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Re: How would a new population party along these lines grab you both?

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    How about all foreign aid should go to family planning services, as well as half the environmental budget and at least 20% of the health budget. As for
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      How about all foreign aid should go to family planning services, as well as half the environmental budget and at least 20% of the health budget.
      As for cultural defense, the best example may be protecting gay rights from homophobic immigrants as it was the immigrant vote that put California Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, over the top.  We can put the discrimination shoe on the other foot and protect a group with a very low fertility rate in the process.
      On Sat, 20 Nov 2010 19:20:32 +1100 "Gregary Boyles" <greg@...> writes:
      We are all political novices here at the end of the day but what would your assessment be of how it would fly among any unhappy SPPA members and across the wider public?
      I figure we need to attract wider support than just ZNPG advocates if any party is likely to succeed. If you look at the policies of the Australian Sex Party, they extend well behind just sex related issues.
      Open to other suggestions but these are mine that we could stitch together in a coherent theme:
       Party name would be: Australia 4 Australians (A4A)
      Philosophy and policies would be along the following lines:
      1) The party advocates for the interests of all Australians, white and non-white, christian and non-christian, born and not yet born.
      2) Non-discriminatory - excessive immigration from Christian countries is as much a threat to ecological and social sustainability as excessive immigration from non-Christian countries, given that Australia is already multicultural.
      3) Narrow business, economic and humanitarian interests should not be permitted to 'trump' ecological and social sustainability.
      4) The primary aim of the party would be to take seats from both major parties and the Greens.
      5) Social sustainability includes maintaining ethnic harmony as a priority, not exceeding infrastructure capacity, ability to provide adequate services, maintaining acceptable housing affordability and not increasing cost of living pressures.
      6) Australia would meet its international humanitarian and family reunion obligations only to the point that it does not conflict with maintaining social and ecological sustainability.
      7) We would be against wholesale privatisation of social assets like water, electricity, basic communications and postal services etc.
      8) We would move to tie CEO salaries to a fixed multiple of the lowest salary paid by the company.
      9) We would move to implement binding votes for small company chare holders.
      10) Any official federal foreign aid would be tied to comprehensive family planning services or not provided as a matter of principal.
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