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Fw: Susan G. Komen Cuts Support for Planned Parenthood

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    I agree with the PI position below, except that I stopped giving to Planned Parenthood because cancer screenings don t help panda bears. In fact speaking
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2012
      Susan G. Komen Cuts Support for Planned Parenthood
      I agree with the PI position below, except that I stopped giving to Planned Parenthood because cancer screenings don't help panda bears.  In fact speaking literally, cancer screenings harm panda bears.  If Planned Parenthood reverts to being a purely contraceptive organization, without health related diversions, then I will be able to resume my support.  Separate internal funding streams at Planned Parenthood would solve this problem, so that Komen could give purely to cancer screenings while I could give purely to contraception, but as far as I know Planned Parenthood operates from a general fund, which makes this kind of specified giving difficult, especially when doing volunteer work, like office cleanup, as opposed to cash gifts.
      -Alan Ditmore
      Please read these petitions advocating municipal environmental
      contraception funding, which is increasingly politically realistic due
      to The Big Sort in more and more towns, and helps women's rights, quality of life, and school taxes as well as being at
      least 5 times more cost-effective than any other environmental effort.
      The prochoice and contraception movements are placing too high a priority on defensive actions in the red states when we should be going on the offensive, the side of "change", in the blue states, and cities. The worst places
      will get even worse no matter what we do, but the unrealized political potential, the low hanging fruit, is in making the best places even better. This opportunity is being caused by The Big Sort.  Mayors are not answerable to rural voters, unlike governors and presidents.
      We americans love cars more than babies, Very soon we will have to choose, and we will choose cars.
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      In the fight against breast cancer, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has been a winner. A big winner. In the fight for reproductive health and rights, it has become a loser.  A big loser.
      The Komen Foundation announced yesterday that it was no longer providing funds to Planned Parenthood for breast exams. While the organization’s officially stated reason is that Planned Parenthood is “under investigation,” the organization, according to numerous reports, was caving into pressure from “pro-life” groups that object to the abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood.

      In taking this action, the Komen Foundation undercuts its own stated goal of preventing breast cancer: millions of women rely upon Planned Parenthood clinics for their breast exams.  But it also undercuts other preventive health care services provided by Planned Parenthood, including contraception and screenings for cervical cancer. 

      When family planning clinics close, reproductive health declines, unintended pregnancies increase…and so do the number of abortions.

      Planned Parenthood is asking supporters to make their concerns known.

      Contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation today and let them know that by cutting funds for Planned Parenthood they have done a disservice to the women—and men—who have generously supported its work in the past.

      Call the Komen Foundation:   1-877 GO KOMEN(1-877-465-6636)

      Or email them:   news@... 

      And show your support for Planned Parenthood by signing their open letter: I Still Stand With Planned Parenthood
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