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a Pornographic movie depicts Jesus and his desciples as homosexuals!!!

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  • Michael
    Dear Friends, ... to show up in ... homosexuals!!! ... halls for a ... Body of ... can make ... all of you. Could ... end? If you do ... being shown in ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2005
      Dear Friends,
      >>A pornographic movie is being shot and is intended
      to show up in
      >>America soon, which shows Jesus and his disciples as
      >>The same way as a play that has been in the theater
      halls for a
      >>while. It's called Corpus Christi" which means "The
      Body of
      >>Christ". It is a revolting joke of our Lord. But we
      can make
      >>difference, that's why I'm sending this e-mail to
      all of you. Could
      >>you, please, add your name to this e-mail's list's
      end? If you do
      >>so, together we may be able to ban this movie form
      being shown in
      >>America. Apparently, some regions from Europe have
      banned the movie
      >>already. All we need is a lot of signatures!
      >>Remember, Jesus said: "That who deny me before men,
      I will also
      >>deny him
      >>before my Father which is in heaven"
      >>Please, do not simply forward!!!
      >>Please, select all text, copy this message (CTRL+C),
      paste (CTRL+V)
      >>in a new message and then add your name at the end
      of the list,
      >>plus send to all
      >>your contacts. When the signatures get to 500 names
      (who is list's
      >>please send them to:
      >> net&YY=94540&order=down&sort=date&pos=0> And then
      start it all
      >>over again...... IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE
      >>01. Mechaiel Farag, Perth, WA, Australia 02 John
      Rizkallah, Perth,
      >>WA, Australia 03. StewartRizkallah, Perth, WA,
      Australia 04.
      >>Michael Salib, Perth, Wa, Australia 05. Mark
      Nour,Melbourne, VIC,
      >>Australia 06. Marco Attia, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
      07. Emil
      >>Sidra, Malbourne, VIc, Australia 08.
      VeronicaAbdou,Vic, Australia
      >>09. RobertGundi, Vic, Australia 10. AmirMalek,
      Victoria, Australia
      >>11. Margaret Malek, Victoria,Australia 12. Mohab
      Shukr 13. Rebecca
      >>Micallef, Sydney Australia 14.
      >>Stacey Moore, Sydney Australia 15. Sandy Sahyoun,
      Australia 16.
      >>Rebecca Sahyoun, Australia 17. Karolina Tipura,
      Sydney Australia
      >>18. Tanya Likic, Sydney Australia 19. Tina Likic,
      Sydney Australia
      >>20. Sima Mihaljevic, Sydney Australia 21. Joanna
      Mataic, Sydney
      >>Australia 22. Angela Music, Sydney Australia 23.
      Tereza Likic,
      >>Sydney Australia 24. Damir Music, Sydney Australia
      25. Suzi Music,
      >>Sydney Australia 26. Linda Kraljevic, Sydney
      Australia 27. Ana
      >>Sarac, Sydney Au stralia 28. Charley Martinez,
      Sydney, Australia
      >>29. Louisa Nelson, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 30. Ernst
      Nelson, SYDNEY
      >>AUSTRALIA 31. Drae Nelson, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 32.
      Elisa Jay To,
      >>Sydney Australia 33. Li-Ming Jay To, Sydney
      Australia 34. Julie
      >>Vaigafa, Sydney Australia 35. Nigel Vaigafa, Sydney
      Australia 36.
      >>Joy Magele, Sydney Australia 37. Yvonne Feleti,
      Auckland New
      >>Zealand 38. Tala Feleti Auckland New Zealand 39.
      >>Feleti, Auckland New Zealand 40. Sharlene Feleti,
      Auckland New
      >>Zealand 41. Samuel Feleti, Auckland New Zealand 42.
      Hayley Davis,
      >>Auckland New Zealand 43. Breta Lemana, Auckland New
      Zealand 44.
      >>theresa peni, Sydney Australia 45. Daniela Tramonte,
      >>NewSouth Wales 46. Ayanthi Christopher,
      sydney,Australia 47.
      >>kimberley booth, sydney ,australia 48. stephanie
      >>cirillo,sydney,australia 49. Sam Maxted, canberra,
      australia 50.
      >>Samara Patch, canberra, Australia 51. Beth M.
      canberra, australia
      >>52. Jessica N. canberra, australia 53. Lisa M.
      canberra, australia
      >>54. Owen S. forbes creek, NSW, australia 55. Kathryn
      Mckinnon, S.A,
      >>Australia 56. Amos Bergstrom, New Zealand 57. Hannah
      >>Maraetotara, New Zealand 58. Sarani Blackwell, QLD,
      Australia 59.
      >>Suzanne Batten, Te Kuiti, New Zealand 60. Phill
      Brandt, New Zealand
      >>61. Justin Brandt, New Zealand 62. Chris Runciman,
      New Zealand 63.
      >>Thomasen, New Zealand 64. Villette Haitoua,
      Auckland, New Zealand
      >>65. Dave Munro,Auckland,New Zealand 66. Kirit Makan,
      Pukekohe, New
      >>Zealand 67. Pat Lam, Pukekohe, New Zealand 68. Steph
      >>Pukekohe, New Zealand 69. Katrina Mika, Sydney,
      Australia 70. Daisy
      >>Halafihi, Auckland, New Zealand 71. Fono Sosene,
      Auckland, New
      >>Zealand 72. Paul Reddy, Auckland, New Zealand 73.
      Ray mond D'Souza,
      >>Auckland, New Zealand 74. Fay Braganza, Auckland,
      New Zealand 75.
      >>Neil Ribeiro, GOA, INDIA 76. Audrey Pinto, Goa,
      India 77. Sharon
      >>Rodrigues Dubai, UAE 78. Elvis D'Souza 79. Francis
      Jorge, Goa India
      >>80. Kallen Valadares Goa, India. 81. Sherard
      Rodrigues Goa , India
      >>82. Susana Pereira Dubai, UAE 83. Jai
      Yadav,Dubai-UAE 84. Joanna M
      >>Yadav, Dubai - U.A.E. 85. Latha Lourdes Iyer
      >>86. Payal R. Mansukhani, Dubai,U.A.E. 87. Eslinda
      Ribeiro, Dubai,
      >>U.A.E. 88. Judy Michael, Dubai, U.A.E. 89. Ruth
      >>D'Souza, Dubai, U.A.E. 90. Richard DEUR(tm)souza,
      Dubai, U.A.E. 91.
      >>Paulita A.-Dubai U.A.E. 92. SUNIL S-DUBAI U.A.E. 93.
      Leonard Pali
      >>EUR" Dubai, U.A.E. 94. Feliciana Mali EUR" Dubai,
      UA.E 95. Rukshan
      >>Palinda EUR" Dubai, U.A.E 96. Rukmaal Palinda EUR"
      Dubai, UA.E 97.
      >>Trevor Kandiah - Fujairah U.A.E. 98. Mary Sherika -
      Fujairah U.A.E.
      >>99. Mark Silva - Fujairah U.A.E. 100. Priyantha Rose
      - Colombo Sri
      >>Lanka. 101. Anoma Van Hoff - Colombo Sri Lanka 102.
      >>Ferdinando - colombo Sri Lanka 103. Delakshan
      Hettiarachchi Sri
      >>lanka 104. Ranil Fernando, Negombo, Sri-Lanka 105.
      >>Peiris,-DUBAI -U.A.E 106. W.S.Denzil De Silva
      -Dubau-U.A.E 107.
      >>Felix D' Souza Newzealand 108. Walter D'Souza -
      Dubai - UAE 109. M.
      >>D'souza - Dubai - U.A.E. 110. Rosa D'Souza - Dubai -
      U.A.E. 111.
      >>Cristal D'souza - Dubai - UAE. 112. Theresa Marquis
      - Dubai -
      >>U.A.E. 113. Jessy Pinto - Mumbai - India. 114. Joyce
      >>D'Silva - Mumbai India 115. Joseph Dcosta-
      Mumbai-India 116. Elaine
      >>Dcosta Mumbai - India 117. Joyce Fernandes - Mumbai
      - India 118.
      >>Noella Fernandes - Mumbai - India. 119. Wilfred
      Fernandes- Toronto
      >>- Canada 120. Geraldine Canute - Toronto-Canada 121.
      Leanne Netto-
      >>Mississauga-Canada 122. Kelvin Netto-Mississauga-
      Canada 123. Elia
      >>Netto- Missi ssauga- Canada 124. Donna Ozorio-
      >>125. Romina Isip- Mississauga- Canada 126. Jan Ica
      >>Azucena-Mississauga Canada 127. Katarina Amor Quinto
      Baldovino -
      >>Canada 128. Ruth Dimen - Pickering, Canada 129.
      Lorilee Sih -
      >>Toronto, Canada 130. Geena Feliciano - Toronto,
      Canada 131. Joy
      >>Facun - Toronto, Canada 132. Celia O. Cabaltera -
      >>Philippines 134. Obette Miranda 135. Kia Hernandez
      136. Manny
      >>Magdaog 137. Rene Cortez 138. Orl y Gracia, Saudi
      Arabia 139. Becca
      >>Reyes, Saudi Arabia 149. Rene Parada, Saudi Arabia
      >>Carol Parada, Manila,Philippines 151. Bet Calimbas,
      California 152.
      >>Digna Anonas, California 153. Emilie Soriano,
      California 154 Harvey
      >>Dorren, Nevada 155. Lawrence Bailey, N.Y. 156. Sue
      >>Rochester, N.Y. 157. Steve Groth, Rochester, N.Y.
      158. Lois
      >>Atkinson, Portville NY 159. B. Van Etten, N.Y. 160.
      D.Van Etten,
      >>N.Y 161. L.JOINER, NM 162. DIANE YO UNG, NM 163.
      Maria-Bertha Paz,
      >>NM 164. Kameron Hill, NM 165. Carlos Hill, NM 166.
      Shelley Havenor,
      >>WA 167. Billie Phillips, WA 168. Raymond C Phillips,
      WA 169. Basil
      >>Pelletier, WA 170. Erma Pelletier, WA 171. Mark
      Howell, WA 172.
      >>Lorraine Howell, WA 173. Brenda Kessie, WA 174.
      james l judkins
      >>175. Wanda O. Lewis, TN 176. Bobby J. Lewis, TN 177.
      Tom Henry, TX
      >>178. Regena Hoover, AL 179. Emily Henry, TX 180.
      Judy Henry, TX
      >>181. Tommy Henry, TX 182. Kristi Henry, TX 183.
      Mollie Moon, AL
      >>184. Steven Moon, AL 185. Terry Moon, AL 186 Tony
      >>Hoover, AL 187. Lisa Hoover, AL 188. Tony Pitsino,
      AL 189. Rachel
      >>Pitsino, AL 190. Juli Pahos, TX 191. Linda Bosse, TX
      192. Gene
      >>Bosse, TX 193. Patsy Rogers, TX 194. Everett Rogers,
      TX 195.
      >>Mariethel McConal 196. Garland McConal 197. D J
      McConal 198. E. J.
      >>McConal 200. Henry Parker, Prattville , AL 201. Beth
      Wyatt, Prat
      >>tville, AL 202. Leigh Ann C ausey, Alabama
      >>203. Angela Montgomery, Alabama 204. Judy Michalek,
      >>,WAshington 205 Lucy Plowden, Baltimore, Md. 206
      James Plowden,
      >>Baltimore, Md. 207. Sister Philip Joseph Davis,O.P.,
      Baltimore, MD
      >>208. Helen Alexander, Franklin, TN 209. Lee
      Kerkvliet, Madison, TN
      >>210 Betty J. Felts, Joelton, TN 37080 211. Brian
      Hufham, Madison,
      >>TN 212. Bekki Hufham, Madison, TN 213. Shari Wilson,
      TN 214 Miranda
      >>Jones, FL 215. M.E.H. Bonds, FL 216. Nelson
      Gonzalez, FL, USA 217.
      >>Nicolas Del Vento, FL. 218. Geraldine Cartone FL,
      USA 219. Laura
      >>Lopez Fl, USA 220. Jackie Wakeman, FL, USA
      >>Aguerrebere, FL,USA 222. Sasha Luque, FL, USA 223.
      Vanessa Luque,
      >>FL, USA 224. Vazquez, Ricardo, Fl USA 225. Willy
      Mesa,Fl USA 226.
      >>Daniel Jonusas,Fl USA 227. Evelyn Molleda, FL USA
      228. Derrick
      >>Larrea FL USA 229. Lory Larrea FL US 230. Yanina
      Szenkman Fl USA
      >>231. Stephanie Maestr e FL USA 232. Alanna Kaimrajh
      233. Walyce
      >>Almeida Fl, USA 234. Diego Almeida PB Brasil 235.
      Daniel Cavalcanti
      >>PB Brasil 236. Andressa Cartaxo PB Brasil 237.
      Raphaela Braga PB
      >>Brasil 238. Alex Meira PB Brasil 239. Marina Andrade
      PB Brasil 240.
      >>Larissa Sobral PB Brasil 241. Sylvio PÃffÃ,©lico PB
      Brasil 242.
      >>Ianne Lacerda PB Brasil 243. Samuel Soares pb Brasil
      244. Bruno
      >>Esturba Molino 245. Isaac Oliveira Marques,
      PB,Brasil 246. Cirino
      >>Ferreira Refosco, PB,Brasil 247. Josemar Jeremias
      Bandeira deSouza,
      >>PB, Brasil 248. Lilian Vieira Fernandes PB,Brasil
      >>Juliane Nepomuceno Fernandes PB,Brasil 250.
      Cleverton Rodrigues
      >>Fernandes(FOX) Pb, BRASIL 251. JoÃffÃ,£o Alexandre
      >>Figueiredo(Jonjon) PB, Brasil 252. Aline Zakis
      >>(Zakis)PB, Brasil 253. MaÃffra Correia de Souza,
      SPBrasil 254.
      >>Talita Koschelny Pereira, SPBrasil 255. Marta Carmo
      do EspÃffrito
      >>Santo,SP, Brasil 256. Talmo Santana Cruz, BA, Brasil
      257. Simon
      >>Oliveira Pastor, BA,Brasil 258. Larissa Santos
      Novais, BA,Brasil
      >>259. Rachel Nancy Lemos, BA, Brasil 260. Bianca
      Azevedo Jezler
      >>Trindade,Ba, Brasil 261 Kellem Cristina Marques,
      BA,Brasil 262.
      >>Reineldes Toledo Marques, BA,Brasil 264.
      EfigÃffÃ,ªnia Mariana
      >>Silva, BA, Brasil 265. Edson Silva de Carvalho,
      BA,Brasil 266.
      >>Emerson Silva de Carvalho, BA,Brasil 267. Geane
      Karla Mariana
      >>Silva, BA,Brasil 268. Iracema Mariana Silva,
      BA,Brasil 269. Gildeon
      >>Silva, BA, Brasil 270. Gilka Vasconcelos Irber
      Marques,MS, Brasil
      >>271. Robson
      >>Luis Toledo Marques, MS,Brasil 272. Cintialine
      >>Boazal,MS,Brasil 273. Luis OtÃffÃ,¡vio Nogueira
      Rodrigues MS,
      >>Brasil 274. Daniele Luri Sadoyama, MS,Brasil 275.
      Karina Assano
      >>Umeki, MS, Brasil 276. Byron Medeiros, GO, Brasil
      277. Rafaella
      >>Faria de Assis, GO,Brasil 278. Sandra Siebra, SP,
      Brasil 279.
      >>Priscila Alves , Mogi dasCruzes, SP, Brasil 280.
      Ediana Moreira,
      >>MS, Brasil 281. Monique Rodrigues - Curitiba,Brasil
      282. Talitha
      >>Weber- Campo Largo,Brasil 283. MaurÃffcio JosÃffÃ,©
      >>-Curitiba, Brasil 284. Eloise Guerra - Curitiba,
      Brasil 285. Diego
      >>Luis - Curitiba, Brasil 286. Allan Alves - Curitiba,
      Brasil 287.
      >>Sheila QuiÃffÃ,§ula - Curitiba _Brasil 288. Marco
      >>QuiÃffÃ,§ula dosSantos Ãf¢?‰?o Curitiba,PR
      ,Brasil 289. Diogo
      >>Carlos Catossi - Curitiba, PR, Brasil 290. Jair
      Aparecido melchior
      >>-TrÃffÃ,ªs Lagoas, MS, Brasil 291. Sibila Hanzen -
      >>292. Alessandra AlcÃffÃ,¢ntara Leivas,RS, Brasil
      293. Mozart
      >>Franklin Farias, CE,Brasil 294. Leonardo Pinheiro de
      >>Brasil 295. Davi Marcelo Galdino, CE, Brasil 296.
      >>Rodrigues de OliveiraNeto 297. Ana FlÃffÃ,¡via
      Sobral deMedeiros,
      >>RN, Brasil 298. JoÃffÃ,£o Firmino RodriguesNeto,RN,
      Brasil 299.
      >>Amanda F. de Carvalho, RN,Brasil 300. Raquel do
      Carmo, RN, Brasil
      >>301. Mariana Albuquerque Veras, CE,Brasil 302.
      Ketysulene Trindade
      >>Antas, RN,Brasil 303.Franklin Arley de Morais
      Silva,CE, Brasil 304.
      >>MarÃfflia Moreira de Souza, GO,Brasil 305. Alan
      Walton, Provo, UT
      >>306. Sabrina Bautista Matos, SantaCatarina, Brasil
      307. Scott
      >>Storey, Waterloo, Iowa,USA 308. Douglas McLaws,
      Manning, Iowa,USA
      >>309. Adam Carlson, St, George, Utah,USA 310. Tessa
      >>Taylorsville,Utah, USA 311. Robert Weaver, Draper,
      Utah, USA 312.
      >>Charles Embleton II, Utah, USA 313. Charles Embleton
      >>Utah, USA 314. Amy Embleton, Utah, USA 315. Tamar
      Embleton, Utah,
      >>USA 316. Seth Embleton, Utah, USA 317. Benjamin
      Embleton, Utah, USA
      >>318. Isaac Embleton, Utah, USA 319. Ammon Embleton,
      Utah, USA 314.
      >>Harry Wadley, Utah, USA 315. Gayle Wadley, Utah, USA
      316. Kaylynn
      >>Mitchell, Utah, USA 317. Pamela Johnson, Utah, USA
      318.? Gordon
      >>Johnson, Utah, USA 319. Leonard Grill, Utah, USA
      320. Jenet Grill,
      >>Utah, USA 321. Kathy Alvey, Utah, USA 321. Sheila
      >>Colorado, USA 323-harold knuteson utah, usa
      324-donna knuteson,
      >>utah, usa 325-Marie Knuteson Ut. usa 326-Kirsti
      Krogvik Ut. usa
      >>327-Cari Lindsay Ut. usa 328-Jeff Lindsay Ut. usa
      329-Brad Lindsay
      >>Ut. usa 330-Shaun Lindsay Ut. usa
      >>331-Robert Lindsay Ut. usa 332-Heather Lindsay Ut.
      usa 333-David
      >>Griffin Ut. usa 334-Chris Lindsay Ut. usa 335-Tyler
      Lindsay Ut. usa
      >>336-Becca Lindsay Ut. usa 337-Brianna Lindsay Ut.
      usa 338-Kalie
      >>Lindsay Ut. usa 339-Olivia Lindsay Ut. usa
      340-Dawnette Black Ut.
      >>usa 341-Dustin Black Ut. usa 342-Leah Black Ut. usa
      343-Tim Black
      >>Ut. usa 344-Deshelle Black Ut. usa 345-Deria
      Peterson Ut. usa
      >>346-Dan Peterson Ut. usa 347-Casten Fischer Ut. usa
      >>Thompson Ut. usa 349-JT Peterson Ut. usa 350-Brett
      Beal Ut. Usa
      >>351-?se Svendsen, Birkeland, Norge 352-Eirin Visted,
      >>Norge 353- JAKE FIELDS UT USA 354-Abby Taylor
      Mapleton Utah USA
      >>355-Betsy Cannon Utah USA 356-Missy Murray Utah USA
      367- Breanna
      >>Asbell Utah USA 368- Rachel Bunch Ut. USA 369- Amber
      Ut. USA
      >>370- SARAH ASHCRAFT!!! UT USA 371-Amanda Groneman!
      UT, USA
      >>372-Landon Hitchcock UT, USA 373- Brady Hansen Ut,
      USA 374-Landon
      >>Wickel UT, USA 375-Jordan Jones #11 Ut,USA 376-
      Camee Coombs #11
      >>Ut, USA 377- Shante' Schena UT,USA 378- Matt Larsen
      Ut, USA 379-
      >>kaitlan tyrrell ut,usa 380 - -Jordan Hipwell Ut,
      USA. 381-Clay
      >>Moultrie, Morgan Ut, USA 382 - sam watt Ut, USA 384
      - Joey White
      >>Ut, USA 385 - J.T. Tonge UT, USA 386 - Shay UT, USA
      387-Meghan UT,
      >>USA 388-Kamilla Okey UT, USA 389- andy stewart UT,
      USA 390-Brittany
      >>Marietti UT, USA 391-Katie Venable UT,USA 392- Abbee
      Yearsley , USA
      >>393- Chantel Jensen, UT,USA 394 - Sidne Huff,UT,USA
      395- Alexa
      >>Henry, Utah, U.S.A. 396- Chelsea Witt,Utah,USA 397-
      >>Ferrin, USA 398-Malachi Hopoate, UT USA 399- JORDAN
      SMITH , UT USA
      >>400- Tayler Montgomery, UT USA !!! 401- Wayne
      Rosenlund 402- Becky
      >>Baggs, UT USA 403- Gina Green, Utah, USA 404- Chad
      R. West Utah,
      >>USA 405- J'rel West Utah, USA 406 - Shaun West,
      Utah, USA 407 -
      >>Stacey West, Utah, USA 408 - Sharon Dillon, Utah,
      USA 409- Natalie,
      >>Grand Junction, USA 410- Jason, Grand Junction, USA
      411- Lisa,
      >>Utah, USA 412- Natasha, Utah, USA 413-Annie, Utah,
      USA 414- Erin,
      >>Utah USA 415- Casey, Utah USA 416-Troy, Utah
      >>USA 417-Shaleena Hamblin, Utah USA 418-Haley
      Unsworth, Utah USA
      >>419-Sean S. Utah USA 420- Shanda Utah USA 421- Meg
      Utah USA 422-
      >>Caitlin S. Utah USA 423- Jason West Utah USA 424-
      Dallas West Utah
      >>USA 425- Tyson West Utah USA 426- Hilary Casperson
      USA 427 - Karli
      >>Healy USA 428-Kristina PorterfieldUSA 429-Wesley
      LeFevre Sandy Utah
      >>430-Jake Neilson sandy utah "jesus rules so lets
      keep it that way"
      >>431-Whitney Neilson sandy utah.... " when you think
      your life isn't
      >>a bed of roses, just remember who wore the thorns"
      432- SKYLER
      ANDERSON...Sandy UT, USA
      >>435-Dane P. McAllister Calgary AB Canada 436-Dave
      Gibson Mission,
      >>BC, Canada 437-Ben Williams Mission, BC, Canada
      438-Erin Reid,
      >>Mission,BC, Canada 439-Joshua Whatley, Mission, B.C.
      >>440-Amber Spitters, Dewdney, B.C. Canada 441-
      >>Westminster , BC Canada 443- Hayley Darychuk, New
      Westminster, BC
      >>Canada 444- Rebecca Fevang, Surrey, BC Canada 445-
      julie irwin ,
      >>chiiliwack B.C Canada 446-Rachel Ross, Vernon BC
      >>447~Irene Axness, Langley BC Canada 448-Jennifer
      Mamchur, Langley
      >>BC Canada 449 Nicole Friesen Langley Bc Canada 450-
      Elyse MacLean
      >>Winnipeg MB Canada 460 ~ Lydia MacLean Winnipeg MB
      Canada 461~
      >>Hannah Swartz,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
      462~ Alanah
      >>Kohnen, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 463~
      Alma Mandera,
      >>Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 464->Jonathan
      Carpino, calgary,
      >>alberta, cananda 465~ Kayla Sollid, Calgary,
      Alberta, Canada 466~
      >>Ashley A., Calgary, Alberta, Canada 467~Melissa S.,
      >>Alberta, Canada 468~Nam n.,CalgaryAlberta, Canada
      469. Annie N.
      >>Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada 470. Aleena F.
      Sherwood Park,
      >>Alberta, Canada 471. Amy D. Sherwood Park ,Alberta,
      >>472. Jaimie F Canada 473. eVe K. CANADA 474. Katie
      Allen ,
      >>Alberta,CaNaDa 475.Katie Glazerman ,Alberta ,Canada
      >>Trammell, Marion, IL, USA 479.Melissa Sharpe,
      Marion, IL, USa 480.
      >>Miranda Hilliard, Marion,IL USA 481. Meghan Reed,
      Marion IL USA
      >>482. Mitch Elston, Marion IL, USA 483. Scott G.-USA.
      >>Fulk Marion,IL-Usa.
      >>486-Cody Cain Galatia,Il-Usa 487.-Kristina Benedict
      Crab Orchard,
      >>IL,-Usa. 488.-Gaye Benedict Crab Orchard, IL,-Usa.
      >>Benedict Crab Orchard, IL,-Usa 490.-Jesse Benedict
      Crab Orchard,
      >>IL,-Usa, 491. MEGAN WURTELE, HARRISBURG, 492 Adam
      Ward. Thompsonville, 493. Eddie Dixon- Eustis, FL;
      494. Ryann Dixon- Eustis, FL, 495. Michael Kline- Eustis, Fl
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