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Fw: Re: [OPT] 3 internet petitions, 2 about contraception funding and 1 abt overpopulation censorship.

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    ... From: aditmore@juno.com To: optimumpopulation@yahoogroups.com Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:44:19 -0500 Subject: Re: [OPT] 3 internet petitions, 2 about
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      Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:44:19 -0500
      Subject: Re: [OPT] 3 internet petitions, 2 about contraception funding and 1 abt overpopulation censorship.
      Lots of people don't even use media anymore and get all their nonlocal information virally through their facebook friends and Change.org petition signing partners.  Media will never reach them unless a fellow petition signer picks it up and writes a petition about it. That's why all the papers are going out of business.
              Also, once a town starts transferring all it's environmental spending to contraception, don't you think the media will ask why?  The whole world watched when Provincetown Massachusetts voted to distribute condoms in all it's schools.  It put the place on the map!  Futhermore, contraception funding can go far beyond free contraception, which is NOT adequately available ANYWHERE, it can include both contraception research and contraception education including environmental motivations, both of which can take infinite budgets, as can the PAID contraception in the Project Prevention link I posted:
      PAID contraception is the miles wide middle ground between free contraception and forced contraception.  That charity isn't doing free contraception, they are ALREADY doing PAID contraception, in the UK.
      I will admit that my political plan is designed for the USA, where it will likely work best because here, school taxes are local, are they in the UK?
               Here, a town like Detroit, with 35% children, overloads it's schools, which then either tax the jobmakers into bankruptcy or implode, where towns like Provincetown Massachusetts, with 8% children, have fine schools with low taxes.  The national government doesn't send much into towns full of children, but they do send checks into retirement towns full of the aged, which all amplifies the economic benefits of LOCAL contraception, or environmental gay rights as in Provincetown.  If the reverse were true, where the national government funded schools more than retirement, leaving retirement up to the towns, then the main contraceptive funding motive would lie with the national government, and I don't know where in the English speaking world that might be the case.
              Also, The Big Sort is known to be happening only in the USA.  I don't know what other nations are physically relocating into like minded towns, other than Indo-Pakistan soon after independence.  The Big Sort means the USA is doing the same thing in a more orderly and far quieter manner.  After most of the muslims left, India was left politically able to establish abortion rights and large scale contraception projects on the local (within India) level.  What The Big Sort means is that the USA "blue states" are doing the same thing, and you won't hear much about that in your precious media!
      PS you british are familiar with Indo-Pakistan aren't you?
      I agree Ken, there is such a choice of media that we can use,not least of all this media. I am continually writing to my M.P. and he does write back,because if he doesn't  it goes against his record.Little but often and a growing number of people doing it helps,eventually.The major trouble here is lethargy,tiredness of the old oxbridge ruling class conveyor belt of standard thinking of controlling the population for the establishment's own longetivity.People still feel powerless. in this controlled democracy

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      Subject: Re: [OPT] 3 internet petitions, 2 about contraception funding and 1 abt overpopulation censorship.


      Online petitions are probably a waste of time.  To a large extent the correspondance on this website will be a waste of time also.  We are preaching to the converted.  It does however, generate facts.
      What we need is exposure of these facts in the media.  As population is not yet a hot potato in the media, this almost rules out dedicated programmes on TV or radio, or full articles in newspapers.   But small or throwaway comments by individuals or journalists can have huge effect.

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