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144Re: Why breed? Re: why innovation wont defuse the population bomb

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    Jun 17, 2012
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      Kudos and ditto Beth!


      Innovation will have to be more radical - bigger jumps will be required
      to keep the current rate of population growth.

      On one hand, as there are more people, there are more people who are more
      talented than average, who would be capable of discovering these

      On the other hand, as strapped as we are and will soon be for basic
      resources, many or most of those extremely intelligent individuals will
      not be educated, and rather than making the discovery, they will be
      struggling with the rest of the population to maintain their day-to-day

      There is a limit to technology. As (I think Heinlein said), at the
      current (in the 1960s) growth rate, in a few hundred years the mass of
      human beings would exceed the mass of the planet, which is impossible
      without an innovation to colonize outer space.

      Technology will not save us. It can put the collapse off. However, when
      the collapse happens, the higher the technology, the more people will be
      around, and the more high-tech things won't be shut down for any
      survivors - who probably won't be able to shut down and get rid of the
      nuclear waste, bio-contaminants, effects of global warming, and on and

      Colonizing outer space will become less and less possible the more people
      who are struggling just to stay alive, rather than research, develop,
      build, and commit resources to other things. I think it's too late even
      if we start right now... Science fiction will not save us.

      What could save us might have been to cut population growth drastically.
      I say "might have been" because I believe that it would have had to have
      been implemented when the earth's population was under 5 billion -
      roughly 30 years ago. Possibly earlier.


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