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My 4th kid's book is out

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  • max anderson
    My latest book for readers 8 - 13 has just been released. A review for MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY is included in this email. It s also dedicated to the memory of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
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      My latest book for readers 8 - 13 has just been released. A review for
      MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY is included in this email. It's also dedicated to the
      memory of 9/11. This new book joins NEWSPAPER CAPER, TERROR AT WOLF LAKE,
      AND NORTH WOODS POACHERS. I've written 28 manuscripts for this age group so
      far, and two more will be out by September.

      These books are already breaking down barriers for reluctant
      readers...especially boys, but I've been astounded to see that avid boy
      readers, girls, and even adults are enjoying them just as much.

      My group messages have been bounced recently, so if you want to communicate
      with me, you might try at Mander8813@...

      There's nothing like the feeling when a box of new books is delivered.

      Max Elliot Anderson

      R E V I E W


      Author: Max Elliot Anderson

      Reviewed by: Peggy Phifer

      Publisher: Baker Trittin Press

      ISBN/Price: 0-9729256-3-5/$10.95

      Release: June 2004

      Genre: Youth/Teen Action Adventure

      After three years of acute disappointment, 12-year-old Scott and his pals Al
      and Benji are finally accepted into the "Wilderness Wanderers," a guided
      one-week hike into the Colorado Rockies. The boys had taken classes on
      survival and had to pass a strict test to be certified and enable them to go
      on the hike.

      Their excitement knows no bounds, but practical Scott helps keep his buddies
      in line by reminding them about all they've learned, even going so far as to
      have a 'trial run' at his home before they head out. Convinced they're fully
      prepared, they load up into Scott's family 4-wheel-drive SUV and head for
      the mountains.

      The boys take an instant liking to their guides John and Brian and their
      first day and night on the trail is a breeze. On the second day, the boys
      found themselves at the end of the line. Brian deserts them momentarily and
      when Benji spots a deer they leave the path and get separated from their
      hiking group. A dense fog envelops them and they lose the trail, taking a
      wrong turn at a fork in the road. Their adventures begin.

      An encounter with a grizzly, a dangerous rickety suspension bridge over a
      bottomless gorge, a cabin filled with terrorists, and a near miss from a
      plunge over a sheer cliff, where the boys had been sitting on a rock taking
      turns to keep watch during the night, all contribute to another great read
      from Max Elliot Anderson.

      Though the three boys broke the rules by leaving the trail, they quickly
      remember all the rest of their survival training and show unique ingenuity
      as they face the challenges confronting them as they try to find their way
      back to the group � even though it looks more and more hopeless.

      I admire the way Max writes. Though these books are aimed at the Tweener
      bunch (boys 8-13) he writes in such a way that adults, like me, can really
      enjoy the story, too. Max doesn't "write down" to this age group. There is
      no condescension, no attempt to make this an 'easy' read. Yet is flows well
      and the pages get turned in rapid succession. I strongly urge you to get
      Mountain Cabin Mystery, the fourth book from Max Elliot Anderson. Another
      great job, Max. Congratulations.

      Peggy Phifer

      Editor, Wordsmith Shoppe Weekly

      readers and reviewers to Tom Sawyer, The Hardy Boys, Huck Finn, Nancy Drew,
      Tom Swift, & Star Wars.


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