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Re: Crashes with latest Beta patch

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  • dpotter1@austin.rr.com
    Chris, I wish you were not having trouble with Chief. I am sorry for that. I wish you well, prosperity and all the good things that life has to offer. I wish
    Message 1 of 48 , Mar 1, 2004

      I wish you were not having trouble with Chief. I am sorry for that. I
      wish you well, prosperity and all the good things that life has to
      offer. I wish that Windows had no bugs or security holes. I wish that
      PC's were as good as Mac's. I wish that all the children of the world
      would hold hands and sing "Joy to the World" in harmony and peace
      forever. I wish you would talk to Tech Support or seek other
      professional help rather than continue to roll on this forums floor
      yelling "Look what ART did to poor little me!!!". Maybe there is
      something wrong with your PC: When was the last time you dusted and
      cleaned the interior of the PC's case and its components (causes
      excess heat which causes components to over heat and become
      unstable)? Do you have enough system RAM installed (insufficient RAM
      causes any version of Windows to become unstable) ? Are your hard
      drives so full that causes Windows to become unstable? Do you have a
      virus or worm that might be causing system instability, are you sure?
      Have you recently updated any system drivers especially video
      drivers? (bad or corrupted video drivers can effect an entire
      system's stability) Are your hard drives heavily fragmented (a common
      cause of instability)? It may be your main hard drive is about to go
      out (system oddities and instabilities precede such an occurrence).
      Even if you and your stuff can walk on water I would prefer that you
      take it up with ART directly as they have guys on their payroll to
      hear and log complaints and Tech Support staff who make their living
      helping poor sods like yourself. Speaking entirely for myself only, I
      have heard enough, thank you very much. You do something effective
      and constructive, OK?


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      > --- In chief-users@yahoogroups.com, "dermotdempsey" <dermotd@c...>
      > wrote:
      > > It is entirely possible that you have found a new problem that is
      > in 9.53 and is not in 9.52. This is why we have pre-release
      > of the updates, to determine whether or not there were any new
      > problems introduced.
      > Dermot:
      > I did not know that ART provided a disclosure to the 9.53 or other
      > pre-release patches that mentions the policies and disclaimers
      > associated with these versions of ART's patches. I would like to
      > read it so I might know the specifics. I reread the 9.53 Notes and
      > did not see it there nor on the Announcements section of Chieftalk
      > forum. Could you tell me where I might find it? or send me a
      > Chris
      > Sonoma, Calif.
    • Peter & Lenita Brown
      Dermot, Thankyou for keeping us informed. Regards, Lenita ... From: dermotdempsey To: Sent: Thursday,
      Message 48 of 48 , Mar 3, 2004
        Thankyou for keeping us informed.

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        Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 4:19 AM
        Subject: [chief-users] Re: Crashes with latest Beta patch

        > Hello Everyone,
        > As of this time, we have not identified any new problems in 9.53 that
        > were not already in 9.52. Several problems ahve been reported to us
        > but none of these were actually new problems. This could mean one of
        > two things, either the update is "perfect" or no one has bothered to
        > report their problems to ART tech support. In either case, the "pre-
        > release" 9.53 update will likely become an "official" update very
        > soon. Once the update is made official, I would encourage all users
        > to use it because of the many improvements that have been made.
        > We will continue to fix problems as they are found and reported to
        > us. Please continue to report any problems found directly to ART
        > tech support so that we might include a fix in the next available
        > update.
        > Dermot Dempsey
        > Vice President of Engineering
        > Advanced Relational Technology, Inc
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