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Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross; The Storks of La Caridad

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  • florenbywein
    Hello, fellow writers of Christian fiction, I m Florence Byham Weinberg, a brand new member. I was honored at the Women Writing the West conference last month
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
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      Hello, fellow writers of Christian fiction, I'm Florence Byham
      Weinberg, a brand new member. I was honored at the Women Writing the
      West conference last month when I received a WILLA [Cather] Literary
      Award as Finalist for "Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross," an
      historical novel about the founding of San Antonio.

      I very recently offered a workshop on historical fiction writing for
      the Muse On Line Conference, the first ever conference conducted
      entirely by internet, run mainly by Lea Schizas (via Yahoo Groups).
      I got to know a number of great writers that way.

      Since I'm also a writer of historical mystery novels, I'd like to
      let you know about my latest, "The Storks of La Caridad." My
      detective is an 18th-century Jesuit missionary who served in the
      Sonora Desert. Here is what "Midwest Book Review" had to say, in

      "The Storks of La Caridad" is… Florence Weinberg's third historical
      mystery featuring Father Ygnacio Pfefferkorn, a detective priest
      character based on an actual historical Jesuit missionary who was
      forcibly removed from his Sonora Desert mission around 1767 to be
      imprisoned for 6 years near Cadiz, Spain before being sent to La
      Caridad [Monastery] and the Norbertines for two years. Weinberg's
      painstaking research and rich historical detail of an obscure but
      bloody epoch in church and secular Spanish American history provide
      a flawless framework for this intriguing tale of bloody survival and
      a martyr's forgiveness…. Can Father Ygnacio possibly … find his way
      through the maze of danger, before his limited venue as endangered
      holy sleuth literally expires? "The Storks of La Caridad" is
      beautifully written, as well as meticulously researched. It will
      grip its readers, shock them, and confound them. Along the way, much
      valuable and accurate history will be painlessly assimilated.
      Perhaps this is the art of historical mystery writing at its
      best. "The Storks of La Caridad" is a must-read!"

      The full review is posted at www.amazon.com. Come visit my website,
      too, at www.florenceweinberg.com, where excerpts of my five
      historical novels, my bio and activities are posted.

      I hope to hear from you! My best to all,

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