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Re: [Christian Pipe Smokers] Glad I found this group

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  • Joseph Bowman
    Hi all, I ve been following the Closet Smokers thread and wanted to join in. I ll probably post a few things... My thanks to ALL of you for your insights. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2003
      Hi all,

      I've been following the "Closet Smokers" thread and wanted to join in.
      I'll probably post a few things...

      My thanks to ALL of you for your insights. I think a key that many men
      have been saying is "moderation"

      Yes, there will be denominations who turn a dim eye to smoking OF ANY
      SORT. I have a pastor friend (who is a member of this group) who, if his
      (former) congregation were to know of his love for pipes/cigars, would
      likely toss him out.

      This is a worthy thread. I am part of the PCA (Presbyterian Church in
      America). SOME Reformed groups would say that smoking is evil, but in
      the PCA, I know SEVERAL pastors/elders who smoke a pipe or cigars. (I
      think someone posted that they were with the RCUS... how does YOUR
      denomination view tobacco)?

      Brothers, enjoy our hobby. People don't realise that pipes are a
      "different kettle of fish" than cigarettes (but I won't get into that).

      Blessings on you all,
    • revjerabek
      You know, I have been reading this thread and this has come up before. I am going to cut through all the smoke and mirrors. I must respond rather simply,
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 1, 2003
        You know, I have been reading this thread and this has come up before.

        I am going to cut through all the smoke and mirrors. I must respond
        rather simply, maybe too simplistically, but, in our post-modern age
        I think it is important to remember.

        Either there is objective truth or it is all subjective to our
        feelings. If doctrines are bound to the Scriptures, then the
        Scriptural arguement is the last word. This applies to smoking as
        well as to any other doctrine.

        Now, my church body doesn't have a stance on smoking. We have a
        stance on the body being the temple of God, but Christian freedom
        dictates that we do things in moderation - eating, drinking, smoking,
        etc... So, there ends the smoking discussion in our body. There are
        those who try to force total abstinence from anything containing
        alcohol or tobacco upon the rest, but our church body has stood firm
        stating that we cannot impose that which God has not imposed.

        Of course this brings up some other questions.

        If one's wife doesn't want one to smoke and it causes division in the
        family - one should quit. Should she be able to get past it? Yes!
        If she does not, as the man, one must be willing to die for his wife -
        it won't however kill you to quit. If one loves his wife, while
        quitting may be a royal pain, it will not kill.

        If one's church body doesn't allow one to smoke, then one has 2
        possible choices...
        1) Leave that church body for another which does allow smoking.
        2) Quit smoking.
        (or maybe a 3rd) Get said church body to reform their doctrine.

        Too often, we believe we are all islands unto ourselves. Jesus says
        that we are not only to believe in our heart and be justified, but we
        must confess with our mouth to be saved.

        If you believe something to be true, then act on it. Stay or leave
        your church body, but be honest enough with yourself and others. To
        continually lie about your smoking to others, when your church body
        forbids smoking, that is a sin. It is a blatant breach of the 4th
        commandment. It doesn't matter if you think the rule is good or bad,
        it is disobedience to the law.

        I don't think 55 MPH is a reasonable law. So, I should be able to go
        as fast as I'd like - as long as I am not caught? I have nothing to
        fear from the God's appointed governing officials if I render under
        unto Caesar, what is Caesar's. And you know what, speed limits are
        not mentioned in the Bible. Obedience to those appointed as
        authorities over me is.

        So, chose today whom you will serve. Your bellies or will you abide
        by the teaching of the church you choose to be a part of?

        Only you can choose, but then, you must deal with those consequences.

        Hey, there are church bodies I am not a part of because I am a member
        of the LCMS. In fact, because I am a member of the LCMS, I cannot
        take the Lord's Supper with some of my family members because we are
        not in altar fellowship. I remain in the LCMS because I believe that
        the LCMS is correct in why we are not in altar fellowship. Although
        my flesh strongly desires to commune with some of my family, I
        believe that I'd rather see them leave the church bodies they belong
        to because they are being taught falsehood (and believe some of it).

        There are consequences to the choices we make. We need to live up to
        them in all honesty.

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