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  • James
    ... led ... years. ... ultra- ... was ... this ... of ... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Don t you ever get tired of being
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 1, 2003
      --- In christianrepublicans@yahoogroups.com, sol_blues
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Clinton's ratings went up because he pandered to the wacky. He
      > gat-
      > > hered every kind of nut that one can name under one big tent and
      > > them by the nose, willy-nilly down the gilded path for eight
      > > But then again that's to be expected from someone who never saw a
      > bim-
      > > bo that he didn't like.
      > What nuts are you talking about? The only wacky ones were the
      > conservatives and the GOP politicians who tried to drag out what
      > really a minor affair into a multi-million dollar investigation and
      > veritable coup, all because the president had oral sex. It was the
      > Clinton supporters and those who were indifferent who were being
      > rational - because they just didn't care, and they didn't think it
      > was worth wasting so much money and time and strife among
      > politicians.
      > > I too have nothing for the CFR or the tri-lateral commission. I
      > want
      > > us out of the UN. I too think that a third party is needed in
      > > nation. I would like to see Jeb run as a Green Conservative in 08.
      > > For more years.
      > >
      > > II Tim 2:4
      > I don't think three parties would really make sense; you need a
      > fourth to balance. The way I see it, you would have the Greens
      > (left), the Democrats (left-moderate), the Republicans (right-
      > moderate), and the Reform Party (right), and then the Libertarians
      > course which are neither right nor left, really.

      Don't you ever get tired of being wrong? You're as bad as Skipper,
      ever learning, never arriving. Why do you think that we set it up as
      Executive, Judicial, and Legislative? Your four main party system is
      un-Godly. Yuk Yuk Yuk. that's me laughing. We set it up that way be-
      cause in the book it says." He is my King, My Judge, and my Law Giv-
      er, in Him will I trust."

      I believe that if you look into it you will find that the way that
      Jethro suggested that Moses set up his hiarchy of tens, hundreds, and
      thousands is what we based our; counclemen, mayors, governors, cong-
      ressmen, senators, and presidents and so on, on.

      I can find Liberals in the book with a negative canotation. There's
      an on-line bible in the links if you are interested in tracking it
      down. Four Outdoorsmen Link

      II Tim 2:4
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