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Re: Practice Ruth: Can any of you describe your plans for puppet practices? We practice on our fall show (6 songs) for 6 weeks on Sunday nights. The first practice, I go
5:28 PM
Practice Can any of you describe your plans for puppet practices? Do you plan weekly? Do you have a plan for the year? Do you plan practices for set ups and take downs
Apr 10
Re: Hi, I'm Tamie/Sound systems? While mp3 players would seem to be the ideal choice because they are so rugged, the tiny buttons are certainly not puppeteer friendly. Neither are
Joe Dunfee
Apr 8
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Hi, I'm Tamie/Sound systems? I was a member many years ago. I quit puppeting because of baby, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff.... I'm all healed up and ready to go. My main question for today
Apr 7
Puppet stuff to give away I am in the process of down-sizing my puppet related stuff. It has been many years since I have made any puppets, so the supplies are better put to use
Joe Dunfee
Mar 31
Re: Need some black-light flat puppets made picture never came through On Thursday, March 6, 2014 7:12 AM, Joe Dunfee wrote:   I posted a message about seeking someone to re-make some
Moses Obiri
Mar 6
Need some black-light flat puppets made I posted a message about seeking someone to re-make some damaged black light puppets a few days ago using the web portal. I did not see it on the mail list.
Joe Dunfee
Mar 5
Seeking quote to re-build flat blacklight puppets I had some puppets damaged due to water from a burst water pipe. Since insurance covers the cost of replacement, I am seeking a quote to re-build them. They
Joe Dunfee
Mar 3
Time sure goes! Time sure goes! I greet you all in the name of the Son of God. The season of the Lord's birth has been upon us in December and I hope all of you had a blessed
Feb 24
Planning a puppet song I shared one way that I plan a puppet song performance on my blog if anyone is interested. http://www.puppetspace.com/2013/12/how-i-plan-puppet-song.html We
Jan 25
Re: fur Okay Barbara, I was wrong,  I did order it from Mendel's.  Here are the furs I ordered.  http://mendels.com/Punky-Muppet-Hot.html  They are $26.95 a yard,
Jan 25
Re: fur  Barbara, I bought some a while back online.  I know I have ordered from Mendel's before, however I don't think that is where I bought mine.  I will look
Jan 23
fur Does anyone know where I can purchase neon fur to use to make puppets? Sent from my iPad
Barbara Moon
Jan 18
Re: Misc. Questions - Not Original Ideas I have found that if you have an idea, let's say for a bird puppet, there are such common traits to all birds, the "original idea" for a bird puppet has likely
Jan 16
Re: Misc. Questions The pictures are up. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. ________________________________ From: Josh Rowland To:
Josh Rowland
Jan 15
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Re: Misc. Questions Trust me guys. Not many of the puppets are original ideas. I usually find puppets that my church can't afford and try to figure them out (I did this with
Josh Rowland
Jan 14
Re: Misc. Questions Josh, I also have to travel to any fabric stores!  But when I go I make it count.  JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Hancock are all in the same town about 40 miles
Jan 14
Re: Misc. Questions I found some hot pink feather boas at dollar tree. I bought three! But, I got them under the blacklights and they turn a light pink-orange color. Surprisingly,
Josh Rowland
Jan 10
Re: Misc. Questions I also use eyes from Out of the Box puppets and have used the foam golf balls (the smooth kind).  If you spray paint the foam balls, spray them with spray
Jan 10
Re: Misc. Questions I have used ping pong balls in the past. I always test them under blacklight before I use them because they are not always white or match each other in the
Jan 7
Re: Misc. Questions I have used practice golf balls in the past. They are smooth foam balls, but they are yellow. I spray painted mine with white latex spray paint (regular
Dave Hirschler
Jan 3
Re: Misc. Questions Thanks Angel. I guess the feathers that creative ministry solutions uses on the feet of the springys aren't marabou. Because the feathers are really long. I
Josh Rowland
Jan 3
Here's a joke for the prop, "MIKE"... The character of big mouth with lot of boasting may be appropriate for the prop, 'MIKE'... Here is a joke in that context... (This joke received a big applause
Santhakumar George Arthur
Jan 3
Re: Misc. Questions Hi Josh and Everyone! Happy New Year! I think I can actually answer some of these questions! I have used ping pong balls, and while they aren't hard to cut
Jan 3
Misc. Questions Hey everybody! I'm have been busy slowly building black light puppets for our next VBS. I have a few questions though. Have any of you ever used ping-pong
Josh Rowland
Jan 2
Floating table... By God's Grace, I did 19 shows in November including 3 in different churches and 16 shows in December. I do ventriloquism with boy figure, then white talking
Santhakumar George Arthur
Jan 1
Re: Facebook Done! Can't wait to see what you guys work on next! On Friday, December 6, 2013 10:57 AM, "dldawson62@..." wrote:   If your group
Josh Rowland
Dec 6, 2013
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Facebook If your group or personal page would like to be friends, please like our page! https://www.facebook.com/BigImagePuppetProductions I haven't been very good in
Dec 6, 2013
Re: Are You For Real? 2013 BIPP Show Thank you, Josh, for viewing the videos! My oldest grandson was the Gator puppet in that song and he did an awesome job! [Just turned 10 years old!] This is
Nov 30, 2013
Re: Are You For Real? 2013 BIPP Show Donna, I was so happy to see the new videos when you uploaded them to youtube the other day! I so enjoyed them! I love seeing what other people create or
Josh Rowland
Nov 29, 2013
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