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Fwd: [United_Arab_Market] FREE TRADE AREA - Message to G.W. Bush

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  • Lic. Jim adams
    ... Jim Adams has been a felony prosecutor, a Judge, a member of Texas House. He has written articles for nation publications covering international Taxation
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
      --- Saad S Fayoumi <saad_fayoumi@...> wrote:

      > To: united_arab_market@yahoogroups.com
      > From: Saad S Fayoumi <saad_fayoumi@...>
      > Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 14:21:36 -0800 (PST)
      > Subject: [United_Arab_Market] FREE TRADE AREA - Message to G.W.
      > Bush
      > Dear sister / brother / friend,
      > On May 13. 2003, I e-mailed the following message to Mr. G. W.
      > Bush.
      > If you share my point of view, please forward this message to all
      > your friends.
      > Salamaat,
      > Saad
      > ************
      > Mr. George W. Bush
      > Washington D.C.
      > USA
      > Your proposal to set up a "Middle East/USA Free Trade Area" is
      > certainly excellent for Israel also good for the USA however it is
      > very bad for the Arab world.
      > And to say that you made your proposal in such A dramatic way as if
      > you really care very much about the development and prosperity of
      > the Arab nation also as if you you had already forgotten the
      > hostility your administration had so far demonstrated toward the
      > Arabs in general and the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples in
      > particular. Do you really expect us to see in you the new Gamal
      > Abdul Nasser or Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi of the Arab nation?
      > Concerning your proposal, it is true that "The Arab world has a
      > great cultural tradition but is largely missing out on the economic
      > progress of our time" as you said:
      > a) What a pity that you didn't say who is preventing the Arabs from
      > getting united in one country!
      > b) Have you ever asked yourself how come the USA is built of people
      > from over 200 different nations and countries while the Arabs are
      > prevented from getting united in one country although they are one
      > single nation?
      > c) Do you know any nation on earth fragmented into 22 states other
      > than the Arab nation?
      > It is also true that "The combined gross national product of all
      > Arab countries is smaller than that of Spain" as you added:
      > What a shame that, in spite of that, your administration's foreign
      > policy during the last two years is mainly focusing on trying by
      > all means to dispossess the Arabs of their natural resources... And
      > to say that your country is already the richest worldwide!
      > In my opinion, the truth about your proposal to set up a ME-US Free
      > Trade Area is the following:
      > Since the Arab states have almost no finished products to compete
      > with the USA made products, the suggested ME-USA free trade zone
      > will surely turn to be a kind of protected inner market for the USA
      > and Israeli goods and products whether manufactured in the USA or
      > in Israel. That is how you want Israel to become the hub of the
      > Middle East economy, finance, trade and industry.
      > Without saying it very openly, you want to integrate Israel in a
      > large Arab market by transforming Israel into the only
      > industrialized country in the Middle East mainly through USA
      > investments in the Israeli industrial sector. That is how you want
      > to give Israel a protected market of over 300 millions Arab
      > consumers. That is exactly the hope, wish and dream of both Ariel
      > Sharon as well as Shimon Peres.
      > That is also how you want to place the Arab world under USA
      > protectorate with Israel as the only military power to control the
      > Middle East area on behalf of the USA.
      > That is also how you want to impose the USA dollar as the only
      > currency of reference in the Middle East especially when more and
      > more voices worldwide are calling to stop using the USA dollar to
      > price and transact the different commodities because the US Dollar
      > is the only currency in the world that has no guaranteed gold
      > coverage.
      > We know, and you know, that the proposal to set up a Middle
      > East/USA free trade area will only be very bad for the Arabs. Don't
      > you think the Arab world is already angry enough?
      > I am sure you understand that we prefer to build our Arab Free
      > Trade Area by integrating all Arab states, exclusively all Arab
      > states simply because that is the only way to develop each and
      > every Arab state. That is exactly the idea our "United Arab Market"
      > group is very actively involved in pushing forward since a couple
      > of weeks.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/United_Arab_Market/
      > May God help us to build our "United Arab Market".
      > May God bless our Arab nation.
      > Saad S. Fayoumi
      > Belgian / Lebanese citizen living in Belgium
      > saad_fayoumi@...
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