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Re: response...Wow. what crime is he alleged to have done. SBS?

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  • dyoung@pris.ca
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      Hi, Gary,

      This man has used his time in jail, to improve this Planet Earth.  What a good man.

      I think all his work can be saved and put to the birth procedures, as the first instance of the start of a weaker child, then the vaccinations are the second offense.  We too, do not have informed consent of safer options, revival of all infants on the untied cord.  He does not know that up to 60% of total blood volume may be deprived selected infants, then revived, but may be damaged and destroyed infants the rest of their lives.

      This man may not know that autism is also in children known not to be vaccinated, and those who do this, no vaccination, yet have autistic children.  He does not know of early cord clamping, can you educate him with some of the past published books by MV?

      I will take the time to write and thank him personally for his efforts in trying to expose truth.  Is his situation similar to the Alan Yurko case, where Alan was said to have shaken his baby, and went to jail. And his wife had given their infant son, 6 injections, by the suggestion of the medical know-it-all....injections are good for babies, who were yet able to be tested yet anemic, and were known premature, and to do six (6) diseases injected into their blood stream at one time.  What was the mother thinking about, or just not thinking at all.  Then Alan is doiing the baby-sitting when the child likely goes into a diabetic coma, and the rest of the story is, he is injected with blood thinners and dies at the hands of the hospital care aids.  The baby's organs sought after, a plea bargaining takes place, and the wife agrees to give up "some" organs, and she does not go to jail, or stand at a trial.  What sound reasoning person injects their known premature child, at two months, with six injections, and some likely to have been adult size.

      It makes we want to puke, of the Alan Yurko case.  Maybe he wasn't a perfect human being, had trouble with the law, and maybe, just maybe him and his wife were also victims, and weaker citizens, by what happened to them, at their birth too.

      Instant cord clamping and any early cord clamping is yet the volunteer choice of the medical aid persons, doctors, midwives, surgeons, medics, police, and firement.  All can delay the tying and not do operative procedures at all.  So I believe the lack of common sense is deliberate choice of action, whose baby is being caused to be weaker.

      We can't rule out the evil minds of man, and to follow and not report evil teachings, and the societies that are behind them.  The societies that know the benefits of seeking human blood for whatever reasons, to waste or to practically use.  There is profits to having some of society weaker, they create the health costs to sore and the special education classes, special schools, special group homes.  When society follows truth, and not lies, what would our society be like?  Maybe dull, if we all behaved ourselves.  So is evil being allowed for the spice of life?  It makes me wanna puke, if that is the reason of evil and the teachings of it, and the silence to it, by professional status groups.

      The duty is to report, again and again, until the truth is a reality.  We must never give up.  We must organize so the organization lives forever.  So I need yet four persons to allow Universal Truths, Inc, non-profit to get going.  Choose your cause, and send your Affidavit, subject to the laws of perjury, and state the Exhibit, and attach it to the Affidavit, stating the Affidavit may be used anywhere, on Planet Earth, for the cause of truth. And that the Courts determine any penalty deemed just. 

      God allows Man to go to the Courts for judgment, does he not.  This is then civilized means of getting all sides of the story out in the public.  Jesus had a fake trial, not in normal hours, not really public, it was an illegal court, not honest, not just.  Jesus was found innocent, by Roman laws, he committed no crime, then the Judge allowed the Jews to have their say, they said, to their laws, he had committed a crime, their say-so; so a choice was given to the Jews, who should the Judge release?  They asked for a judged criminal, who was condemned to die on the cross, for his release. 

      Jesus died in his place.  Jesus, then in truth, died for the sins of sinners, and two others were dying with him, condemned and judge sinners.  So he died an innocent man for the sins of others.  He truly, if the facts are the truth, was the Lamb of God to spread his blood for the sins of others.  This was a one-time, and lambs, the children of the nations, are not to shed their blood or give it to the sins, or disease of others, ever.  They are not adults.  Jesus was not a child when he died, but a full grown adult.  He was aware of his fate and did not run away from it.

      Quoting pearblossominc@...:

      > Dear Donna,
      > Kent R. Holcomb (#91014) is a prison inmate who has dedicated his 
      > life to medico-legal analyses and who has helped numerous parents 
      > falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome.? Thus, he has no fax number 
      > or phone number--at least outside contact in this format is not 
      > realistic.? However, you may choose to write to him if you wish as 
      > his contact address is provided.? I don't believe an inmate can 
      > serve on a corporation board???
      > Here is his address:
      > Kent R. Holcomb, #91014
      > Medical Legal Advocate
      > A.S.P.C. Tucson
      > Unit Manzanita 2B9L
      > P.O. Box 24401
      > Tucson, AZ 85734
      > Unfortunately, in the past, Todd?has not expressed a willingness 
      > to?cooperate with anyone involved in the Forum article; although I 
      > would like to resolve the matter--the best I can do in the absence 
      > of Todd's cooperation and in the face of his allegations,?is to 
      > simply delete the material from our archives.
      > Even if no one sues anyone else, I feel the damage is already done. 
      > We have already?given?Todd every possible opportunity to rectify the 
      > situation to his satisfaction by allowing him to adjust/correct/edit 
      > the material to a format that would be acceptable to him.? All he 
      > had to do was make the changes and provide us with a Final Proof 
      > Copy with his modificiations.? He had the complete freedom to 
      > perform the edits he felt necessary so that in his mind there were 
      > no deficiencies.? While his writing is prolific in many areas, he 
      > was not agreeable to make any changes.
      > Sincerely,
      > Gary
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      > Sent: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 9:19 am
      > Subject: May I suggest this article also go to ICC International 
      > Criminal Court - WHO, United Nations for their review and 
      > recommendations.
      > Gary, and to Whom it May Concern:? Action requires those with 
      > acquired skills and knowledge to report, one and all, individually 
      > or as an organized group, or society.?
      > First I note, Kent R. Holcomb, #91014 is not giving a telephone or 
      > fax or email.? Does he not want a response to his article.? Hope 
      > so.?? Please send him my thoughts, on Duty to Report.?
      > Share I wish to know:? Would he join, and be a Charter Member of 
      > "Universal Truths, Inc"? The requirement of membership is at least 
      > "one" (1) Affidavit, identifying another society, or Corporation of 
      > Crimes against Humanity, with attached Exhibits of the references to 
      > that opinion.? Then UTI, would take the necessary action and in the 
      > appropriate location.
      > Would he accept to be a member of my Board, Chair of Ethics, 

      > Medicine, and Law, as one division of this non-profit society, to 
      > start up Chapters, per city, State, Province, or Territory, world 
      > wide.?
      > I have offered membership to start such a
      Society, "Universal Truth, 
      > Inc."? It is open ton any falsehood taught or upheld by any other 
      > organization.? Universal Truth, Inc. would step forward by the 
      > Affidavit, Sworn Subject to the laws of perjury, with evidence 
      > attached as Exhibits, seeking a criminal hearing, and a trial 
      > allowed by the approval of the Court, where the Affidavit is 
      > submitted.? That may be an International Criminal Court for crimes 
      > against humanity, anywhere, on planet earth, of any age, of any sex, 
      > of any faith, of any religion, or belief, against any marital 
      > status, any mental or physcial disadvantage.? Those are what Planet 
      > Earth's people ought to defend and step out for actions.? WE cannot 
      > allow any longer, Corporations to organized and do any one person, 
      > harm and for whoring causes, profits.? It may be that simple of our 
      > duties, so directed, and so ordered by God's Golden Rule...do all 
      > decently and in order.?
      > Laws that do no harm:? It is not using the element of surprise on 
      > the innocent, those that make no wars against others, the minors.? 
      > That is not terrorism; that is not slander or libel.? How do we 
      > report a crime against the innocent, the blameless:? First, I do not 
      > say any adult planning a family, or the mother giving birth may be 
      > considered blameless in today's age.? This is because internet and 
      > textbooks allow knowledge that they can freely seek, if they take 
      > the time to do so.? That is also a duty of all young persons, who 
      > hope to b e parents some day.? So parenthood, does not necessarily 
      > make blind trust in the doctor, or midwife, or other giving aid, 
      > blameless.? Some guilt is their equal to the father and mother if 
      > they did not stop child endangering to the fetus.? The degree of 
      > their guilt or the fine, is a percentage judged by the Court, how 
      > much to they pay back to society.
      > That is using the societies's Federal or local community law court, 
      > is legal. ?In the court, all?are supposed to be?equal, for all sides 
      > to be heard.?
      > If we believe in a?God or?Creator, He? (maybe a She), this God does 
      > not block the use of Judges.? GOD may mean Grand Omni Designer.? God 
      > may hold us all accountable, if we are actually "whoring" fearing to 
      > do our own duty by acquired knowledged and acquired skills and a 
      > duty to report..?
      > No discrimination of equal judgment, regardless of status in the 
      > community.? God allows Kings, Queens, and now Presidents (elected) 
      > or Dictators, ?to be Judged.?And this is by the people of the land, 
      > or area.?
      > ?And the consequences of the trial that are to be public, means 
      > consequences. The Court allows the method of means to?discipline.? 
      > Yes, men and women may convict by lies the innocent.? The truth will 
      > be revealed, eventually.? Compensation then may be ordered, the 
      > powers to make compensation.? What this all means is that judgment 
      > is?equally to the common folk, and to the?powerful.? ?None then are 
      > above the law.?
      > Whoring for position security or for implied profits.? Whoring is 
      > being alleged to many issues, but mainly it is to one's God, not 
      > being faithful.? It is also being a sinner to the human race, and 
      > our duty of protection of all creatures on Planet Earth.? We may all 
      > fit in the description of whoring.? Being a sinner, may apply to us 
      > all, equally, if we remain silent.? This applies to elected 
      > Senators, who may become silent if they?have become stakeholders in 
      > private agencies that make money on an issue that the product they 
      > sell, has been received under false pretenses.? That may be the 
      > issue of human tissue, namely:? Blood.? Many medical groups separate 
      > the whole blood, and sell each component of blood for profits.? They 
      > have made their own policies, none is safe to whom they may seek 
      > this connective tissue from, babies.? The babies are the innocent, 
      > they are the tru victims.? The parents?of each child, being at the 
      > risk of exploitation, cannot, today, state they could not ha
      >  ve known better.? That may include me, if I ignored warnings of 
      > unsafe medical policies.? I did not ignore warnings. I took warnings 
      > seriously, and avoided a needle in the spine.? All other things were 
      > done to me, of no informed consent.?
      > Duty to report:? At the time?or when we have acquired truth, based 
      > in good science and medical laws, do no harm,? based on what is 
      > visual, testable, measuravle, and reportable -that is the time and 
      > the duty to?report an alleged medical false policy, yet going on.? I 
      > did my duty, with the evidence of fact.? First duty of report, to 
      > the RCMP, was in Kamloops.? I have the facts in filing, but the 
      > report is believed to have been signed, and witnessed, in a full 
      > report of over 30 pages.? The date is either year 2001 or 2002.? I 
      > was not supported by the police who did not act on any investigation 
      > at the local hospital in Kamloops, nor referred it for a Nation Wide 
      > Investigation.? Other areas were so reported of offense to the minor 
      > going on in larger centers in BC (Vancouver); and in other Provinces 
      > of Canada.? All MLAs and MP's in Canada, since 1998 were contacted.? 
      > They did not see or know their duty to investigate the allegations 
      > of weakened babies, and higher medical costs and
      >  higher education costs, imposed on society at large.? Nor did they 
      > want to investigate the death of any one baby who was a victim or 
      > alleged to be so, of early cord clamping.? Reported was one child's 
      > death, October 8, 2000 in Dawson Creek.? The excuse to not 
      > investigate was the pollicy of SOGC, approved with acceptance to do 
      > early cord clamping, routinely, Policy #89, May 2000.? Selected to 
      > be early clamped was an premature child.? Premature children may be 
      > a the higher risk, seeking the alleged stem cells, acknowledged by 
      > Judith S. Mercer, the premature have the greatest quality and 
      > quanity of stem cells.? Money is paid to the collector of the whole 
      > blood.? Money is paid to the private or public insitution that sens 
      > in whole blood for the alleged extraction of stem cells.? The 
      > governments have ignored the weakening of any one child, revived, at 
      > a higher costs.? The government has ignored the deaths of any 
      > infant, born into the hands of certified medical experts who were th
      >  e victims of early cord clamping.? All is an alleged criminal cover-
      > up, known to the medial groups and institutions, a conspiracy of silence.
      > This Dr. Todd Gastaldo has laabelled whoring for individual reasons 
      > of this silence of harmful trends, and how long ago they began, as 
      > to whoring of medical research, to justify, the secrets of harm and 
      > the practical motive they continue, seeking human blood.? Each 
      > publication that created fear factors, and early clamping and the 
      > use of drugs that are related to early clamping are subject to an 
      > investigation, if they did not also state, "Not to be taken as a 
      > standard of care."? That applies to harmful birth positions, as 
      > well, and the use of vaccinations with known larger metal molecules 
      > in them, Mercury, in any form, for one example.? And this Mercury, 
      > in any form, is an alleged poison.
      > Gary, Please share my on-going concerns and with others,? with your 
      > Board, as a duty to report anything of false teaching, policy, 
      > protocol, procedure, or current harmful trends. Their duty is to 
      > seek a witness?protection contract with all USA States, to Testify, 
      > they were taught false teachings, as medical students, where, and by 
      > whom.? This is to identify each University or each?training Hospital 
      > where they did internship, as well.
      > This applies to nurses, as well, who were likely to be called to 
      > assist in the maternity ward.?
      > Facts of good science, medicine, and the laws of the?nation, duty to report:
      > The duty of the professional, certified as such,? is according to 
      > what may be known as testable, measurable, and visual, thus, adding 
      > duty to report a criminal offense.? That this is going, not over 
      > there, but locally, to our own area we live in.? That involves the 
      > community in general, knowing we are in some danger by the medical 
      > organizations or groups governing over local policies at the local 
      > health units, or hospitals, public, or private.??
      > To be a Whore, means we?fear some unkind thoughts by those doing the 
      > false?medical care, so Dr. Todd Gastaldo, has to show he is not a 
      > Whore, that he complained, to his own Local Health Unit as to 
      > prenatal teachings, leaving out false birth positions, use of 
      > morphine risks, and oxytocin, and early clamping, and injections of 
      > stuff into the newborn baby.? So if Dr. Todd Gastaldo did not so 
      > report, in a signed letter, giving his telephone number, fax, and 
      > address for a response, I allege he is, equally, whoring.? Shame on 
      > him, for his judgment on others.? IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT.
      > Again, the?duty to report is for action against organized groups, 
      > private or public funded. The societies, colleges, associations, 
      > corporations, companies, do not go to jail.? They are fined. It is a 
      > start to get a criminal conviction of willful blindness of what was 
      > visual, testable, measurable, and a reportable endangering to the 
      > innocent:? Babies, minors, ALL THOSE UNDER A LEGAL AGE OF 
      > ACCOUNTABILITY.? There is no good excuse to any of us, as an Adult.? 
      > We can fear entering this stage of accountability, one and all.? I 
      > wish I could be a minor, or a teenager, under the age of 
      > accountability, again, ?innocent of accusations, eh.? Those happy 
      > days are behind me.? I press on as to my duties as an adult.? So 
      > maybe others can alleged negligence to my name, or my reputation.? 
      > We are vulnerable if we enter on our chosen battlefields.? NO one 
      > ordered me to do birth research.? It was?? burden on my heart.? 
      > Perhaps, so, for what I did not find out, before I became pregnant, 
      > and befor
      >  e I delivered my babies, in trust to the doctors.? Is the guilt all 
      > mine?? Maybe so.? Or is the guilt greater to those who are the 
      > experts, with certification to their names, and licensed.? Who had 
      > the greater duty of one standard of care:? do no harm.
      > Subject:? Kent R. Holcomb, #91014, Medical Legal Advocate, A.S..P.C. 
      > Tucson, Unite Manzanita 2B9L, P. O. Box 24401, Tucson, AZ 85734
      > RE:? If this man has a belief in God, I say Amen to his article, 
      > published in Medical Truths, and to your letter of this content.
      > Recommendations:? A letter be sent on my article, to whom that 
      > person has authority to call an Public Inquiry.? The duty is to 
      > follow up of that Public Inquiry, for criminal charges of crimes 
      > against humanity by the expert groups who did know better or were 
      > part to cover up.? I suggest a letter go to Sommers and Roth, 
      > Ontario Law firm, that they failed to have investigated early cord 
      > clamping, suspected, or actually alleged in these three case laws:? 
      > Chow; Ing, and Crawford.? I approached them, and they ignored my 
      > request, that even after millions?of dollars paid in civil damages, 
      > the duty was yet for criminal disciplinary actions.? As Justice 
      > Officers, they ignored this duty or suggestion, as being part of 
      > their duty to report unnecessary damaged to these children.? All 
      > three were destroyed children.? The Ing boy died at the age of 17.?
      > Recommendations:? Gary, as editor of Medical Truths,?review ?the 
      > first Forum on Birth, to republish the articles, under each and our 
      > own name.? As none of us co-authored the other's personal birth 
      > experience.? But this having all three to the birth forum has 
      > brought libel and slander to my own article.? There must be an 
      > agreement, no one is suing the other, in a release from Todd, he is 
      > not suing you, your are not suing him; I am not suing any one 
      > regarding this first forum.? Just correct we are individuals, 
      > sharing our own birth experience.? Add to my own revferences, and 
      > the date, this reference to Todd's personal correspondence to me, 
      > that he takes personal responsibility for, consenting I put his 
      > views up at
      > http://www.lotusbirth.com/doc/FEB2003Lotusbirth-321.htm
      > It shows that I was yet confused what closing the birth canal up to 
      > 30 percent more.? As I had an episotomy.? I was cut, no informed 
      > consent.? No warning.? Never told I could birth in a low wide bed, 
      > on my side, or squatting position.? What Todd was saying 30 % 
      > closure of my birth canal was not clear to me, at that time.
      > What I thought:? As to Todd's now warning, too late for me, I 

      > thought the 30% closing?was then due the Doctor or nurses involved 
      > in after birth care, were?sewing up my vagina, unnaturally.? The 
      />> doctor had cut me,?an?intentional cut, whether it was needed or 
      > not.?? If the sewing up was 30% closure, I was in the threat?that 
      > any?future births?would b e that much?more difficult and painful for 
      > me.??
      > ?That is how I came to think the doctors were sewing us up 
      > unnaturally so.? It was not Todd's idea, nor did he even known how I 
      > was reasoning.? It was by personal experience, a victim of a vaginal 
      > birth to be an operative procedure.? That happened to my mother.? 
      > That did not happen to my Grandmother, who had a natural birth for 
      > my mother, June 25, 1913, the first born of ten children.? My father 
      > was also a rural birth, and the care likely was natural, and that 
      > both my parents, living today, demonstrate they came into this world 
      > allowed all their blood going into their expanding lungs, so have 
      > lived for 94 and 95 years; and have been married, over 70 years.?
      > that three women agreed to their each and separate birth 
      > experiences, none of us had true informed consent of safer options.? 
      > None of us had forewarning in prenatal classes or to any 8 or 9 
      > months of monthly visits with our private doctors.? None of us had 
      > truth taught in the public or private schools from K-12. None of us 
      > had support or a witness of the care of our babies, and their 
      > umbilical cords, when they were clamped, hand-squeezed off, or tied 
      > off.? We birth, as many women yet birth today, in ignorance, and 
      > that is true of our Spouses, too.? The false teachings are concealed 
      > by organized private medical groups.?
      > No disrespest to your personal belief, "let God do it all in His 
      > time."? The writer of this article, has stated man's ability to 
      > reason and to go into Action. What is the action?? It is to use any 
      > NATION'S who declare to operate on the democracy system, to use 
      > their?access to all Courts.?
      > This article identifies one of the courts to be used, and to take an 
      > Injunction.? He names?the Federal Court which rules over all 
      > States.? He is stating?civil action only, that can be drawn out to 
      > long after the?victims have died, by?Appeals.? (One example, if you 
      > look at the infant birth damaged, Sommers and Roth, this child 
      > won?$10 million dollars in her?first trial.? But by civil, only, 
      > taken, it was appeal and dealyed, hoping she would die shortly of 
      > those birth injuries.? She lived, and at the age of 21 years old, 
      > she then gained her $10 million dollars.? What was subtracted 
      > was?some portion of her care provided by the Province of Ontario's 
      > Health Care sharing in her care for 21 years).? But had the issue 
      > gone first criminal, there would have been no delay in granting this 
      > child her first civil award of $10 million dollars.?
      > To leave out criminal actions, means that the World is Whoring, to 
      > borrow from that idea from Dr. Todd Gastaldo.? He includes me in his 
      > definition.? Maybe because he thought I had some magical powers over 
      > you, and others, and in particular, Dr. Morley.? I have the least 
      > powers, for I am the least educated.? I only have the socities' 
      > title of?Wife, Mother and Grandmother.? My education is outside of 
      > medical certicaters, only in Office Administration and work 
      > experience in Sales, and now in tax consulting.??Interest in 
      > nutrition and babies are acquiared skills?and these I share?thinking 
      > that sharing will benefit others, some day.? But few persons listen 
      > to women, let alone those with only a socities titles?as now X-wife 
      > (divorced was imposed on me - likely because I was not as 
      > submissive, obedient to man (not God) ?and silence as some Christian 
      > faiths order women to be); ?Mother can't be taken away, nor can my 
      > current position, Grand Mother.?
      > I see the duty of publishers, of all medical journals to recommend 
      > criminal actions, Injunctions on false reports, that are whoring to 
      > profits.? This is what the World, is doing, whoring to the business 
      > profits, of the powers that be.?
      > Sure, us with dignities, positions in the church and the State, do 
      > not want to be included as whoring to another's social status, or 
      > education or elected or appointed position, but if the shoe fits, in 
      > the past, and the present, and the future, we have to wear that 
      > shoe, if it fits us.? Change shoes, change our position.? That means 
      > swing into Action.
      > What I suggest is apologies to where we have failed the most 
      > vulnerable, the fetus, the citizen-baby, being born (In Canada?a 
      > fetus being born, anywhere, is deemed a full citizen's right to 
      > security and equal protection); and the citizen-baby born into the 
      > hands of his natural parents, or any other person giving aid.? The 
      > duty to the child is do no harm.? That has been taken to do no harm 
      > to the medical persons, alleging falsely, that they have had 
      > immunity to criminal actions if they followed their own groups 
      > policy on birth aid.? NOT so.? This is because a private agency's 
      > protocol, policy, procedure, including their bulletins, and 
      > publications, are all subject to the laws of the Nation, and to 
      > International Laws.?
      > If those policies were based on a bias of organized collusion of 
      > paid-for-medical research, adding confusion, faking reasons of doing 
      > false teaching, fear factors, all involved in leading the medical 
      > sciences into a false confusion of what do no harm or the risk 
      > taking, must be included as aiding and abetting false teachings.? So 
      > many medical journals, that printed a Professional's point of view, 
      > and did not add, and I say, on every page, "Not to be take as a 
      > standard of care" may have shared directly or indirectly, to causing 
      > an infant to be subjected to bodily harm (battery) or the risk of it 
      > (assault).?
      > So many well meaning persons, who have not used criminal actions, or 
      > taken the effort to put those beliefs and allegations into their 
      > local area, for police investigation, may well wear the shoe, with 
      > disgrace, of whoring.
      > Todd has not see my emails, and my faxes, to know I reported, in 
      > signed lettes, personal communication, making myself vulnerable, as 
      > having no licensed to make the allegations I was making.? I made 
      > them in Good Faith by now many years of a studied position.? In all 
      > my efforts I acted to those powers to be to do something.? And they 
      > would not.? They mockied me, having no degree.? The impunation was I 
      > was not one of their members so they could ignore my research, even 
      > if I was sending them my references.? It was who I was, a member of 
      > the common group.? They do not take allegations of harmful trends 
      > for investigation from the common folk, let alone if I am Woman.? 
      > That is what has happened to all my research, that I wonder, should 
      > I put a match to it.? Are the letters to the upper crust of society, 
      > worthless.? Do they have some value, as emails, too, to all levels 
      > of police, political leaders, who ignored their means to conduct a 
      > Public Inquiry, or investigation, even a telepho
      >  ne call to the Licensing and Education Board of the private medical 
      > groups.? These groups in Canada, dip their hands for fees for their 
      > services into the Public Medical Services Plan of BC, and all across 
      > Canada.
      > They have liaisons between each teaching hospital and all 
      > Universities with Science of Medicine.? They had means to reach Dean 
      > of Law, Medicine and Ethics.? They made no effort, that I am aware 
      > of.? They just said go here, go there, and did no follow up, of 
      > their own.? Every level of Government all across Canada, was made, 
      > and to my local area, and I am included in Todd's damnation, called 
      > a Whore.? Yes, it is disgusting to wear that label of shame.? It is 
      > demeaning.? It is hurtful.? He gives it to me, over the first forum, 
      > claiming I had participated, and co-authored your unsigned 
      > introduction, the Abstract to the first Forum; and that I 
      > co-authored Lisa's article, or that I co-authored Kathy's article.? 
      > Each of us wrote our own article, but by your own decision, to 
      > include all three of on the title, a mistake of your own, I wear the 
      > title, of Whore.? It is shameful.?
      > Correcting mistakes.? It takes courage..? The article must have only 
      > the writers name to what we only contributed of our own birth 
      > experience.? You title your introduction to your own research and 
      > interest in birth.? Kathy is all on her own, if she owes Todd any 
      > apology, I have had nothing to do with her past actions or 
      > reaction's to Todd.? If Lisa had a bad experience between herself 
      > and Todd,? I had nothing to do with her personal communication or to 
      > Todd's shameful response to her reactions.? I cannot control Todd's 
      > labelling, as hurtful as they may be, to individuals, or to 
      > societies..? He was disciplined for attacking a lawyer, calling him 
      > more or less a thief.? What was Todd means of having an Independent 
      > Audit of the Book to obtain any evidence, that would stand up in the 
      > Court of Law, this allegations was the truth.? Then he would not 
      > have had to pay a Slap Suite of $25,000.00 or quickly apoligized for 
      > what he wrote.?
      > Todd has said, he will not sue you, so if you are not suing him, 
      > then the Forum can be corrected, each under our own name, and stated 
      > if anything is changed to the first publication, as Revised.?
      > And in summary, I agree with this Writer's opinion, legal action, 
      > Federal, plus International, must be taken against corporations, for 
      > a criminal action, then comes along punitive damages, of all victims 
      > of false or bad medical practices, or misuse of science to gain 
      > financial gains to Research Grants (Judith S. Mercer for example 
      > used funding likely that came from taxpayers, as well as a private 
      > source to impose only 30-second clamping, while closing a blind eye, 
      > also to instant cord clamping; while not sharing of no clamping to 
      > any baby, regardless of size, age (premature child), race, color 
      > (blood type) or marital status of the parents, or to mental or 
      > physical disadvantages.? Should Judith S. Mercer's research and 
      > those in on it with her, be included in the Criminal Court 
      > investigation?? Yes, Absolutely.?
      > Should Dr. Morley be investigated for when he was an instructor of 
      > students, and imposed finger-squeeing be investigated likely where, 
      > and likely the time period, absolutely.? That is a police matter of 
      > his own State, or past States he lived in.
      > What can both Dr. Morley and Nurse (Ph.D) Judith S. Mercer do?? In 
      > my opinion, for what it is worth, they can ask for immunity, to give 
      > testimony, and against their own corporations, society, or 
      > asscoations, or colleges that promoted seeking blood from babies, 
      > weakening them, knowing that they sent home testable anemic babies, 
      > alive, but may suffer of learning and behavior problems sometime in 
      > the future.? And, aslo be testable of yet an anemic condition ( 
      > Facts know, months later, early clamped infants were yet anemic are 
      > to the 1998 SOGC policy, believe to be #71, December).? They 
      > canidentify, by immunity for their personal testimony, secured in 
      > written form, that the evidence of weaken infants, early clamped, 
      > was for the seeking of the placenta, to take its blood and 
      > practically use it.? And that they could know or ought to know that 
      > the hospitals private or public lab, sought the blood for 
      > experiments. They had to know the placenta were drained or syringed 
      > out, into prepa
      >  red collection tubes, or plastic bags, with a non-blood clotting 
      > chemical, heparin, or Warfin, thins the blood.? They had to know 
      > that whole blood could be sent within 36 hours of normal 
      > temperature, anywhere in the world.? They had to know that the 
      > hospitals practically could use that blood, the Adminstration of the 
      > local hospitals called waste blood, surplus blood, residual blood, 
      > while not documentning how much total blood they obtained from the 
      > infant's own property, the cord and the placenta.
      > The intent of concealment not to document on the infant's own 
      > medical charts the amount of blood taken from his private property 
      > was not accidental.? The intent to use their own community health 
      > policy to not to do so, must be questioned, as a cover-up, of which 
      > I assert that it was a collusion of silence how the local hospitals 
      > obtained human tissues, useful, and resold, to cover local costs.? 
      > But in doing so, was not to be reported, how long ago, hospitals' 
      > Administration were in on it.? That was approving their head doctor 
      > to give the directions to all doctors doing birth deliveries.?
      > Testable, measurable, visual, and a reportable offense of 
      > endangering the baby or babies:
      > Testing:? Forensic testing of drugs in the baby's placenta and in 
      > the baby's own blood in his/her body:? The hospitals gained in 
      > higher operating billings the use of drugs.? Drugs were not to be 
      > shared how they all crossed the placenta.? That is testable after 
      > the baby is born, to Forensic testing, knowing the DNA features of 
      > the chemicals used, all identifiable by the proper testing skills of 
      > those working in forensic testing of chemicals.?
      > The means of testing of the infant to be weaker, was within hours of 
      > the baby's birth, of low red cell count, low white cell count, low 
      > platelet count, and dehydrated having low plasma fluid (the fastest 
      > of the fluids to be replaced within days), if the child is given 
      > assistance, fluids, or food through G-tubes, and placed in warm 
      > oxygen tents.? What may they both doas to any citizen, including the 
      > infants and minors to have their legal rights protected for the 
      > secutiy
      > Measurable of blood wrongfully deprived the infant, alleged a 
      > criminal offense:
      > The amount of the blood deprived the infant or infants (if a 

      > multiple birth) was measurable.? The Reference to charge Judith S. 
      > Mercer with knowingly doing a risk taking (endanger to a minor, 
      />> newborn infant), is to her own working manual:? The Lippincott 
      > Manual of Nursing Practice.? It is my own assumption the first, 
      > second editions, had this statement of fact:? "Up to 60 percent more 
      > blood goes into the infant (into their expanding lungs) if the 

      > umbilical cord is clamped after all pulsation ceases".? It may
      > found in the 7th edition, page 1161.? Judith S. Mercer and other 

      > medical aids, have no good excuse for early clamping on premature 
      > babies.? Judith has known of blood letting for any fear factors too 
      > much blood for the baby, if that proved to be a risk factor.? Judith 
      > and others, simply could not assume a medical problem of fear 
      />> factors, out side of testable or visual means for her to make a 
      > guess when any infant's cord ought to be hand-squeezed, clamped, or 
      > cut.? She a
      >  lso allowed the two groups to be mixed up, without correction.? So 
      > some babies instantly clamped, were put in the 30-second group who 
      > had died.? The clarification of mixing up deaths of babies, those in 
      > the 30-second group, who died were put in the instant clamping 
      > group.? The research was not competently done, or ethically done, or 
      > morally done, and is alleged to be a criminal crime of endangering a 
      > minor.?
      > Visual:? The means of seeing a weaker infant, yet needing revival 
      > was noted in her research. Al the premature children were sent, at 
      > added expense to society, to recovery.? There they would be given 
      > back oxygenated blood, and kept alive artificially, to week to live 
      > on their own, or breathing on their own, steadily.? Shame on Judith 
      > who whored for money, according to the definition of who is a whore 
      > for profits, or covering-up of their institutions seeking whole 
      > blood, and separating alleged placenta blood stem cells, and selling 
      > them for profits.? LifeBank, Inc, Burnaby BC, their manager, Mr. 
      > Stacy, told me personal, "Yes, the going rate of selling any 
      > collected unit of stem cells, is a payment of $30,000 USA dollars."? 
      > So we have a private cord blood bank's opinion of the value of 
      > separted, alleged stem cells.?? There is not available placenta 
      > blood stem cells on an educatgional slide, comparing it with other 
      > slides of the following:? mature red cells, which are very tiny,
      >  and if healthy (not sickle) are round and concave; the white cells 
      > that fight infection, the platelets that clot the blood, and the 
      > blood serum.? If there are not stem cells, as another part of the 
      > blood system, what are they.? Well, I have no private lab of blood 
      > experts to confirm this, but my study in Blood, in the 1970 World 
      > Book Encyclopedia and internet research brings me to think that the 
      > stem cells are the premature separation of the DNA nucleous of the 
      > immature red cell.? I have read that on the maturity of 7 days when 
      > the red cell goes into the blood stream this nucleous is discharged, 
      > and disintegrates.?
      > My theory, not confirmed by the blood experts, is that if the child 
      > is subjected to a fearful state of birth, prolonged by use of 
      > delaying drugs (morphine, otherwise, called Demerol), the baby may 
      > lack oxygen, and release premature cells, or to other chemicals, 
      > that suffocate the baby, of oxygen, if the placenta is pulled away 
      > from the womb, premature.? The abortion drug is used to start again 
      > labor, after the use of Demerol.? The mother's body is harmfully 
      > being manipulated by the use of unethical and immoral nurses, told 
      > to whore to the administration policy of the doctors, and the head 
      > doctor.? She injects the mother with oxytocin drugs.? Sometimes a 
      > mixtuyre of Demerol and Oxytocin are given in fluids of IV, alleged 
      > only to be a water saline solution to keep the mother from a state 
      > of dehydration, if the birtth is to be done in their maternity 
      > wards.? The baby in a state of fear is releasing immagture tiny red 
      > cells.? The nucleous is then sought from the larger red cells.
      >  ? They are being said to cure all diseases and become any other 
      > cell.? I do not believe that science concept.? Each part of our body 
      > has its own DNA stem cell.? Skin cells start from a cell, there for 
      > skin.? Bone is bone.? The DNA from the immature cell design is to 
      > disentegrate.? It is likely removed from the body by normal body 
      > waste.?
      > However, without more information, the red cell's nucleous,? may be 
      > recycled, too, like iron and some proteins are recycled.? That is 
      > why iron over-load becomes a threat to the bleeders, getting top ups 
      > of blood, if they lose any quantity of blood, or those getting more 
      > blood, once anemic from chemical treatments for cancer.?
      > So Gary, unless both man and women, with the titles, come forward, 
      > with a contract of immunity if they testify under a criminal charge 
      > to their organized groups, they may be implicated to stand trial, 
      > and for their failure to come forward in a timely manner.
      > Criminal courts allow for Accessories to a Crime, before and after the fact.
      > So please share my concerns to all members of your Board.? Does your 
      > Board want to back their members to testify against those teaching 
      > and leading others to wrongful science, medicine and research?? That 
      > involves FIGO, WHO, ACOG, SOGC, and a privagte publisher, MERCH.? 
      > Your publication is led by a man who fears God.? So apologies and 
      > corrections are within your means to correct. I think you can do 
      > that, and should.?
      > We cannot control Dr. Todd Gastaldo's freedom of speech.? He pays 
      > the price if he slanders and libels, as he has found out.? Is he 
      > correct to label me a Whore, for what was printed in the first Birth 
      > Forum?? Do you agree his accusation on me, to take down my article 
      > is fair?? If not please correct.? Please author that the duty of all 
      > medical persons, who have become better educated, they must sign an 
      > Affidavit, subject to the Laws of Perjury, their personal 
      > experience, belief, or research, what they have discovered, and 
      > known long ago, on the subject of birth, weakened babies are being 
      > caused to be so.? That this is a preventable occurence.? The duty is 
      > to offer the mothers and all of society the truth.? NO cord 
      > clamping, hand-squeezing, or tying off the umbilical cord, except 
      > for two visual reasons:
      > 1.? The baby was dropped, being slippery, and the receiver cathing 
      > the baby did not take reasonable prudence of that known fact, and 
      > the cord tore.? Tying the remainder of the cord may be essential, as 
      > to when that happened.? Giving back the baby's blood and oxygen may 
      > be determined when that happened.
      > 2.? The medical aid, accidentally put a knife into the cord or the 
      > placenta, for any reason, a c-section, placenta previa.? An 
      > investigation of negligence of the need of return oxygen and blood 
      > to the infant would be to determine if there was negligence of the 
      > surgeon or other aid person.
      > Thank you for reading, and your consideration that man and woman 
      > must do their duty, and report unnecessary risk taking to the fetus, 
      > the fetus being born, the new born's infants care after birth, and 
      > thereafter.? Vaccinations of a weakened infant to a child not likely 
      > being exposed to sexually transmitted disease (STD) like Hep B, is 
      > negligence.? Inserting a needle to do snopping of DNA or genetic 
      > information, is battery, if the child's family did not state they 
      > had problems that could be inherited warranty genetic snooping.? 
      > Taking a blood sample of the newborn baby by any insertion of a 
      > needle is risking contamination of the blood, and is not necessary 
      > for a healthy newborn child.
      > To continue the lies of organized medical groups on harmful flat on 
      > the back vaginal births, is criminal negligence of teaching.? Those 
      > allowing the false teaching of the bone positions of the tailbone 
      > are identifable.? That is by the experts of bones, the 
      > Chiropractors.? Dr. Todd Gastaldo, is himself Whoring, by failing to 
      > give evidence they attempted to silence is report of other medical 
      > groups, less skilled or aware like he became, to block this expert 
      > group are an accessory to a crime, failing to report false birth 
      > positions by ACOG, SOGC, the Licensing and Education Boards of all 
      > doctors, the Colleges of Physicians, the College of Surgeons, and 
      > those involved in nursing, the Registered Nursing Associations, and 
      > the Obstetric fields and association of nursing, including midwifery 
      > associations.? The false teachings include the teachings of First 
      > Aid Responders, the police, and their own manuals on an emergency 
      > birth, and this goes for the Firemen, and the Medics.? All are
      >  local situations, and the duty to report is to each city, State, 
      > Province, or Territory.
      > The duty is to report.? It adds to the duty to report on what is 
      > visual, testable, and measurable.
      > Thank you again, for your time.
      > Donna Young
      > Box 504
      > Dawson Creek, BC? V1G 4H4 Canada
      > Tel:? 1.250.782.9223?? email:? dyoung@...

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