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Re: Reflections on good and evil

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  • marshd1000
    Hello Lorenzo, This is Marshall, the founder of Christian Chromedomes. I just want to lay down some guidelines in terms of long Bible lessons or lessons on
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2003
      Hello Lorenzo,

      This is Marshall, the founder of Christian Chromedomes. I just want
      to lay down some guidelines in terms of long Bible lessons or lessons
      on spiritual matters here. Please, limit such postings to one per
      week. I want to say up front that I encourage people to share about
      the Lord here. While this is a place where good clean fun can be
      had, I do want to see Christ uplifted here. I desire to see people
      challenged and encouraged here. I don't want to censor people here
      or kick them out of this group. But I am setting up this guideline
      here to give people a chance to share their lessons and experiences
      here. But I don't want it to be burdensome. We had some trouble
      with another individual here in that regard. When he was asked
      nicely to not do so many lessons in a row here, he claimed
      persecution here. That is the last thing I want to have happen to
      anyone. So if you (or anyone else here) can live within these
      guidelines, then you are welcome to post your "flashes" here. If
      anyone violates these guidelines, they will be removed from the

      In Christ,

      --- In christianchromedomes@yahoogroups.com, "cresciniusafive
      <coschiera@l...>" <coschiera@l...> wrote:
      > My name is Lorenzo Crescini and I'm Italian. These "Flashes on
      > and evil" reflect the same mood characterizing the Flashes on the
      > Holy Gospels and Turin's Holy Shroud I wrote in Africa: making
      > myself useful to our Lord Jesus Christ.
      > Of course there will be those who will accuse me of "spamming".
      > an accusation does not surprise me as it comes from the spiritual
      > force of evil. As a matter of fact, how can one accuse
      > of "spamming" one who makes Apology to the name of Christ and not
      > his, leaving the reader free to read or not to read what's written
      > in them?
      > I will start by quoting the best Prayer to Jesus I've ever read.
      > At the very beginning some reflections concern the devil one.
      > I thank all those who will read me, write to me, will ask for an
      > explanation and those who will be able and willing to advertise
      > they read by Web, the press or however they like.
      > I am confident that the last of my Reflections containing a few
      > lined short account of my life, will be devoted to all of us who
      > are proud of the Lord.
      > Web site
      > http://digilander.libero.it/crescinitre
      > personal e-mail for communications
      > flashesgospels@l...
      > Best regards
      > Here are three Reflections as an example
      > 24) One cannot or mustn't say to those who are ill and
      > suffering: " That's God who puts you to the test". In this way we
      > would offend The God of Endless Love who cannot wish our suffering.
      > One needs say to those who suffer: " God's Son himself suffered
      > because of evil, but you will also resurrect with Him, as He did".
      > That is the truth and only the truth can give one who suffers the
      > Hope which won't let him fall into that despair the devil one wants
      > to seize his soul and conscience! Saying: "it's God who puts you to
      > the test" gives a suffering man the same relief a learned lecture
      > food chemistry gives a starving one.
      > 29) We can give or take from God, Creator of all things,
      > nothing, except for two things: we can take from Him Honour by
      > offending Him with our refusal, we can give Him our love, by
      > accepting Him in our heart! With what insolence might we wish or
      > boast His Light one day, we, if we had denied Him all life long,
      > being able to believe Him and not doing that?
      > 38) There are many Evangelic miracles showing the spontaneity of
      > a memory, neither built nor adapted, which nevertheless is engraved
      > in the memory of those who were present to the event. It is from
      > conveyed small details that the truth of the memory of a lived and
      > handed down episode transpires.
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