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94144RE: [chief-users] minimum wall lengths. VX5

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  • Steve Mason
    May 20, 2014

      Hi Lenita

      I have been talking to John in Australia who has solved the problem for us.

      I was selecting the window and ctrl dragging it toward the end of the wall but was not quite aggressive enough with the Dragging. I dragged it almost into the next wall beside it and that did the trick.

      I have a small issue now that the brick cladding is showing over the window, but it’s looking promising.




      Hi Steve,


      I give up fighting with chief over these matters sometimes! My workaround in this situation is to use a 1mm thick wall drawn perpendicularly at the junction of the two walls - once I have placed the window & moved it hard up against the perpendicular wall, I then make that wall invisible. Sometimes chief doesn't like the invisible wall (for some reason), so I will, instead, put the wall on a different layer (I have created a wall 'whiteout' layer for this purpose) and then hide the display of that wall.


      I hope you can follow my suggestion okay!






      On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 12:58 PM, Steve Mason s.mason@... [chief-users] <chief-users@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Hi All

      I have collinear walls joined together. One being brick veneer, one being timber cladding. Both walls are made up of solid 36 metrapanel with 70 structural framing battens on the outside. Brick has a 40 cavity with 70 series Brick, the other has 70 structural battens and a 20 cavity batten with palliside PVC w/brd. The Solid Wall panel will provide the main structural frame and the structural framing battens provide the structural element for the Lintel supports.

      I want to place a window in the w/brd wall hard up to the Brick Veneer wall without any framing to the side of the window. (The Lintel will be supported by 70framing from the brick wall beside)

      Where are the settings to allow me to force the window to the very end of the w/brd wall .

      The window placement is critical for interior kitchen layout and it just doesn’t look right with the window casing showing behind a pantry unit in elevation view.




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