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Re: [chief-users] Off subject - need help/help yourself

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  • Jaswinder Kalsi
    Hi Bobbie, Thanks for the quick reply.......Those are some great marketing methods.......Im going up to the department of lands and see if i can get a list of
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 1, 2001
      Hi Bobbie,
      Thanks for the quick reply.......Those are some great marketing
      methods.......Im going up to the department of lands and see if i can get a
      list of land purchasers........what a superb idea!!!!! Very often i have
      missed out on a job simply because the clients hadnt heard of me!

      Kenya is very much a capitalistic country with most of the laws derived from
      the british laws.......So we dont have many restrictions here.......in fact
      The Building bylaws were written in 1950's and have not been altered even
      once since then..and are also subject to "reinterpretation and approvals
      from the planning officers".

      What we are restricted in ( i.e. only the registered architects ) is the
      fact that we cant direcly advertise our services. ( This is a law we got
      from the Royal institute of British Architects )

      I think a nice AD in the Yellow pages might also do the trick......i have
      always economised in that aspect as a single entry in the white pages is
      free! But it does make sense to be listed in the Yellow pages.

      The gift vouchers to the olive garden restaurant sound like a good
      idea....but Kenya allready has a massive bribery & corruption problem that
      might just get more complicated with gift certificates. :-)))

      Prayer is deffinately in!

      I wonder if anyone has had any luck marketing services on the
      internet....using email and websites?


      > > Hi Jaswinder ,
      > >
      > > I have a couple of things that I use as tools for marketing.
      > >
      > > I personally find that I enjoy working with individuals to come up with
      > > house that suits them. So part of my marketing includes sending a letter
      > to
      > > people who have recently bought land. (in USA, this is public record)
      > >
      > > Builders are short on time and big on building...so I have made a point
      > > getting to know several of the reputable local builders.....show up at a
      > > house they are working on, introduce myself.....I may start looking into
      > > Builder's associations in my area.
      > >
      > > Take every opportunity offered to get my name out in front of people ~
      > > sometimes even putting in a bid to do a set of plans, knowing that the
      > > builder is encouraging them to go with stock plans.....they may remember
      > my
      > > name when friends of theirs are looking.
      > >
      > > Being an active member in the community puts me in contact with many
      > people.
      > > It is a side benefit to being a volunteer. The more people who know what
      > you
      > > do for a living, the better chance of them giving you the work.
      > >
      > > Standard things - like a NICE ad in the Yellow Pages of the phone book
      > > it goes to every household.
      > >
      > > Most Important, word of mouth. Satisfied customers - satisfied
      > > builders......they generate more work than anything else. I thank them
      > when
      > > they send business my way also.
      > >
      > > Oh yes, and a Husband who wants me to work, work, work. He is ALWAYS
      > trying
      > > to find work for me.
      > > (He got a gift certificate to Olive Garden Restaurant for the last
      > customer
      > > he brought my way)
      > >
      > > Are you able to use any of these? I am curious as to the freedoms and
      > > restrictions that you are up against.
      > >
      > > Best wishes,
      > > Bobbie Decker
      > > Michigan
      > >
      > >
      > > (and then as a side note, there is prayer ~ a very powerful force :o)
      > >
      > >
      > >
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