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Re: [Christian Fiction Writer] Re: New Writers Breaking In

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  • sandy jacque
    ThankYou,Tricia this was very nice I m going to keep your e-mail to read over and over. Steve Trower wrote:All good advice
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 22 3:09 PM
      ThankYou,Tricia this was very nice I'm going to keep your e-mail to read over and over.

      Steve Trower <steve.trower@...> wrote:All good advice Tricia - to add a personal note, although I have felt
      for a long time that the Christian novel is what God has wanted me to
      finish (the fact that I finished is proof, I think!) I haven't had
      any luck with publishers yet. But over the weekend I discovered that
      a non-Christian non-fiction article I wrote a couple of years ago
      made it into print this week... it's always encouraging to know
      someone in the business thinks you can write!


      --- In christianfictionwriter@yahoogroups.com, "Tricia Goyer"
      <FromDustandAshes@h...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I want to comment to new(er) writers about breaking into writing
      markets. Some have mentioned not wasting time with non-fiction pieces
      if you plan to write fiction. To a degree this makes sense, but I
      also know how helpful ANY writing assignment can be.
      > In my path to becoming a published novelist, I wrote hundreds of
      articles, Sunday School curriculum, a non-fiction family devotional
      (for Focus on the Family), Bible study notes (for the Women of Faith
      Study Bible), and short fiction stories. This helped in many ways:
      > 1) People have come to know me for well-crafted writing.
      > 2) I've learned to work well with editors.
      > 3) I've made wonderful contacts (in all areas of publishing) who
      have helped in amazing ways as I market my novel.
      > 4) I've learned to write FAST.
      > 5) I've experienced God working through my words, and this has
      given me confidence to trust Him in all my writing.
      > 6) I've grown spiritually by writing about God's hand in my life
      and in the lives of others.
      > 7) I've learned to hone my words and choose them wisely.
      > 8) I've learned that God may ALSO want me to write in these other
      arenas and not to stick to only what I think I might enjoy writing.
      > Let me go into more details about these last two:
      > more on 7) When you write shorter pieces--such as articles or
      devotionals--your writing needs to be tight. You need to choose every
      word carefully. This has greatly helped me in all areas of writing,
      especially fiction. I've been told that my novel is "tight writing"
      and this, in part, is due to my work with shorter pieces.
      > more on 8) When I started writing I never dreamed of writing non-
      fiction articles or books, I only wanted to write fiction! Well, I'm
      currently under contract to write a non-fiction book for teen moms.
      This book is where my life experience and my writing skill will meet.
      And because I've been faithful in writing the smaller, non-fiction
      pieces that God has placed on my heart, I have no doubt God will also
      work through me for this project.
      > Finally, sometimes we need to let go of our writing dreams ... in
      order to see God's bigger dreams for us. In Experiencing God, Henry
      Blackaby says, "See what God's doing and join Him." I have done this,
      and I can say from experience that it's much easier jumping into the
      current of God's work, then trying to fight against the raging river
      of our own publishing desires.
      > When we see what God's doing, when we see what doors God is
      opening, and then jump into His current, an amazing thing happens. We
      realize His dreams are truly our dreams hidden where even we couldn't
      see them.
      > God knows us greater than even we know ourselves. He loves us
      completely. And sometimes we need to be willing to put our limited
      dreams aside in order to fully experience His plans and His dreams
      for our lives, our soul, and our writing.
      > Just some things to think about!
      > Tricia
      > Tricia Goyer
      > From Dust and Ashes (Moody Press)
      > www.thegoyers.com/dustandashes
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