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    Dec 13, 2017
      Last week, President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of
      Israel. While this was framed as a maverick and inflamatory move, in fact
      this had been promised by Presidents Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barak
      Obama. These last three failed to keep their campaign promises. The
      American congress resolved to move its embassy to Jerusalem in 1995 on the
      3,000th anniversary of Jerusalem becoming the Capital City of Israel.
      Trump's decision is 22 years late after Congress decision, 50 years late
      after Israel's recovery of the Old City of Jerusalem and 3,022 years late
      after King David made it the capital.

      Every other country in the world has been allowed to decide it's own capital
      and embassies are put next to the seat of government. Why is Israel's
      capital controversial?

      * Islam Jihadism like Marxism believes world conquest is inevitable for
      their ideology. That is the whole world. Not just the Middle East.
      - Islam means 'submission' and Muslim means 'submitter'.

      * Part of proving they are the conquerors is to capture symbolic 'holy
      sites' of other religions and groups and Islamise them.

      * For example:
      - They conquered Jerusalem in the 7th century and erected a mosque on the
      temple mount.
      - They conquered the Eastern Orthodox centre of Constantinople in 1453 and
      turned the biggest cathedral in eastern orthodoxy into a mosque. There was
      no reason for them to conquer the city except dominance, since it was
      previously peaceful vassal state but they decided to slaughter and enslave
      its Christian population. .
      - They sent an army of 300,000 men to conquer Rome with a plan to do the
      same to the Vatican. It was stopped at the Battle of Vienna by a
      pan-European army.
      - They flattened twenty seven Hindu temples in India and erected mosques in
      their place.
      - When the Muslims conquered Spain, the Cathedrals were mainly turned to

      * It is all about dominance of their religious ideology and not about their
      interest in the place itself.

      * While the Moslems held the old city of Jerusalem (7th Century to 1967)
      they did nothing with it. It was not a capital of anything. It was a
      backwater. While the Ottomans held Jerusalem, their capital was Istanbul.
      When Jordan held it, their capital was Amman. When the Mamluks ruled, the
      capital was Cairo. When the Crusaders briefly held Jerusalems, they fought
      passionately to get it back. They have showed hardly any interest in
      Jerusalem while they had it, but massive interest when it was not theirs.

      * Conflict in the Middle East is not caused by America supporting Israel.
      Why then was there instability everywhere other than Israel? Why is there
      civil war in Syria, Lybia, Yemen and Iraq? Why is Iran sponsoring proxy
      armies in Lebanon, Iraq and Gaza? Why did Egypt have a coup in 2013 and
      Turkey have a coup attempt in 2016? Why can the Palestinian Arabs not have
      their own democratic elections since Israel gave them the freedom to do so?
      Why can Hamas and the PLO not democratically share power regionally between
      Gaza and Samaria? The instability is caused by Islamic Jihadists desire to
      dominate, factions within them and others who resist such domination.

      * Israel by re-conquering Jerusalem has rolled back the forward march of
      Islam and taken core land they controlled since the 7th century. It thus
      destroys the myth of inevitable Islamic Jihadist expansion and puts their
      whole religious worldview in question. Either they must re-conquer this land
      and city or their whole belief system falls apart. There was a similar
      result when the Soviet Union was driven out of Afghanistan and Angola - they
      started to question their hope of world conquest - and when they gave up
      hope, eventually the whole system collapsed. That is what is at stake. The
      credibility of the Jihadist belief system. Not our average South African
      Muslim, but these Middle Eastern Jihadists. That is why they are upset.

      The issue of symbolic dominance also explains why Islamic Jihadists
      destroyed the World Trade Centre on September 11. That is the date in 1683
      when the battle of Vienna began and they were defeated in their way to Rome.
      So they renewed the war against America's most prestigious building, instead
      of the most prestigious building of Europe in the Middle Ages. The lack of
      peace in the Middle East is not caused by Israel or other countries who
      support Israel. Israel is an island of democracy and relative peace in the
      Middle East.

      Philip Rosenthal


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