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Akha: STOP THE GENOCIDE. The battle for Hooh Yoh Akha Village

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  • Matthew McDaniel
    Dear Friends: While the DEA of Chiang Mai, Mr. Snipes and Ambassador Johnson sip martinis....toasting all the dead and success, eight families of Akha, Lisu
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2003
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      Dear Friends:
      While the DEA of Chiang Mai, Mr. Snipes and Ambassador Johnson sip martinis....toasting all the dead and success, eight families of Akha, Lisu and Lahu have gone into hiding to prevent the forestry Gestapo from taking them to jail since they can't pay $4000 each in harrassment fines.
      We are assembling a list of Forestry emails for you to mail to.
      The battle for Hooh Yoh Akha village lands and all Akha lands is on. If Forestry and the Thai government can get away with this, as the police think they got away with 2274 killings, then all the villages are in danger of having $4000 fines put against villagers to terrorize them.
      We need funds for T-shirts to be printed, village banners, sign boards and printing pamphlets.  We are currently in Chiangmai producing a pamphlet for tourists in the Chiangmai region, as it is high season here.
      For the Solidarity Camp we need national flags. 
      Please send a flag from your country and we will fly it in Hooh Yoh Akha for international support of this village.
      RUSH to:
      The Akha Heritage Foundation
      PO BOX 16
      Maesai, Chiangrai, 57130
      Demand of your Congressman that the US Ambassador be recalled from Thailand. There is no success in genocide and mass murder!
      For other countries, ask your MP to demand that the Thai Ambassador in YOUR country explain the actions of the forestry department in this situation.
      Make a DONATION to help us with costs to protect this village such as fuel, repairs and literature.
      RADIOS have been donated.  This is great news for helping link our base village to Hooh Yoh.  Akha and Akha supporters in London have helped us get this done in record time!!!!!!
      If you are married to an Akha, keep silent no more, you and your's may be gone, but the Akha are getting dissed from all sides, missions, DEA, police, army, forestry.  Write, tell us who you  are, what village your mate is from and what you can do to help.
      The Italian missionary at Chiangrai Camillion Social Center told me that he is nice to the Akha.  That he eats on the floor with them.  That he doesn't understand why it matters how much money it cost to build his massive mission. That he is helping the Akha, that is why he has 157 Akha children, that their parents are bad people, drug users, and that he wants to build enough buildings to take away 500 Akha children, because Lord knows the Akha are just DYING to give away their useless kids!
      I will get pics up of his complex (shown in Journal) and his huge new building project soon as possible to www.akha.org
      Update on the killing of the Lahu Man Mr. Jah Purh:
      Killed one month ago. Mae Kah Noi Lahu village, Ampur Mae Faluang, Chiangrai, Thailand.
      The wife of Mr. Jah Purh told me that her husband of 35 years was watching TV when the police came into the village.  With all the mass arrests many men run into the jungle as they are afraid to die in prison.  Mr. Jah Purh ran out of his house into the brush.  The police saw him run out of his house, chased him a very short ways, and shot him three times in the back.  But it did not end here.  Mr. Jah Purh ran further into the brush before falling down. He cried out for help, for water.  The police ran to him and told the villagers to stay away.  It is now we find out that Mr. Jah Purh laid there for some time.  It is 20 minutes maximum to the hospital.  But the police fooled around, framing Mr. Jah Purh, putting a gun in his hand, saying he had drugs on him (villagers said he might have had one gram or less of heroin for his own use) and finally loaded him in their truck.  But on the way to the hospital, lets not rush, Mr. Jah Purh died, so the police came back and gave his body to the village. He had three children. He lived in a mud and straw hut.  To put this in context, this is the same village which the police made a deal with to get them to bring 200,000 methamphetamine tablets into Thailand along with 2 kilos of heroin so that they could fake a drug bust and in which another Lahu was killed to make it look real.  The POLICE then collected 6 baht per tablet from the government in reward money. This is how the hill tribe are used. 2274 people killed, the police said it was drug gangs killing each other.  They were right, the POLICE DRUG GANG killing their slaves!
      Matthew McDaniel

      The Akha Heritage Foundation.
      http://www.akha.org Akha Heritage Site.
      PO Box 6073 Salem, OR. 97304 USA.

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