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who all is on this group?

is this the right one amy? Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 22:26:02 -0400 Subject: Re: ??? From: amy.lee.ruby@... To: lukebwalker@... Chupa_Leaders is the
luke walker
Jun 7, 2009


Which one of these addresses is right? and should i delete the other? To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From: lukebwalker@... Date: Sun, 31 May 2009
luke walker
Jun 7, 2009

next cell

This is the current teaching schedule (at the bottom). I think we should wait to have cells until we get another girl leader or two in chupa. Noemi is visiting
luke walker
May 31, 2009

who is in this?

who is on this egroup? do e have all the chupa leaders? is justine, dave, sondra, colin on here? From: WalkerD@... To: lukebwalker@...;
luke walker
May 28, 2009

teaching schedules

we need to think about what to go over in hc and guys cell next... i will give some options later just wanted to write it down now cus i will forget.
luke walker
Apr 3, 2009

Re: retreat

Maybe alongside Galatians 5, too, which gets into walking by the spirit a little more deeply than Rom 8 does... To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From:
Bradley Dufault
Mar 25, 2009

Re: retreat

dig it To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From: lukebwalker@... Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 18:09:35 -0400 Subject: RE: [chupaleaders] retreat How about Rom.
Bradley Dufault
Mar 25, 2009

Re: retreat

How about Rom. 8? We could do the first 3 parts on "walking according to the spirit." To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From: powderedtoastman01@...
luke walker
Mar 25, 2009

Re: retreat

They just had that at CT at the same time we did. To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From: lukebwalker@... Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 15:17:45 -0400 Subject:
Bradley Dufault
Mar 25, 2009

Re: retreat

Elijah has 3 or 4 parts on the xenos web site. Dave volunteered for 1 kings 17 Friday night (April 3) Who wants to get 1 Kings 18 Saturday morning? Who wants
luke walker
Mar 24, 2009


Hey guys. We need a teaching schedule for the retreat. Luke, have you thought about what would be good to cover? I was thinking of some retreat-friendly
Bradley Dufault
Mar 24, 2009

are justin, dave, sondra on this?

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 11:54:10 -0500 Subject: To Den's Sphere HS Sr. Leaders From: lesley.hetrick@... To: conradhilario@...; ezlite21@...;
luke walker
Mar 8, 2009

Re: hanging out at meetings

i agree. thanks for bringing this up b rad. lets try to get more one on one. To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From: powderedtoastman01@... Date: Mon,
luke walker
Feb 1, 2009

hanging out at meetings

Hey guys. This thought struck me yesterday, but I forgot to say anything about it at the meeting. I think that one problem we have with getting our students
Bradley Dufault
Jan 26, 2009

Re: leaders meeting

sounds good To: chupaleaders@yahoogroups.com From: lukebwalker@... Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 10:13:38 -0500 Subject: [chupaleaders] leaders meeting so, i
Bradley Dufault
Jan 18, 2009
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