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42Breeder incentives in federal healthcare?

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    Sep 17, 2009
      On US federal healthcare bills, I want to take the environmental
      position, pro or con, that maximizes the net finantial incentives to
      remain childless, however it has become difficult, especially in the
      presence of multiple bills, to figure out what that position is.
      On the one hand, the final bill might well cover things like
      fertility treatments, IVF and prenatal care for everyone, including
      illegal immigrants, which would clearly be added breeder subsidies.
      But on the other hand, in many states it is low income childless
      adults who have the most trouble getting Medicaid while breeders are
      already covered by that, as well as SCHIP. So my question for impartial
      experts is which way would the incentives go on a net, or total dollar,
      basis if some version of federal health care were to pass?

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