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From: Beth Johnson Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 11:55 AM To: pilgrimstranger39@... Subject: ALCOHOL http://helpmeettohim.org/ Read here for an
Dec 5, 2013


Thank You, Beth Don Fox From: Beth Johnson Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 11:47 PM To: pilgrimstranger39@... Subject: PURPOSE OF EXAMPLES PURPOSE OF
Oct 1, 2013

Fwd: Sign the petition to overturn Roe v. Wade

Please join me in signing the petition and spreading the word. Imagine the lives saved each and every day if this pernicious law were overturned. ... From:
Don DeLong
Jan 16, 2012

Proof Of God: Messengership

I was skeptical about the existence of God, but no more now. List, The following post was edited. Poster, you need to familiarize yourself with the list rules
Jun 17, 2008

Re: Is God active?

Al, Thank you for your input. As with the original request, "What say you? Please provide detailed discussion with facts to support your position." Al is using
Don DeLong
Jun 3, 2008

Re: Is God active?

Yes He is. -Al Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T ... From: "Don DeLong III" Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 11:09:16
Jun 3, 2008

Re: Is God active?

List, I am hopeing that the silence on this issue is NOT due to ignorance concerning the answer to the question posted. Maybe no one saw the question the first
Don DeLong III
Jun 3, 2008

Is God active?

List, In order to attempt (once again) to stir some discussion on this list, I ask this question. Is God active today? The deist would say no, that God created
Don DeLong III
May 25, 2008

Unity, from God or Man? (2008 Contending for the Faith Lectures)

List, The 2008 Spring Church of Christ Contending for the Faith Lectures began today in Spring, TX. The lectures may be viewed live and they are being archived
Don DeLong III
Feb 24, 2008

Re: Cremo Thompson and Faber

Don, That is correct, but it was Cambridge that made such acceptable and it is everywhere including the 'unChristian colleges! Keith Sisman
Keith Sisman
Jan 19, 2008

Re: Cremo Thompson and Faber

Brother Sisman, Thank you again for this fine information. Unfortunately, such indoctrination is in no way limited to just Cambridge University but is rampant
Jan 19, 2008

Re: Cremo Thompson and Faber

Brethren, In Cambridge, England during the mid 1800s a small but decided vehement group of men changed the way science influences history and according
Keith Sisman
Jan 19, 2008

Re: Cremo Thompson and Faber

List, I asked Keith to place this information on this list and though it does not deal with the subject of Christian Evidences, per se, it does show how
Jan 19, 2008

Cremo Thompson and Faber

Dear brethren, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson are Hindu creationists who attempt to harmonize science with their sacred Vedic scriptures such as the
Keith Sisman
Jan 19, 2008

Re: Morality and evidence of God

Wayne, and Don, First, to Don, I apologize for not having deleted the previous posted information in my posts. Now to Wayne, Yes indeed you have got it me dear
Daniel coe
Dec 4, 2007
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