare the name with the 'Committee of 26' from totally different sources. I read chunks of the book, looking for evidence of its existence, but couldn't find it. I have organized the list of names (google's recent spelling correction is a god sent) and have been able to copy a significant amount of biographies from prominent and less-prominent members from other hidden organizations John Coleman has never talked about. I guess that's a good thing, but as I just said, this doesn't prove anything. I also have trouble believing 'the Olympians' control everything from China to South-Africa. Looking at the names, it's just like all the other hidden organizations, i.e. a high level discussion group.
      Group 13 & I3

      These two are said to be assassination teams from Britain and the U.S. Although there is no conclusive evidence, I am quite certain that both exist. You can find some information about Britain's Group 13 here and some information about the NSA's I3 here. The supposed head of Group 13 turned out to be someone who's background cannot be fully traced, not even by the British Parliament. This person and his allies also infiltrated the boards of many arms companies. When a company, like Astra, isn't useful anymore, they just give themselves huge salaries and run the company into the ground.

      Knight's Templar (CIA) In his 1977 book 'The Night Watch', former CIA officer David Atlee Phillips wrote on page 123: "...that small circle of well-bred, highly educated adventurers who were known to some in the CIA as the 'Knights Templars' - Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, Kermit Roosevelt, Tracey Barnes, Dick Bissell, and kindred spirits. Other CIA veterans have confirmed the existence of similar associations within the agency, with names like the "Century group" and the "Gold Key group". The first three have been known members of Le Cercle. Of the first two we know they were involved in recruiting Nazis in the wake of WWII. Kermit Roosevelt helped de Marenches in setting up the Safari Club and led Operation Ajax which brought the Shah to power. I find it very interesting all these small hints to Templar organizations within intelligence groups as Le Cercle, the Committee of 26, and now the CIA.
      Tavistock Network Said to be a worldwide mind-control network. Haven't studied it and don't really have an opinion about it either. The Tavistock Institute is located in London. You saw it in July 2005 when a bomb on a London bus splattered blood and debris on its facade. John Coleman talked about it. Kay Griggs also mentioned it.
      The Brotherhood / The Firm Mentioned by Kay Griggs, wife of marine colonel George Griggs. According to Kay, her husband usually referred to the loose network he was part of as 'the Brotherhood' or 'the Firm'. She was also talking about a Zionist clique centered in New York City, which had the unofficial name 'the Joint'. Kay describes how there is a network of transnational criminals involved in all kinds of nasty stuff. This includes drug running, illegal arms trade, sexual perversion, mind control, assassinations, and the conducting of terrorism when deemed necessary. A short article with all the names she mentioned will be put up on this site. You can find the full 8-hour video here.

      Did you notice that almost every single group we don't know that much about is related to intelligence? We can only guess how much more has been hidden from the public completely.

      Part 2, UFO organizations

      If someone thinks the UFO phenomenon is a non-issue, I suggest you take a look at some of the mainstream newspaper articles I gathered here. Whatever it is, the phenomenon is real and it is very likely that secret institutions have been set up to study it.

      IPUIPU stands for the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit, which, supposedly, was set up after the February 1942 Battle of Los Angeles incident. In a 1980 document released through a FOIA request, the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit was part of the Scientific and Technical Branch of the Counterintelligence Directorate. It was dissolved during the late 1950’s and allegedly never reactivated. Their files were surrendered to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). You can find scanned documents and a lot of additional info on Majesticdocuments.com.

      MJ-12 is said to be a highly secret intelligence agency set up for the purpose of investigating the UFO phenomenon. At the same time they kept all the information from the public. The project was started after the July 1947 UFO wave, followed by a crash in Roswell. Together with the birth of MJ-12 the National Security State was born. Almost anyone who has claimed to have inside information on the group has said that MJ-12 still exists today, although it changes its name once in a while. Many have also added that the group has been privatized, which is a subject that sounds very familiar. There is a large amount of documentation on Majestic 12, although these documents won't be accepted, simply because they are too extraordinary to believe. According to Stanton Friedman, most of the later documents are fake, but the earlier ones stand up to careful scrutiny. You can find scanned documents and a lot of additional info on Majesticdocuments.com. It is said that certain JASON studies have been conducted for MJ-12. The existence of the JASON Group is beyond dispute and an article about them will appear soon.


      Then there are some societies I won't go into, because they are too 'far out' when there is a complete lack of any evidence they exist. If you're interested in Tamar, Moriah, the Cult of the Serpent, the Grand Druid Council, the Order of the Quest, the Keepers of the Dawn, or something similar like that, I suggest you do an internet search. I also skipped the Priory the Sion, because I haven't got a clue what to believe about it.

      Written: Joël van der Reijden (mail)
      Date: August 9, 2005
      Last update: September 19, 2005


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