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Aristide Kidnapped by US

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  • Steve Wingate
    It s probably all about drug profits for the CIA & (others). ... To: actionla@lists.riseup.net From: SIUHIN@aol.com Date sent:
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      It's probably all about drug profits for the CIA & (others).

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      Aristide Kidnapped by US
      Date: 2/29/2004 4:33:02 PM Pacific Standard Time
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      By John Johnson, ChangeLinks Caoliation of of ActionLA, PeaceNoWar, LA CISPES.

      i believe that aristide's ouster was orchestrated by the "good folks" in dc.

      many facts indicate that:
      - the rebels have been armed by sources in the dominican republic, and the
      u.s. has exported unusually large amounts of weapons to dominica (do the
      - the organization "USAID" started up a project in haiti called "democratic
      convergence" which is said to have been specifically designed to create,
      encourage, and fund opposition to aristide.
      - mainstream media in the u.s. has been extremely biased against aristide.
      - this smells much the same as what happened in venezuela a couple of years
      ago, and the u.s. government has a rich history of ousting democratically
      elected leaders.
      - an eyewitness in aristide's home told french radio that aristide had been
      kidnapped by american soldiers! (see report below)
      - the state department has admitted "facilitating" his departure! (see
      second report below)

      so there you have it, yet another illegal and immoral intervention in a
      foreign country's business!

      1) US took Aristide away: report (Australian Associated Press)
      2) Excerpts from "U.S. troops deployed to Haiti after Aristide resigns and
      violence flares" (Miami Herald)
      1) US took Aristide away: report
      March 1, 2004 - 8:30AM

      A man who said he was a caretaker at the home of Jean Bertrand Aristide told
      French radio that the ousted Haitian leader had been taken away by US

      "The American army came to take him away at two in the morning," the man
      told RTL radio. "The Americans forced him out with weapons."

      "It was American soldiers. They came with a helicopter and they took the
      security guards."

      "(Aristide) was not happy. He did not want to be taken away. He did not want
      to leave. He was not able to fight against the Americans," the man said.

      The RTL journalist who carried out the interview described the man as a
      "frightened old man, crouched in a corner" who said he was the "caretaker of
      the residence".

      Aristide fled Haiti in the face of an armed revolt and world pressure and
      the United States ordered Marines to the Caribbean state to help restore

      Australian Associated Press

      2) Excerpts from "U.S. troops deployed to Haiti after Aristide resigns and
      violence flares"
      Miami Herald

      State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the U.S. ''facilitated''
      Aristide's departure, but he did not say how.

      Ira Kurzban, an Aristide spokesman in Miami, said he believed U.S.
      intelligence agencies were involved in the ouster.

      He claimed that one rebel leader on the island -- Louis Jodel Chamblain, who
      controls a notoriously brutal paramilitary group that supported Haiti's
      1991-1994 military dictatorship -- likely worked for the CIA.

      ''This was a major operation by the intelligence agencies of the U.S.,''
      Kurzban said. ``Eventually, the truth will come out.''

      In the hours after Aristide fled, the U.S. Coast Guard continued its watch
      for boatloads of fleeing Haitians -- but had no indications of mass

      ''Apparently, Haitians are remaining home in Haiti, and that is a good
      thing,'' said Luis Diaz, a Coast Guard spokesman in Miami. ``We are urging
      people not to take to the sea in overcrowded, poorly constructed vessels for
      a journey that could end their lives. That is a recipe for disaster.''

      The Coast Guard has beefed up its resources along the 600 mile stretch
      between Haiti and the U.S. amid the increasing chaos in that country, Diaz

      In Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood, residents watched with alarm and mixed
      emotions as events unfolded in their native country.

      A group of Aristide supporters listened to news in the Veyoyo Little Haiti
      Restaurant near the corner of North Miami Avenue and 54th Street. They
      expressed anger that Aristide was forced out under apparent U.S. pressure.

      ''It's not about supporting Aristide or not -- it's the principle,'' said
      Ernest Gabo, 40. ``He went through elections. It's a matter of choosing
      between Aristide or these thugs.''

      At Notre Dame d'Haiti, some parishioners expressed satisfaction over
      Aristide's departure but others said he had been ''kidnapped'' by the Bush

      ''France and the United States are the ones who are destroying us,'' said
      Merryl Simon, an Aristide supporter. ``The U.S, is continuing to kill the
      Haitian people.''

      >From the pulpit, the Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary said in Creole, ``The problem
      is not solved. We can't call this a victory for one group or another group.
      It is a defeat for us, the Haitian people.''

      In Port-au-Prince, the Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, once Miamis lighting-rod
      leader for the Haitian American community, leaned the news by cell phone
      after finishing his sermon at Sainte Claire Catholic Church in the Tiplas
      Kazo neighborhood.

      His jaw dropped and his eyes turned glassy.

      ''I cant believe it. I never thought Tidid would leave, said Jean-Juste, a
      long-time Aristide ally who left his post as director of the Haitian Refugee
      Center 10 years ago to support Aristides efforts in his homeland. ``Tidid''
      is the affectionate nickname used by Aristide supporters.

      Jean-Juste said he knew things were not good when he saw security officers
      dressed in black coming out of that white plane at the airport. The church,
      set on a hill, overlooks the runway.

      ``I thought he was going to stay, but he left, Jean-Juste said. ``Its a big
      disappointment for his following. Im praying that God will save us from


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