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  • Mr_Grape
    Hey gang, Where d everyone go? 13 days with no posts? Has anyone tried Tinder Box s blend North Sea ? It could easily become my all-day smoke!
    Message 1 of 1259 , Dec 13, 2001
      Hey gang,<br><br>Where'd everyone go? 13 days
      with no posts?<br><br>Has anyone tried Tinder Box's
      blend "North Sea"? It could easily become my all-day
      smoke! Does anyone know if all Tinder Boxes have exactly
      the same blends... so if I ordered it on-line or
      something, then I'd know I'm getting what I got at the
      Tinder Box in Rockford, IL?<br><br>Thanks,<br>Joseph
    • Nolan Habegger
      Randy, While I have Christian friends who are cigar/pipe smokers, I don t worry about my non-smoking brothers and sisters finding out or knowing. Smoking a
      Message 1259 of 1259 , Oct 15 8:46 PM

        While I have Christian friends who are cigar/pipe smokers, I don't worry
        about my non-smoking brothers and sisters finding out or knowing. Smoking a
        pipe is a very personal and individual activity (though it can be very
        stimulating when done in the presence of those who appreciate it and
        participate). I am no more concerned about people detecting that I've been
        smoking a pipe than I am if they know I had garlic for lunch (though a
        breath mint in both cases would be a common courtesy).

        Most people today will either judge you and talk about you behind your back,
        or blow it off and go on with life. The rare bird that wants to know why and
        how often you smoke, and what you find appealling in it will most likely end
        up in one of these categories any way. If you are worried about people
        rejecting you because you smoke a pipe, then you are either fellowshipping
        with people who don't understand the Gospel in its entirety, or you live
        your life to gain the approval of others - or maybe both.

        Unless you are dealing with a compulsive tobacco addiction (i.e., it has
        control of you and not the other way around), I would encourage you to deal
        with the issue in humility. Yes, I smoke a pipe. It is very relaxing and
        meditative. Yes, I understand the risks of tobacco abuse, and so I'm
        disciplined in its use. Would you like to see my pipe? Would you like to try
        my pipe? I find the hobby very enjoyable. What are your hobbies? etc.

        In my experience, the less of a big deal you make of it, the more clear it
        is to your critics that you are not some nicotine addict staunchly defending
        a pack a day habit. I approach alcohol in much the same way, and I've had
        many very good conversations about the wine bottle on my kitchen counter
        using the same strategy.

        Don't know if this helps, but there you go.

        Nolan Habegger
        The Woodlands, TX


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        Subject: [Christian Pipe Smokers] Re: Christian Friends

        I was looking at some of the older postings and saw this topic. I
        haven't revealed to any of the members of our church about my smoking a
        pipe, though I know when I attend services or other activities, I must
        smell like a tobacco shop. Old spice can only cover up so much, so I'm
        sure somebody must suspect, but no-one's ever said anything to me.

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        s@yahoogroups.com, puffingpresby wrote:

        Do you enjoy a pipe around your Christian friends?

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