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CSX , DPWorld, Carlyle Group, Snow

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    The following articles prove as I suspected that a Bush family business must have a connection to DP World and that is what this is about -money for Bush s. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      The following articles prove as I suspected that a Bush family business
      must have a connection to DP World and that is what this is about -money
      for Bush's.
      In fact as this series of articles traces the Bush family/Arab joint
      venture invested Caryle Group which they have had financial interest in
      with the bin ladens and other unsavory arabs for years (and held board
      seats on in 2001,2002, and 2003) actually purchased all the USA rail
      lines from CSX corporation and then in 2003 CSX was sold to ... You
      guessed it The UAE company now getting our ports DP World.
      Meanwhile John Snow now a Bush admistration appointment sold the CSX USA
      Rail Holdings to The Caryle Group.

      Read for yourself in the detailed articles below. And while you read
      remember the debate isn't about whether Bush is right in thinking the
      UAE terrorist money transfer nation can maintain our port security.
      Security never has been a consideration of Bush's. It's about the same
      thing granddaddy Prescott Bush was censored by the US SEnate for in the
      prelude to war with Nazi Germany in the 1930's. It's about the Bush
      family making money by doing business with enemies of the United
      Justlike Ronald Reagan said they did when he was running against him in
      1980 for the Republican nomination.

      CSX , DPWorld, Carlyle Group, Snow

      John W. Snow
      Secretary of the Treasury

      President George W. Bush nominated John William Snow
      to be the 73rd Secretary of the Treasury on January
      13, 2003 . The United States Senate unanimously
      confirmed Snow to the position on January 30, 2003 and
      he was sworn into office on February 3, 2003 . As
      Secretary of the Treasury, Snow works closely with
      President Bush on a broad array of economy policy

      Before coming to Treasury, Snow was Chairman and Chief
      Executive Officer of CSX Corporation, where he
      successfully guided the global transportation company
      through a period of tremendous change. During Snow’s
      twenty years at CSX, he led the Corporation to refocus
      on its core railroad business, dramatically reduce
      injuries and train accidents, and improve its
      financial performance.

      Snow’s previous public service includes having served
      at the Department of Transportation as Administrator
      of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
      Deputy Undersecretary, Assistant Secretary for the
      Governmental Affairs, and Deputy Assistant Secretary
      for Policy, Plans and International Affairs.

      Snow served as Chairman of the Business Roundtable,
      the foremost business policy group comprised of 250
      chief executive officers of the nation's largest
      companies. During his tenure as Chairman from 1994
      through 1996, he played a major role in supporting
      passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement and
      working on the deficit reduction agreement.

      Snow is also recognized as a leading champion of
      improved corporate governance practices. He is a
      former co-chairman of the influential Conference
      Board's Blue-Ribbon Commission on Public Trust and
      Private Enterprise. He also served as co-chairman of
      the National Commission on Financial Institution
      Reform, Recovery and Enforcement in 1992 that made
      recommendations following the savings and loan crisis.

      John Snow was born in Toledo , Ohio , on August 2,
      1939 , and graduated in 1962 from the University of
      Toledo . He later earned a Ph.D. in economics from
      the University of Virginia where he studied under two
      Nobel Prize winners. Snow graduated with a law degree
      from the George Washington University in 1967 and then
      taught economics at the University of Maryland ,
      University of Virginia , as well as law at George
      Washington. He also served as a Visiting Fellow at the
      American Enterprise Institute in 1977 and a
      Distinguished Fellow at the Yale School of Management
      from 1978 until 1980


      February 27, 2003
      CSX and The Carlyle Group Complete Conveyance of CSX

      Jacksonville, FL, and Washington, DC - CSX Corporation
      (NYSE: CSX) and The Carlyle Group, a global private
      equity firm, announced today that they have completed
      the conveyance of CSX Lines, LLC, from CSX to a
      venture formed with The Carlyle Group. CSX received
      $300 million, consisting of $240 million in cash and
      $60 million of securities issued by the venture.

      As part of the transaction announced December 17,
      2002, former CSX Lines President and CEO Charles G.
      (Chuck) Raymond and his management team will lead the
      Charlotte, N.C.-based ocean carrier, now named Horizon
      Lines, LLC. Raymond will also chair the board of
      directors of the company.

      Michael J. Ward, CSX chairman and chief executive
      officer, said, “This is an excellent transaction for
      CSX, its employees and shareholders. The completion of
      this conveyance allows us to further concentrate the
      company’s efforts on our core-rail business while
      strengthening the balance sheet. At the same time, we
      are pleased to have a continuing interest in this
      well-managed company and expect it will continue to
      produce solid financial results.”

      Carlyle Managing Director Greg Ledford said, “CSX
      Lines, which will be renamed Horizon Lines, is an
      excellent addition to Carlyle’s transportation
      portfolio. We look forward to working with Chuck
      Raymond and his team to grow the company and provide
      superior service to our customers.”

      Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation and Wachtell,
      Lipton, Rosen & Katz advised CSX Corporation on the


      Global Expansion

      In December 2004, DP World - International made it's
      most ambitious move to-date, with the announcement
      that it had signed a definitive agreement with CSX
      Corporation to acquire the international terminal
      business conducted by CSX World Terminals and other
      related interests for a cash consideration of US$
      1.15bn, completion of this transaction is expected to
      take place in the first quarter of 2005.

      The CSX World Terminals container terminal portfolio
      consists of interests in 9 terminals with 24 berths
      and a combined future capacity of 14.6 million TEU
      across operations in Asia, Europe, Australia and Latin

      Key existing port operations include CT3 and CT8 in
      Hong Kong, Tianjin and Yantai in China and operations
      in Australia, Germany, Dominican Republic and
      Venezuela. In addition, CSX World Terminals has
      interests in logistics businesses in Hong Kong and
      China, notably ATL the market leading logistics
      operator based at Kwai Chung.

      As well as an existing portfolio of significant scale
      and global reach, there is also a strong pipeline of
      development projects. In particular, the portfolio
      includes a 25% interest in and the operating
      concession of, Pusan Newport, a 9-berth facility with
      a capacity of 5.5 million TEUs that is currently under
      development and is expected to commence operations in

      The Future

      The acquisition of CSX WT makes Dubai Ports a top 6
      global port operator, with a platform of container
      terminals enabling it to participate in the current
      and long-term growth of the global transportation and
      logistics industry and provide superior services to
      customers. It will also provide access to new growth
      markets, especially Asia and Latin America, which
      offer the highest volume growth rates in the port

      With growth of over 26% in 2004, DP World -
      International remains committed to expanding its
      portfolio of facilities and is actively evaluating
      other port management and investment opportunities
      around the World.


      To sum it all up, Lou Dobbs lays the smackdown on the
      President Bush has put forth a challenge tonight that
      I simply can’t ignore. The president yesterday said he
      wanted those who are critical and questioning of this
      port deal to “step up and explain why all of a sudden
      a Middle Eastern company is held to a different
      standard than a Great British company.?lt;/FONT>

      Well, first of all, Mr. President, to equate any
      country to your principal partner in the coalition
      ignores that special relationship this country's
      enjoyed with the United Kingdom for decades and
      decades. This also is not just a British company and
      an Arab company, as I think you well know.

      Peninsula and Oriental Steam Navigation is a British
      privately owned company. Dubai Ports World is a UAE
      government controlled and owned company. You see the
      difference, of course.

      And furthermore, the money used to fund the 9/11
      attacks, most of it, in fact, was sent to the
      hijackers through the UAE banking system. In fact, two
      of the hijackers were originally from the UAE.

      The UAE stonewalled U.S. efforts to track al Qaeda
      bank accounts after 9/11. In addition, the Emirates
      does not recognize Israel as a sovereign state. And
      the UAE was a transfer point for shipments of nuclear
      technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya.

      And if those aren't good enough reasons, I would just
      suggest I’m at a complete loss to offer what might be
      considered good reasons.

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