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911 flt93 tkt bought from OK U library computer

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  • mark urban
    More stuff that doesn t fit. Boren is skull and bones, by the way! http://bellaciao.org/en/article.php3?id_article=7305 KOCO-TV Suppresses an Explosive 9/11
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      More stuff that doesn't fit. Boren is skull and bones, by the way!


      KOCO-TV Suppresses an Explosive 9/11 News Report
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      I have not been keeping this a secret all this time. I started
      putting this information online at my own website in December 2002.
      In the fall of 2001, a librarian at the University of Oklahoma in
      Norman (OU) told me that she was present when the Federal Bureau of
      Investigation (FBI) conducted an interview about the fact that an
      airline ticket for a 9/11 hijacker was purchased from a computer
      terminal at that school's library. She said it was for United
      93, which crashed in Pennsylvania.

      This is very important. The purchaser was not a hijacker. He was a
      white American male and a temporary library employee. Apparently the
      FBI already knew the IP address of the terminal, and with that
      evidence librarians were able to locate it in the facility. The
      librarian speculated that he was a neo-Nazi who shared Al-Qaeda's
      hatred for Israel.

      Months passed, and no one was ever arrested for this. I began to
      suspect that the purchaser was a covert CIA operative infiltrating
      Al Qaeda, and that immunity from arrest was quietly arranged for him
      later. In response to Freedom of Information Act requests, the FBI
      has refused to identify him and will not answer the question about
      whether he was arrested. They have stated that the requested
      material "is located in an investigative file which pertains to a
      pending investigation." It occurs to me now that, if my suspicion is
      correct, they are relying on the 1982 Intelligence Identities
      Protection Act as justification for not answering my question.

      If he were indeed a CIA operative and still alive, then Americans do
      not need to know his name (but I actually suspect that he is dead.)
      We do deserve to know whether he was a covert operative. If I am
      correct, then he clearly crossed a terrible boundary from legitimate
      surveillance to active participation in a horrendous crime. The U.S.
      Congress and the public deserve the opportunity to scrutinize this
      kind of "surveillance." It obviously was not effective in
      obstructing the 9/11 attack. On the contrary, it facilitated it.

      A declassified CIA document confirms that the agency not only
      infiltrates terror cells, it also manipulates them (CIA-RDP85-
      00671R000200250001-4). I suspect that this 9/11 ticket purchase
      gives an example of their style of "manipulation." The president of
      OU is former U.S. Senator David Boren, patron and mentor of ex-CIA
      director George Tenet. I have earlier reported some details about
      this relationship to Bella Ciao :

      KOCO-TV Broadcasts It But Later Conceals It

      Four different people have told me of seeing an Oklahoma City KOCO-
      TV news broadcast about the ticket-purchasing incident at OU. In
      October 2003, I called KOCO and tried to buy a videocassette of this
      broadcast. A woman at the news desk named Melissa confirmed that
      they had reported this, and then transferred me to the voice mail of
      Terri Watkins, the reporter who made the broadcast. I left a message
      there asking to purchase the videocassette.

      To my surprise and indignation, when I checked my answering machine
      later, there was a message from Watkins denying that the station had
      reported it. Obviously, the station was pressured into suppressing
      the report. The pressure probably came from the CIA, FBI, or both.
      Recordings of these contradictory communications from the two women
      can be heard here:

      Any resident of central Oklahoma who is willing to confirm having
      seen this suppressed news broadcast is encouraged to contact me.

      Other Important Links:

      CIA document -- see page 21

      FBI letter (it may be necessary to enlarge this with the mouse):

      I also have assembled this information into a sworn affidavit. A
      fourth person has told me about seeing the KOCO report since I
      signed this:

      by : Michael P. Wright
      Sunday 31st July 2005
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