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congrats and job opening for new lawyers

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  • vic ceballos
    to all those who passed the recent bar exam, congrats to all of you!!!!!! to those who will take it again, don t lose hope and never never say die. Pick
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2009
      to all those who passed the recent bar exam, congrats to all of you!!!!!!

      to those who will take it again, don't lose hope and never never say die.  Pick yourself up and face the challenge anew!

      A former student of mine, Atty. Reggie Jacinto-Barrientos heads the PJS law office in Makati and is looking for new lawyers.  Below is a short description of the law firm. Those who are interested, please don't be shy. Time to roll up those sleeves and show the world how good you are, as lawyers!

      PJS LAWPJS LAW is Puyat Jacinto & Santos, a general professional partnership engaged in the practice of law. Website: www.pjslaw.com

      Established in 1997, PJS LAW has earned a reputation for delivering quality work through the technical competence of its people and the Firm’s extensive transactional experience. Recently, PJS LAW was cited by the International Financial Law Review
      (IFLR1000, 2008 edition) as one of the leading Philippine law firms recommended for Project Finance.  In has, since 2003, been consistently considered as a recommended Philippine law firm in Project Finance, including other fields such as Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisition.

      PJS LAW is a full service law firm offering a comprehensive range of legal services in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, Energy, Banking and Securities, Litigation, Labor, Immigration, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Information Technology, and Special Projects.

      We are looking for lawyers who, among others, are inquisitive, creative, hard-working, and with good credentials.  We are a small to medium sized firm, so in-depth experience starts on day 1.  Consequently, we look for associates who do not shy from the many challenges that are intrinsic in our projects and cases.  

      We have a few slots open and we would like to fill them up soon.  Your recommendation and endorsement is greatly appreciated. By the way, the firm will likewise be open to summer/apprenticeship program as soon as we obtain our accreditation from the Law School.

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      Hi Group 7.
      Attached here is the TRO Primer (with authorities) .
      Just tell me if there are any problems.
      Melissa Banzon (0906-2580386)
      for the TRO Group (with Calinisan, Cruz, Rances)

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