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Re: Materials Files Etc.

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  • allen
    Glad it helped you to.Maybe it s a proplem with the program,I had it in my libary earlier then it was gone. I did nt think any thing bad was said,just some
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2005
      Glad it helped you to.Maybe it's a proplem with the program,I had it
      in my libary earlier then it was gone.
      I did'nt think any thing bad was said,just some venting.
      Chief seems like the best deal out there for software,I dont know of
      any other that will give you a great deal on upgrading and still let
      you keep the older version in full,(nothing to send back).
      I'll be glad when the training cds come out.
      Have a good day.

      --- In chief-users@yahoogroups.com, "rod" <rod@r...> wrote:
      > To Dermot and Others:
      > My sincere apologies to any and all that I may have offended this
      > in my time of need and stress. Unfortunately I am an old dog and
      > new tricks is something I can do however in the middle of the stream
      when I
      > am under the pressure to complete a drawing is not the best time for
      me to
      > learn some new tricks or to have to look in the manual to see how to do
      > something that I have been doing for years. I understand about
      better. The
      > problem is that I love this program and with anything that you like
      and love
      > change is hard. It would never be my intention to intentionally rag
      > for no reason or to intentionally try to say hurtful things to anyone in
      > this forum. I can understand venting and I personally think we all
      have a
      > right to be angry as long as when were through being angry we can all go
      > about our business. For Mr. Dermot who I do not know personally I am
      > sincerely sorry that things are said here or have been said here
      that would
      > cause you not to keep reading this forum on a regular basis. I surely
      > understand for any out there who has had a similar problem as I have had
      > today the frustration of the materials deal. The old saying of don't fix
      > something if it is not broke comes to mind here however I am sure
      that we
      > will all be better off as soon as we learn the materials thing a little
      > better. I am sure that you are right Dermot about it being better.
      > excuse and forgive this old dog if I said anything to cause you to
      not want
      > to read this forum on a regular basis. I think we are all better
      because of
      > your imput into this forum as well as the cheiftalk forum. Both are
      good and
      > sometimes you can catch someone here when you can't on the other. I
      > both!!! I love this program!! Just throw me a bone and give me a
      little pat
      > and occasional treat and I will wag my tail and go fetch anytime!!
      > A tired old dog!! Rod PS By the way the stone material thing got
      > from the library somehow and I am going to have to re-load the program.
      > Thanks Allen for directing me to the right solution!!!
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