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    ** Welcome to the Chip Directory Mailing List! ** ### PLEASE SAVE THIS MESSAGE -- IT CONTAINS UNSUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION ### Table Of Contents ... 1) Charter
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2002
      ** Welcome to the Chip Directory Mailing List! **


      Table Of Contents
      1) Charter for this mailing list
      2) Characteristics of this mailing list
      3) How to submit a posting to the list
      4) How to unsubscribe from the list
      5) Commonly used mailing list server commands
      6) Contact information
      7) Disclaimers and Notices

      1) Charter for this mailing list

      The chipdir-L mailing list has been created for those using and appreciating
      the ChipDir.

      The Chip Directory consists of several chip related lists like
      a numerically ordered chip list, a functionally ordered chip list,
      a list of chip manufacturers, a list of controller embedded
      tools manufacturers, chip pin-outs, lists of electronics books,
      CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites etc.

      This is a non moderated list and all topics regarding chips are welcome.

      The list will also be used to announce new versions of the ChipDir and
      other organizational issues. The general Intenet netiquette rules apply.

      Jaap van Ganswijk is the webmaster for the Chip Directory web site
      (http://www.xs4all.nl/~ganswijk/chipdir/ - look here for a site near you).

      Chip Directory Mirror Sites
      (Best connected site first per region.)
      - http://peace.me.gu.edu.au/resource/chipdir/
      - http://www.ba-karlsruhe.de/chipdir/
      - http://www.vol.it/mirror/chipdir/
      - http://ftp.unina.it/pub/chipdir/
      - http://hydrus.cc.uniud.it/~adebbs/chipdir/
      - http://cal003109.student.utwente.nl/stefan/chipdir/
      - http://www.xs4all.nl/~ganswijk/chipdir/
      - http://junitec.ist.utl.pt/chipdir/
      - http://www.online.ro/chipdir/
      North America:
      - http://www.hitex.com/chipdir/
      - http://www.amc.com/chipdir/
      - http://gpd104.rhbd.psu.edu/chipdir/
      - http://www.eskimo.com/~cadfael/chipdir/
      South America:
      - http://www.del.ufrj.br/chipdir/

      2) Characteristics of this mailing list

      Public or private? Public
      Moderated? No
      Archived? Yes
      Available in DIGEST format? Yes
      Subscriber list public or private? Public
      Can you make your address private? Yes
      Cross-posting to other lists allowed? No

      3) How to submit a posting to the list

      All submissions for this mailing list should be made by sending your E-mail
      message to the following address:


      Once your message is received at fatcity.com, it will be re-distributed to
      all mailing list subscribers. You may receive replies either privately or as
      replies to the list itself, depending on the choice of the person responding.

      4) How to unsubscribe from the list

      If you wish to unsubscribe from this mailing list, you should send an E-mail
      message to the mailing list server, with the following command in the message
      BODY (a Subject line is not required or needed):


      Your E-mail message should be addressed to:

      ListGuru@... <-- Note EXACT spelling of 'ListGuru'

      NOTE: If you only want to *TEMPORARILY* stop receiving postings from this
      mailing list, you may want to use the SET NOMAIL command as mentioned below.

      5) Commonly used mailing list server commands

      The mailing list server software in use at fatcity.com is ListGuru. ListGuru
      accepts most commands from all major mailing list servers, including Listserv,
      ListProc, Majordomo, MailBase and SmartList (among others). All messages to
      the mailing list server MUST be addressed to only one address, however:

      ListGuru@... <-- Note EXACT spelling of 'ListGuru'

      Mailing list commands must be included in the message body, not the Subject
      line. Commands on the Subject line are ignored. Multiple commands can be
      included in a single message. You may send as many messages as you wish.

      A short description of the most commonly used commands follows. For a
      complete list of all commands available, use the HELP command to obtain more
      detailed information. In all commands below, <list> refers to a name of a
      valid mailing list name (for example, CHIPDIR-L ).

      Command Format What it does
      -------------- ---------------------------------------------------
      HELP Sends complete ListGuru command information
      LISTS Sends a list of all available lists at this site
      UNSUB <list> Unsubscribes the subscriber from the list
      SET <list> NOMAIL Temporarily turns off messages to the subscriber
      SET <list> MAIL Resumes mail flow to the subscriber
      CONFIRM <list> Confirms a subscription to a particular list
      WHICH Shows ALL lists that a user is subscribed to
      SET <list> DIGEST Turns on DIGEST mode for a list (if available)
      SET <list> NODIGEST Returns to normal (single message) mode for a list
      INDEX <list> Lists all available archive files for a list
      END Discontinues further command processing (useful if
      you have long signature sections).

      There are more than 50 commands which can be used with ListGuru. The HELP
      command details all commands and their function. In addition, it specifies
      which commands from other mailing list server software may be used.

      Note that the two most common mistakes when using mailing list servers are
      misspellings of addresses or list names, and posting mailing list server
      commands to the list itself (a major no-no). When in doubt, ask for HELP.

      6) Contact information

      To reach the administrator of this mailing list, for reasons such as problems
      with the mailing list or your subscription, send an E-mail message to:


      For manual requests that you were not able to accomplish by using the
      mailing list server -OR- to reach the Moderator of this list, you may send
      an E-mail message to:


      For other problems or questions unrelated to a specific mailing list,
      (such as bounced messages and the like) send an E-mail message to:


      This mailing list is administered by:

      Bruce A. Bergman (bruceb@...)
      Fat City Network Services
      P.O. Box 723122
      San Diego, California 92172-3122

      7) Disclaimers and Notices

      This mailing list is provided as a service, and no representations as to
      accuracy, appropriateness or advice are promised nor inferred. All postings
      are the opinion of their respective authors, and not that of Fat City Network
      Services, its agents nor employees.

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