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  • johnhager33
    Feb 20, 2014
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      Hello all,

      Have a problem, actually it's my fathers problem.  He started with home design and liked it so much upgraded to the full chief architect.  He used it while he was still working.  After retirement he did plans on the side.  Didn't make a lot of money but kept him busy.  The problem is his XP machine got smoked (literally) and he had to go to Windwos 7 (he couldn't have handled Win8).  Unfortunetely to get a new seat of the newest software will cost $1600.00+, no way he can do that.  I need someone that has chief architect to save his drawings as pdf's.  You can do that to scale and then plot to scale (I did that for him at work when his plotter broke).

      Any one interested?  Price is negotiable.

      Thanks for you time.


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