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condoms for babies

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    Arming babies with guns has it s problems too, notably inability to work the safety levers. Arming the caregivers, parents, babysitters etc, does no good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26 9:09 AM
              Arming babies with guns has it's problems too, notably inability to work the safety levers.  Arming the caregivers, parents, babysitters etc, does no good because most baby rapists ARE the caregivers and many are the parents. So then the baby rapists have guns, so what?  They have the ability to rape a baby regardless.  AIDS prevention for the baby is the reason to put condoms in the pockets of babies. The main motivator for a baby rapist to use a condom would be DNA evidence.
      As for Zack, let's assume a private school, run by voluntary charity funding, gave condoms to 4th graders, 8-9 year olds, who come into the school voluntarily (on the part of the child, not the parent) and ask for them.  Where is the force?
      Also in the public school, the forced attendance is there regardless of the condom policy.  The attendance in the nurses office is voluntary.  It seems to me that other than the trivial funding source which prevents many times more forced taxation elsewhere in that context (Massachusetts), and private funding could easily be arranged, that it would involve more force to deny a kid a condom than to provide one.
              And yes I have personally put out bowls of privately funded condoms and personally watched quietly as some of them were taken by 7 year olds behind the backs of their parents.  No force was involved and that is the core essence of liberty and I would never live in a "LD" (independent town) where that might be a problem.
              I actually did have a minor problem with the fact that some of the condoms, provided to me by the charity (Planned Parenthood), had sticks and thus resembled lollipops.  Thus I felt it necessary to say to the kids who took them "those taste bad", in the interest of full disclosure.  I also asked Planned Parenthood to next time omit the lollipop sticks both to avoid confused kids and to save money.
      I will admit that the probablility of being raped may not be worth the inconvienience of always carrying a condom.  I maintain that EVERY HUMAN BEING ON PLANET EARTH, of all ages and sexes, including even babies, has some reason to own a condom.  In addition, a child might be interested in providing a condom to an older sibling or parent who is too shy (or drunk) to ask for one, for use with an similarlarly aged partner.   In particular a child who does not want to share his room with additional siblings might want to communicate that wish by giving condoms to his/her parents.
              Did you guys even follow the links?

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