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re: Population boom 'a problem' for councils

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    I TOLD YOU SO!!!! That LOCAL governments, Mayors and councils as you call them, are by fer the best place to go to stop overpopulation and by orders of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2010
      I TOLD YOU SO!!!! That LOCAL governments, Mayors and "councils" as you call them, are by fer the best place to go to stop overpopulation and by orders of magnitude the best political overpopulation strategy.  It is councils that can fund contraception, COUNCILS that have a reason to do so, and COUNCILS that can be won by overpopulation activists.

      Population boom 'a problem' for councils

      Posted by: "Robert Boni" rboni@...   bonirobert

      Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:27 am (PDT)

      The Age
      June 18, 2010 - 2:19PM

      Managing the population boom - or in some cases trying to create one -
      has emerged as one of the key issues troubling local councils.

      Mayors and councillors from around the country had the opportunity to
      grill federal government figures, including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd,
      about their concerns at a community cabinet-style meeting on Friday.

      Of the many questions raised at the session, held at Canberra's
      Parliament House, most related to Australia's anticipated big population

      The government was told more needs to be done to help cities cope,
      especially when it came to roads, school facilities and environmental

      Local Government Minister Anthony Albanese said the government was well
      aware of the challenges faced by population growth and that local
      councils were destined to play a critical role.

      "We know what the problems are - this group has to be part of the
      solution," he told the gathering.

      "The people in this room are in a better position than any group that I
      can think of to determine and be on top of what are the actual local

      What made a solution even harder was that the challenge was reversed for
      some councils, desperate to attract more people to their localities, Mr
      Rudd said.

      "This tale of two cities, two types of cities, is a national tale,
      therefore what we're looking out is how we get right the different
      regions of Australia with different needs."

      Mr Rudd used the forum to announce a further $100 million injection into
      its program for delivering council infrastructure, such as mobile
      kitchens, playgrounds and bike paths.

      It brings the total spend to $1.1 billion since November 2008, having
      delivered almost 5000 projects around the country.

      Some councillors told the panel they deserved more of a say, and Mr Rudd

      The government would be looking at future government arrangements by way
      of how we engage "you folk in local government" on getting it right.

      The government also was still working on amending the constitution to
      recognise the role they've played in Australia's history as well as
      today, Mr Rudd said.

      The Australian Council of Local Government plenary ends on Friday after
      ministers hold private consultations with their local government

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