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Summer reading takes them places

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  • max anderson
    Hello Summer vacation is here, and with it comes the dreaded complaint, “Mom! I’m bored!” This boredom is usually met with computers, video games, DVDs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2006
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      Summer vacation is here, and with it comes the dreaded complaint, �Mom! I�m
      bored!� This boredom is usually met with computers, video games, DVDs or
      television. But even these only work for a limited amount of time.

      Today we are robbing our children of the exercise of their imagination. Even
      sending them outside to play would be better than the electronic

      So what�s a parent to do

      Max Elliot Anderson grew up as a reluctant reader. In fact, he hated to
      read. Years later he began to research why this had happened. Based on his
      findings, he has crafted mysteries and adventures that young readers have a
      hard time putting down.

      Because he has spent a lifetime in the production of exciting movies,
      commercials, and television programs, he brings a unique, visual style to
      his writing.

      Through his first seven books, readers will be transported to the harsh
      freezing winter of TERROR AT WOLF LAKE. MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY will provide
      the excitement of the Colorado Rockies while LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF takes
      place around Yellowstone. SECRET OF ABBOTT�S CAVE transports the reader into
      a cave experience in Virginia. Like to take a trip to a remote fishing area
      of Canada? Then NORTH WOODS POACHERS will do the trick. BIG RIG RUSTLERS
      takes place on a massive cattle ranch in present day Wyoming. And, NEWSPAPER
      CAPER is filled with excitement as the main characters unravel a car-theft,
      chop-shop ring in their town.

      Along with heart-pounding action and excitement, books by Max Elliot
      Anderson also provide an opportunity to learn about new things. Each book
      has been highly researched, providing an educational experience, without the
      reader even realizing it. Read over 40 pages of reviews at

      Each book has completely different characters, setting, and plot. Readers
      have reported that reading a book by Max Elliot Anderson is like being in an
      exciting or scary movie. Yet each story carries powerful messages concerning
      moral and spiritual values, right and wrong, telling the truth, and many
      others. All contain as much excitement and adventure as any reader, 8 and
      up, can handle.

      Max Elliot Anderson PO Box 4126 Rockford, IL 61110 mander8813@...
      Author web site www.maxbooks.9k.com

      Distributed by Baker and Taylor, or order books from Amazon.com, read about
      them at http://maxbooks.9k.com/catalog.html or order signed copies directly,
      with a check, by writing to the above address. Books are $10.95 each.
      Shipping and handling is $5 for the first 3 copies, $10 for 4 or more.

      Let the summer of mysteries and adventures begin!
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