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107Reminders from Sir

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  • Philip Closa
    Nov 16, 2007
      Hi classmates!

      I talked to Sir yesterday and he is really excited to publish our book..however, we still need to fix it for there are some errors and no citations in our primers...It's not our "faces" on the line but the school as well...So, please, submit your edited version of your primers with correct grammar and citations...our group will handle the layouts and editing it again....

      Sir, said that he is finished with our grades but will not released it until we complied with the requirements (primers). ALso, I have to burn all your videos and powerpoints...I have your videos but I only have replevin and injunction's ppt..Can you also send your powerpoint?

      Thanks and please comply asap....

      Ipe Closa
      " I would like to see my own ignorance wither into enlightenment "

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