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  • Terry Bankert
    Date: 01 Aug 2003 02:18:19 -0000 To: attorneybankert@yahoo.com From: Yahoo! Groups Subject: Important Yahoo! Groups Service Changes
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
      Date: 01 Aug 2003 02:18:19 -0000
      To: attorneybankert@...
      From: "Yahoo! Groups" <notify@yahoogroups.com> Subject: Important
      Yahoo! Groups Service Changes

      As part of our efforts to ensure that all Yahoo! Groups
      users enjoy the same high-quality service, we will implement the
      following service changes on Aug. 7, 2003:

      - Message Attachments: Yahoo! Groups will continue to deliver all
      attachments sent via email, however, the attachments will no longer be
      archived within the Messages area. You may continue to upload files
      and images to the Files and Photos areas of your groups. Please
      re-upload any attachments you would like to preserve to the Photos or
      Files areas of your group. On Aug. 7, all attachments in the Messages
      area will be removed, and Yahoo! will be unable to retrieve such data.

      - Add Members: The "Add Members" feature will now allow you to add 10
      new members per day (e.g., the ability to directly add your friends
      and family to your group). You may still use the "Invite Members"
      feature to invite others to join your group.

      - Files and Photos: Groups web membership will be required to access a
      group's Files and Photos areas.

      Thank you for your support as we make these changes that will allow us
      to continue offering a compelling, high quality, free service.

      For more details on the service changes described above, please visit
      our help section http://help.yahoo.com/groups/groups-56.html. Please
      not reply to this message via email, as responses will not be read.


      The Yahoo! Groups Team
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