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Re: [chief-users] Saving versions of a layout

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  • Fitch R. Williams
    On Fri, 1 Jul 2005 10:00:16 +0800, Geoff Francis ... In V10 you go to and you can do the whole thing in one click. I use this
    Message 1 of 65 , Jul 1, 2005
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      On Fri, 1 Jul 2005 10:00:16 +0800, "Geoff Francis"
      <GLFRANCIS@...> wrote:

      >I don't think you can relink a whole swag of files at once (I'm happy to be proven wrong) - it has been put forward as a Wish List item though.

      In V10 you go to <Tools|Layout|ReLink Files> and you can do the whole
      thing in one click.

      I use this feature a lot when I save production house plans to another
      name and directory before I reverse them.

    • Paul Hilbig
      Lew I think Jim knows what he is doing! Maybe we need to wear beginner, intermediate and guru tags at this group LOL Paul ... From: Lewis Buttery To:
      Message 65 of 65 , Jul 8, 2005
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        I think Jim knows what he is doing!

        Maybe we need to wear beginner, intermediate and guru tags at this group LOL

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        Subject: [chief-users] Re: Saving versions of a layout


        Think about using 05-07-08 as your date format, it keeps the
        files/folders in a better sorted order.


        --- In chief-users@yahoogroups.com, "clawes2000" <ebdesign@e...>
        > Paul,
        > I've read every post in this thread. I've refrained from
        replying 'til
        > now 'cuz I've explained "the method" I use many times before. "The
        > method" I use was detailed by Matt K some time ago & works
        > &, believe me, if it works in Matt K's office, I think it'll work w/
        > my puny 5 PC P2P LAN.
        > Y'all are making this way too complicated. Remember the 'peanut
        > butter & jelly" reference? (I think that was this thread.)
        > If you insist on using the 'save as'in Chief, don't waste your time
        > reading any further. I don't have a clue what happens in different
        > scenarios using 'save as' of either the plan file or layout file. I
        > remember in earlier versions, it mattered if both plan & layout
        > were open/closed if the layout followed the new plan.
        > If all views in layout are from a single plan file (which I HIGHLY
        > recommend) & IF you are comfortable managing files & folders thru
        > explorer this is a piece of cake.
        > If you copy/paste a folder that contains both the plan & layout
        > the original layout file will maintain it's link to the original
        > file in the original folder. The layout file in the new folder will
        > linked to plan file in the new folder; doesn't matter what you name
        > rename the original & 'copy of' folders. In fact, you can just
        > any folder & the Chief files inside that folder will still be
        > If you rename a plan file, you must 'relink' the layout to the plan.
        > that takes about 5secs. Unless, of course, you have views from more
        > than one plan file, in which case you have to point each view to the
        > appropriate plan file. &, if you ever archive your work- moving it
        > your hard drive, be sure to include those plan files on your archive
        > disc. That could get complicated, ...........maybe.
        > w/ the ability to save CAD blocks in the library, I don't see a good
        > reason for ever having a view in layout that didn't come from the
        > plan file as all the rest of the views.
        > If you rename a layout file, it will still be linked to the same
        > file.
        > When I do use 'save as', it is usually saved to the 'trash folder'
        > my desktop, 'cuz I want to see what something looks like. If I want
        > keep it, I copy/paste from the trash folder to the current folder,
        > thus overwriting the original file.
        > I have many plans w/the same exact name. The name of the FOLDER
        > (customer/project/project current)is what I look for. When I
        > copy/paste to get a new version, I rename the new folder "project
        > 07-08-05" & lock the files (read only) so that, if I do happen to
        > in a non-current version, the 1st time I try to 'save', Windows will
        > let me know I can't do that. I can, however, do the 'save as' if I
        > Sound familiar, Matt?
        > Jim
        > > Seems like things are getting complicated again! ;-)
        > >
        > > Oh, and Jim, Mark was talking about changing the name of the
        > file and whether it would be linked to the plan file in the new
        > or the plan file in the original folder.......I think. Have you read
        > the previous posts on this topic?

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