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Sacrifice of Wealth Is The Way

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  • surya
    Matthew–6 : 19 to 22 Do not Lay up for yourselves, treasures on earth. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is there your
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2006
      Matthew–6 : 19 to 22
      "Do not Lay up for yourselves, treasures on earth. But lay up for
      yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is there
      your heart will be also".
      Matthew -7: 21
      "Not everyone who say to Me, `Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of
      heaven, but He who does the will of My Father in Heaven".

      Indians, particularly, are sacrificing words through prayers and
      feelings through expression of love for the sake of God. When the
      question of wealth or money comes they sacrifice it for the sake of
      their families only. This is the reason why India suffers with
      poverty. Swami Vivekananda wept loudly facing the sky asking; "Why
      India with such high spiritual knowledge is suffering with poverty?"
      The foreigners are not so well in prayers and expression of love or
      meditation compared to Indians but they sacrifice their money for
      the sake of God with full vigor. Therefore God blesses the foreign
      countries with wealth and prosperity.

      Indians sacrifice words and mind only to God. Therefore Indians are
      blessed with very good pronunciation of language and excellent
      knowledge, which are connected to the words and mind. Gita says `Ye
      Yatha Mam Prapadyante' which means that God gives you result in the
      same way in which you worship Him. If you worship Him with words
      (prayers) only He will also appreciate you with sweet words. If you
      love Him with your mind and concentrate with meditation, He will
      also love you in turn with high concentration of mind. If you
      sacrifice practically, He will also do everything to you
      practically. Indians must learn this practical sacrifice from
      foreigners as they have learnt the science and technology from the
      West. Even in the olden days, Indians were always doing exercises in
      theoretical knowledge of God and in composing lot of poems on God.
      Therefore the same attitude entered even their education of science.
      They have become theorists even in science.

      The foreigners were less theoretical and more practical in spiritual
      things and therefore that attitude entered their scientific
      education also and the foreigners have become the real practical
      scientists. Let Indians not be proud that they are the masters in
      the spiritualism if not in science. Though I am born in India, I
      deny this. The Indians should follow the foreigners not only in
      science but also in spiritualism by learning the practical aspect of
      the materialistic as well as divine knowledge.

      Today, in the world everybody agrees that the real power is the
      money only. Money is the fruit of work and Bhagavatgita calls
      sacrifice of money "Karma Phala Tyaga". In Bhagavatgita it is
      said "Dhyanat Karma Phala Tyagah" which means that devotion is
      greater than Knowledge and sacrifice of the fruit of the work
      (money) is greater than the devotion. Knowledge consists of
      intelligence and words. Devotion consists of mind and words.
      Sacrifice consists of heart and love. The proof of the love is the
      practical service, which is the practical sacrifice of work or
      money. For the propagation of the divine knowledge and devotion the
      money is needed to publish the gospel in the form of books. When you
      sacrifice your money for the divine work your treasure in the heaven
      is built up. This means that God will help you after your death and
      you will enter the kingdom of God.

      You are giving your earnings to your family only and so your real
      love is on your family only. There is no need of any further
      argument on this point because it is very clear proof. This is the
      real fire test for your love. You are sacrificing valueless words
      and valueless mind in leisure, which is valueless time. This cannot
      prove the real value of God. You must give real value to God. You
      are finishing your prayers and meditation on God as soon as the time
      to go to job is nearing. Similarly, when some work for the family is
      approaching, you are immediately leaving the presence of God.
      Therefore you are not giving any value to God for all practical
      purpose. But you are telling lies in your prayers that God is
      everything for you. The money is the final test and it can be the
      only test also since all the family is associated with you for money
      only and the family serves you in your old age for your money only.
      If the money is sacrificed to God your real color of love can be

      At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami
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