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94021Re: [chief-users] Great deal on chief?

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  • Linda Ihle
    Aug 20, 2013
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      From what I understand there are no copy write laws in Europe so while it may be legal over there it's not here, and you won't get any tech support.

      My question is how do you feel about buying pirated software?? How would you feel if someone stole one of your plans?

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      Re-posting this one.

      Had it titled wrong.

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      Hi Folks,
      My IT guy found this offer from a company he buys server software from. It looks crazy and I am definitely a “if it looks to good to be true” kind of guy. But my guy insists they are legitimate. He has purchased thousands of dollars of software from them without any issues.


      Has anyone else come across this?

      Thank you,


      Michael Rockwell

      Production Manager

      The House Company

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