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National overpopulation groups are finally learning to act locally.

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    National overpopulation groups are finally learning to act locally: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Population-Connection/52989768601?v=wall&re f=ts Population
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2010
      National overpopulation groups are finally learning to act locally:
      Population Connection

      Population Connection The Austin, TX City Council is poised to join Baltimore in requiring "crisis pregnancy centers" to post signs announcing that they will not provide referrals for abortion information or birth control services. Every city -- and every state should do the same.

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      Leslie Ann Ellis
      What exactly do they do then? Help pregnant women get on welfare? Or are they adoption clearinghouses?
      Yesterday at 10:19am · Report
      Pj Murphy
      they are bait and switch centers...showing pics of aborted fetuses and then trying to hard sell adoption
      Yesterday at 10:26am · Report
      Annie Martinez Vieyra
      Well said, Leslie.
      Yesterday at 10:26am · Report
      Pj Murphy
      they are NOT social workers and DONOT help people get services like birthcontrol or social services
      Yesterday at 10:27am · Report
      Robin Salvadori Allison
      As far as I've ever heard, an occasional one may help with hooking you up with an adoptive family, but mostly they just are there to tell you you are right to not get an evil abortion. The really, really good ones might have a list of referrals for you. But from all I've heard, the focus is to prevent an abortion, not to worry about the mother, the future baby, or how to prevent another pregnancy.
      Yesterday at 10:28am · Report
      Christian Gerike
      "Every city -- and every state should do the same." Is this Population Connection's stance? If it is, why?
      Yesterday at 10:45am · Report
      Sarah Ott
      How are we supposed to control the population then? Did you know the birth rate often indicates the crime rate in 18-25 years???? It's a proven fact.
      Yesterday at 10:47am · Frankie L. Winchester
      In Baltimore the Catholic church is fighting this law! The very idea that they would uphold lying!
      Yesterday at 10:54am · Everett Volk
      Here's an easy heuristic for those confused by this post:

      Crisis pregnancy centers are to family planning (in all its variations) as the NRA is to gun control.
      Yesterday at 10:58am · Population Connection
      In answer to Christian Gerike's post. Most "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" exist solely to dissuade vulnerable young women from seeking abortion services. They use misleading advertising to bring clients in who think they are coming to areal health clinic where they can get serious unbiased counselling and services. Many women wrongly think that these ... See Morecenters are similar to Planned Parenthood clinics, and may go to get birth control, but that's not available either. The signs are a way to help potential clients understand the fact that these centers are not the place to discuss the full range of their options. We believe that every state, county, city and town should make sure that these centers provide truth in adverstising. Laws requiring that they post signs tellling women that they won't provide information or referrals for basic reproductive health services is one way to do it.
      Yesterday at 11:15am · Population Connection
      Christian: Yes, Population Connection is in favor of a required disclosure at Crisis Pregnancy Centers that they do not perform abortions and will not refer patients to providers who perform abortions.

      Crisis Pregnancy Centers fool women into thinking that they will help with an unintended pregnancy, when in reality, they exist solely to convince... See More women to continue pregnancies that they do not want.

      Here is an overview of what the centers do and why they are so offensive: http://www.prochoice.org/about_abortion/facts/cpc.html
      Yesterday at 11:15am · Mary Green
      We all need to support Planned Parenthood as they DO provide pregnancy prevention information - no pregnancy - no need for an abortion.
      Yesterday at 11:20am · Diane Black
      why would you put a gag on servuces
      Yesterday at 11:34am ·Barbara Lonsdale
      i went in for a pregnancy test in santa monica, ca on pico just east of lincoln n they tried to talk me into adoption n how damaging it is to the body to have an abortion with gory detailed information of killing the unborn fetus-lucky i wasn't pregnant but wow! i couldn't believe it!
      Yesterday at 11:40am · Rik Smoody
      @Barbara: GTFO, as texting friends "say".
      Yesterday at 12:21pm ·Christian Gerike
      Thank you for the clarification, I now understand that "crisis pregnancy centers" is not a generic, but rather a specific, type of organization. I concur with Population Connection.
      Yesterday at 1:29pm · Annie Martinez Vieyra
      I found this wonderful reply from another thread, but it's spot-on:
      "I must have overslept and missed the news that all the normal and healthy orphans in the world have been adopted."
      Thanks to Luis Bubb.
      Yesterday at 1:58pm · Cow Corner Cathedral
      Agreed. And starting asking Catholics why they give their money to an organization that is constantly messing with social initiatives. The Archdiocese of Baltimore has sued to prevent implementation of the Baltimore ordinance.
      Yesterday at 4:55pm ·
      Kudos PC. Your learning to work outside the beltway! That is where 99% of our potential is!

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