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Pro-Life News December 01, 2005 from CovenantNews.com

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    Pro-Life News December 01, 2005 Links to all articles here: http://www.covenantnews.com/abortion/ Listen to Supreme Court s oral arguments on New Hampshire s
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      Pro-Life News December 01, 2005

      Links to all articles here:

      Listen to Supreme Court's oral arguments on New
      Hampshire's Parental Notification law that establishes
      a "Constitutionally protected" killing of children by
      doctors through Judical Bypass
      WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court wrestled Wednesday
      with how best to murder unborn babies under a New
      Hampshire law that requires a parent of underage girls
      be notified before the killing starts. Listen to the
      mass murderers on the nation's highest court,
      including Scalia and Roberts, argue back and forth on
      how to regulate a "Constitutionally protected" killing
      of children by doctors through a Judical Bypass at
      C-SPAN Radio online. The court's oral arguments in
      Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood should bring grievous
      shame upon all Christians that have called 'parental
      notification laws' "pro-life".
      Posted by Editor at 09:47 AM

      Pro-Abort Lesbian To Head Governor Schwarzenegger's
      SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger named former
      Gray Davis aide Susan Kennedy his new chief of staff
      Wednesday -- a striking gesture of good will toward
      the Democrat lawmakers he must win over if he is to
      accomplish anything next year and regain his
      popularity. ``She's a very important key to being able
      to sit down with the Democrats,'' said Leon Panetta,
      the former chief of staff to President Clinton, who
      consulted with the Schwarzenegger administration on
      how to restructure the governor's office. ``That can
      really make the difference for this governor as he
      goes into this next year.'' Kennedy got her start in
      politics as the director of the California Abortion
      Rights Action League and then became the executive
      director of the state Democrat Party the year it
      elected two female Democrats to the Senate: Barbara
      Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. Kennedy later worked for
      Feinstein, who helped shape her moderate political
      Posted by Editor at 09:37 AM

      Board Says 'Tiller the Killer' Not Responsible for
      Patient Death
      TOPEKA, Kan. -- Dr. George Tiller and his staff
      weren't responsible for the January death of a Keller
      woman who received a late-term abortion at his Wichita
      clinic, the state board that regulates physicians has
      concluded. The Board of Healing Arts closed a
      nine-month investigation without taking any
      disciplinary action. The board concluded that Tiller
      complied with state abortion laws and health care
      standards in performing the procedure on the woman.
      Larry Buening, the board's executive director,
      notified Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of the findings in a
      Nov. 23 letter. Her office released a copy of the
      letter Wednesday, a day after the governor received
      and reviewed it.
      Posted by Editor at 09:36 AM

      Missouri’s Abortion Wait Law Takes Effect, Federal
      judge continues to bar part of law that places
      requirements on physicians
      JEFFERSON CITY -- A federal judge allowed Missouri’s
      24-hour abortion waiting period to take effect
      Wednesday but continued to bar a part of the 2003 law
      that mandated what abortion physicians must discuss
      with their patients. The revised preliminary
      injunction by Judge Scott O. Wright was praised as a
      partial victory by abortion opponents, who hope that a
      day’s delay will discourage some women from having
      abortions. (Read: Christians Murdering Babies)
      Posted by Editor at 09:33 AM

      Activists Look to Law in Abortion Debate
      When American Jews talk about the future of the U.S.
      Supreme Court, the discussion usually turns to the
      issue of abortion rights. Jewish activists and leaders
      have been central to the pro-choice movement for
      decades, working both in Jewish organizations that
      support abortion rights and in various other
      public-policy groups. Since Jewish law mandates that a
      pregnancy must be ended in cases where it is necessary
      to protect the mother's health, pro-choice groups have
      often sought out Jews to bring a religious perspective
      to their cause.
      Posted by Editor at 09:31 AM

      Walgreen Punishes Pharmacists For Refusing To Fill
      Abortifacient Contraceptive Prescriptions
      ST. LOUIS -- Walgreen Co. said it has put four
      Illinois pharmacists in the St. Louis area on unpaid
      leave for refusing to fill prescriptions for emergency
      contraception in violation of a state rule. The four
      cited religious or moral objections to filling
      prescriptions for the morning-after pill and "have
      said they would like to maintain their right to refuse
      to dispense, and in Illinois that is not an option,"
      Walgreen spokeswoman Tiffani Bruce said.
      Posted by Editor at 09:31 AM

      Student "Health" Seravices has Abortifacient Plan B
      While the Food and Drug Administration remains in
      political limbo over the Plan B pill, which can
      prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or
      contraceptive failure, UCF's Student Health Services
      already has a plan. The pharmacy in Student Health
      Services "will have Plan B if it goes
      over-the-counter," Karen Yerkes, an advanced
      registered nurse practitioner at the health center,
      said via e-mail. Plan B, an emergency contraceptive
      commonly called "the morning-after pill," is currently
      available with a prescription. A prescription can be
      obtained from a doctor or nurse practitioner at the
      SHS building, Yerkes said. The pharmacy in SHS keeps
      it stocked.
      Posted by Editor at 09:30 AM

      Article To Kindle Abortion Pill RU-486 Fight
      WASHINGTON -- An article in today's New England
      Journal of Medicine could increase pressure on the
      Food and Drug Administration to restrict the sale of
      abortion pills associated with four fatal infections
      in California. The FDA in September 2000 approved
      Mifeprex -- also called RU-486 and known generically
      as mifepristone. It is used with a second drug,
      misoprostol, to induce early-stage abortions. But as
      early as 1992, scientists warned mifepristone could
      make women vulnerable to massive bacterial infections.
      Some doctors have routinely defied FDA recommendations
      by advising women to administer misoprostol vaginally.
      Some researchers say that could transport bacteria
      near the uterus, where they can grow unchecked.
      Today's article says four young, otherwise healthy
      women in California died from such bacterial
      infections soon after using RU-486 and misoprostol.

      U.S. Calls Abortion Pill Risk Low Despite Deaths
      Washington -- Government investigators studying the
      deaths of four California women who took the RU-486
      abortion pill played down the risks to other users
      Wednesday and said the fatal infection that caused the
      deaths wasn't particular to women taking the drug. In
      an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the
      investigators described the risk of the Clostridium
      sordellii infection as low and said it could occur
      after taking the pill, undergoing a surgical abortion
      or giving birth. Since RU-486 was approved five years
      ago, more than a half-million women have taken the
      drug, marketed as Mifeprex. Use of the pill, along
      with a companion drug taken a few days later, is
      called a medical abortion because surgery isn't

      Problems After RU-486?
      Call Attorney and Sue!
      If you or someone you know has suffered physical
      injury or emotional harm from the use of the drug
      Mifepristone, also known as the "abortion pill"
      RU-486, or, the labor inducing drug Misoprostol also
      know as Cytotec, you may obtain emotional counseling,
      medical attention and/or legal assistance by
      contacting one of the following.
      Posted by Editor at 09:28 AM

      A Man's Right to Choose
      A recent focus of social policy in general and welfare
      reform in particular has been responsible fatherhood.
      Efforts to collect child support from deadbeat dads
      have increased. So have efforts to bring those fathers
      within the sphere of their families. NOBODY is arguing
      that we should let my friend who impregnated his
      girlfriend off the hook. If you play, you must pay.
      But if you pay, you should get some say. If a father
      is willing to legally commit to supporting and raising
      the child himself, why should a woman be able to end a
      pregnancy that she knew was a possibility of
      consensual sex? Why couldn't I make the same claim -
      that I am going to keep the baby regardless of whether
      she wants it or not?
      Posted by Editor at 09:27 AM

      Cruise/Holmes Slammed for Purchasing Sonogram Machine
      Tom Cruise has been slammed for buying a sonogram
      machine for his pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes, with
      health experts warning that he's putting his unborn
      child at risk. Officials at the American College of
      Radiology (ACR) are highly concerned by Cruise's
      revelation that he purchased the device to track his
      child's progress, and they're warning him that he
      could be breaking the law if he's carrying out the
      scans himself.
      Posted by Editor at 09:26 AM

      Hawaii High Court Reverses Conviction Of Woman In Baby
      HONOLULU -- The Hawaii Supreme court has reversed the
      manslaughter conviction of a woman accused of the
      death of her newborn because she smoked crystal meth
      while pregnant. The Court ruled that the state law
      does not permit the prosecution of the prenatal
      conduct of a mother, which leads to the death of her
      Posted by Editor at 09:25 AM

      Md. Woman Arrested After Newborn Found In Storm Drain
      TOWSON, Md. -- Baltimore County, Md., police have
      arrested a 22-year-old woman and charged her with
      first-degree murder in the death of her newborn child.
      Police said Danielle Eboni Riley gave birth to her
      baby on Oct. 3 at a residence for students at Villa
      Julie College in Owings Mills, Md. Polce said the
      mother told them she had learned that Riley admitted
      putting the baby’s body in a plastic bag and then
      placing it in a nearby storm drain. An autopsy
      performed on the child ruled that the death was a
      homicide, caused by asphyxia, blunt force, head injury
      and environmental exposure. A court commissioner
      denied bail and Riley has been held at the Baltimore
      County Detention Center until a bail review by a
      Posted by Editor at 09:24 AM

      Charges Sought In Accident That Killed Woman And Her
      Unborn Child
      ANDOVER, MASS -- Andover, Massachusetts, police are
      seeking charges against a woman involved in a fatal
      crash that killed a Salem, New Hampshire woman and her
      unborn daughter. Krista Raymond's car collided with an
      SUV that had just pulled out of a day care center on
      Route 28 earlier this month. Raymond — who was eight
      months pregnant — died at a Boston hospital.
      Posted by Editor at 09:23 AM

      Man To Be Charged For Beating Pregnant Girlfriend
      Woman Is Brain-Dead In Hospital
      HONOLULU -- The Big Island man accused of brutally
      beating of his pregnant ex-girlfriend is expected to
      be charged for attempted murder on Wednesday. Sources
      tell KITV 4 News she is now brain-dead, and doctors
      are keeping her on life support to save her unborn
      Posted by Editor at 09:22 AM

      Two Accused In Health-Lab Violation Quit
      Two employees of the state public health laboratory
      cited in the federal revocation of the Arkansas
      Department of Health’s lab license have quit their
      jobs this month. Mani Chidambaram, a general
      supervisor in the newborn screening section, and Jason
      Lee, section director for several units of the lab,
      were involved in a mistake with a regulatory exercise
      known as proficiency testing, which is designed to
      test a lab’s accuracy.
      Posted by Editor at 09:21 AM

      Missouri Lawsuit Seeks To Stop Stem Cell Ballot
      JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Opponents of embryonic stem
      cell research are suing Missouri's secretary of state
      to try to block an initiative protecting stem cell
      research from appearing on the 2006 ballot. The
      lawsuit alleges the title of the proposed
      constitutional amendment is "unfair and deceptive" by
      claiming to "ban human cloning or attempted human
      cloning" when actually allowing a contentious cloning
      Posted by Editor at 09:20 AM

      California Judge Says Stem-Cell Lawsuit Should Proceed
      to Trial
      A California judge ruled that a lawsuit over whether a
      stem-cell research institute approved in a 2004 voter
      referendum can sell $3 billion in taxpayer-backed
      bonds should proceed to trial. Superior Court Judge
      Bonnie Lewman Sabraw refused to dismiss a suit by
      taxpayer groups and organizations opposed to research
      on human embryo cells. The plaintiffs contend that the
      California Institute for Regenerative Medicine can't
      sell bonds backed by taxpayer money to fund research
      because it isn't under direct state control. Sabraw
      said lawyers for both sides failed to convince her the
      case shouldn't be decided by a jury. ``All parties are
      to keep in mind that this matter receives statutory
      preference and will proceed to trial promptly,'' the
      judge said in a 25-page ruling handed down in Hayward
      Posted by Editor at 09:19 AM

      New Zealand To Allow Imports Of Stem Cells
      Stem cells from human embryos could be imported into
      New Zealand and used for research for the first time
      under strict guidelines proposed by the Ministry of
      Health. The ministry yesterday released proposed
      guidelines on the use of imported embryonic stem-cell
      lines, raising hopes that new therapies could be
      developed in New Zealand to fight disease.
      Posted by Editor at 09:18 AM

      Australian MP links Nguyen, abortion pill debate
      A LIBERAL MP has tried to link tomorrow's execution in
      Singapore of condemned Australian Van Tuong Nguyen to
      debate over the abortion pill RU486. Pro-life
      Tasmanian Michael Ferguson has accused fellow MPs of
      double standards on the two issues. "It's breathtaking
      hypocrisy for some people in the Australian Parliament
      to be fighting to save one young man's life, while at
      the same time fighting for a drug which will allow the
      death penalty to be imposed on unborn babies," he
      Posted by Editor at 09:16 AM

      RU486: Don’t go there
      As an American obstetrician-gynaecologist, I have
      studied the US administrative history and safety
      record of the abortifacient RU486 for ten years. As a
      result, I am dismayed that Australia’s parliament may
      overturn a system where the health minister is made
      responsible for approving abortion drugs. Before
      acting, your members of parliament need to know that
      RU486’s safety is now being heavily scrutinised in the
      US. RU486 is a dangerous drug which should not be
      approved in your country.
      Posted by Editor at 09:15 AM

      Notorious Korean Scientist Resigns Over Cloning
      This past Thursday the South Korean cloning scientist
      Dr. Woo Suk Hwang publicly admitted to having obtained
      human egg cells unethically as part of his
      laboratory's work on human cloning. Hwang also
      announced that as a result of the scandal he was
      resigning his position as director of the World Stem
      Cell Hub, a major international research consortium.
      Posted by Editor at 09:14 AM

      Links to all articles here: http://www.covenantnews.com/abortion/
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