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139Fw: Re: why innovation wont defuse the population bomb

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    Mar 8, 2012
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      From: Jack Alpert <jackalpert@...>
      Here are some videos, made at SKIL  (www.skil.org) which help bring into perspective  
      a) the human predicament, 
      b) the magnitude of change in global population that will give us a good future, and 
      c) a process for attaining that smaller population.

      I am sending these videos to this discussion because Part 9 of   "overpopulation means civilization collapse"  asked what if  technology delivers 6 times the present world production? It turns out that instead of 50 million global population to have peace, sustainability, and ever increasing wellbeing,  with six times the earth's current production it would mean 300 million people global could live in those conditions.  That is still 25 times the current global population.


      Too Many People Video series

      The Human Predicament and What to Do About It    Feb.28, 2012

      Overpopulation Means Civilization Collapse    Aug 2011

      Jack Alpert PhD
      Director:  Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory
      (C) 913 708 2554 http://www.skil.org 13617 W. 48th Street
      (O) 913 248 0016 skype: SKILdog Shawnee, KS  66216

      The problem:  ………...Your child's future…....The Solution
      Who are you 
      pushing off the 

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