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2015 Fall Blacklight Show

The new videos for our 2015 fall blacklight show, Dwayne’s World, has posted to YouTube at www.youtube.com/BigImagePuppets. The titles for the 10 song/skits
Dec 14, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

If you put each part of the Tubbie in a sleeve, you can use 2 sets of rope. Loop it through the Tubbie, then put the sleeve on it with the pieces of rope
Sterner, Tim
Aug 17, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

Thanks, I'm gonna pass this on to the person ask me. Now I'm inspired to make one myself! Thank you again. Jacqui
Aug 16, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

I have done my noodles very much like Donna did hers. I paint the PVC pipe with black paint before I insert them into the noodles. Ours were covered with
Dave Hirschler
Aug 15, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

My church is blessed to have a lady that does apolstry work on furniture. She made our noodle people. I'm working on putting them together using nylon
Josh Rowland
Aug 15, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

Ooooo, I like this idea so much better! I don't know why I didn't think of this! Hey, I did use nylon robe to attach legs to Big Birda (large chicken in Oh
Aug 15, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

PVC is the way that I originally made my tubbies, 10 years ago. The way I do it now is using climbing rope through the hollow channels, in the tubes. Then use
Sterner, Tim
Aug 13, 2015

Re: Black Light Noodle Puppets

Many and long posts have been dedicated to this very subject! I don't know why it isn't found in archives, but, since there has been little activity at
Aug 13, 2015

Black Light Noodle Puppets

 I'm sure this has been discussed before,I tried to look back but couldn't find it.  But does anyone have directions or information on how to make the Black
Jacqueline Cleveland
Aug 11, 2015

Christmas kites idea

I have an idea I have been strongly pursuing. Kites are sort of like string puppets operated from below. Many of you may never have seen the type of kiting I
Joe Dunfee
Jun 18, 2015

FCP conference next month

Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers conference July 13-17, in Hagerstown, MD. The early registration was $120, but that ended Jun 13, so it will be a little
Joe Dunfee
Jun 18, 2015

2014 Show, Shut the Door

Our 2014 fall theatre puppet production, Shut the Door, was held two consecutive Sunday nights. The cast included eleven youth ages10-24 with 18 new custom
Dec 16, 2014

Just got this! David Pannabecker's puppets are back on the market! F

Puppetsinc.com sent me this. They own Puppet Productions characters, and now under license with David Pannabecker, they make his puppets! ... From:
Josh Rowland
Dec 9, 2014

Re: Practice

We are only able to practice once a month. We stay after Sunday morning services, order pizza, and then work for 3-4 hours. However we practice every Sunday
Sep 26, 2014

Re: Practice

We have recently changed our Sunday night service to Wednesday night, so, we practice on Wednesday night for one hour and maybe fifteen minutes more if
Sep 17, 2014
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