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Re: BAS Michael Haardt

If you want the latest version, add "bas-2.4.tar.gz" (without the quotes) onto the end of the link you gave. The version 2.3 you get from the visible link is
Aug 1, 2014

Mac 30th anniversary release of Chipmunk Basic 1.367.242

For OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks (on Macs!). Includes some fixes for drag&drop, copy/paste, and the field$() function. Find a zip file via the Chipmunk
Jan 24, 2014

New Beta Test Release of Chipmunk Basic for OS X 10.8 & 10.9

Announcing a temporary release of an Early Initial Beta Test version of Chipmunk Basic for Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9 - (ver.3.6.7b3, 2013Nov) This initial OS X
Nov 28, 2013

Re: BAS Michael Haardt

here is his web page: http://www.moria.de/~michael/ he has a computing link to a link that is labelled for a GNU BAS compiler. ______________________________
Rob Keister
Nov 6, 2013

BAS Michael Haardt

Hi, I have been trying to find some information on the BAS BASIC interpreter written by Michael Haardt. Does anyone here know of any links i might have? Anyone
Nov 6, 2013

Re: On PCLinuxOS, questions

I think the modified program remains resident in ram until a 'new' command is issued. Thus ample opportunity to save. One does not need line numbers, thank
Bryan McDonald
Sep 23, 2013

Re: On PCLinuxOS, questions

For renumbering program lines, use the "renum" command. Refer to the reference manual. The "load" and "save" commands use STRINGEXPR as a file name. That means
Sep 19, 2013

On PCLinuxOS, questions

Hi-- I'm new to this list and i don't know what might have gone before. I found Chipmunk BASIC after looking for something that came as close to GW BASIC as
Sep 19, 2013

Re: CB System Preferences File?

Chipmunk Basic used to support Application Preferences on 68k Macs running (pre OS X 10.0) Mac System 7 from over 15 years ago. There's probably some stuff
Jul 25, 2013

Re: CB System Preferences File?

... ********** Mac OS has a System Preferences file, but it is only for the operating system, not for applications. As to the occasional reference to "Prefs
Paul Doudna
Jul 23, 2013

CB System Preferences File?

Is the System Preferences file for the Mac OS version only? There appears to be no System Preferences file in the MS-Windows distribution, and no documentation
Jul 23, 2013

Re: Graphics Colors?

Paul, Thank you for the help. I'm running MS-Windows 7. Unfortunately, the Chipmunk BASIC manual limits several of the graphics commands (which are under the
Jul 23, 2013

Re: Graphics Colors?

... ********** Crazy Bob: This is a combined reply to two posts: I am using iMac OS 10.6.8. Graphics may work differently on other computers. "graphics
Paul Doudna
Jul 23, 2013

Re: Custom Characters in Chipmunk 3.6.6b

This is what I've tried. Using the Character Editor of Windows Vista I made one custom character. I copied this through the clipboard and pasted it into a text
Jul 22, 2013

Graphics Colors?

The CB manual states that the color values range from 1 to 100. Does anyone have the actual values mapped to specific colors? TIA, Crazy Bob
Jul 22, 2013
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