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77Chicago Movie Bears & Great Lakes Bears have a winner!

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  • James W
    Apr 20, 2012
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      Totaling the polls from Facebook and Yahoo, Cabin in the Woods is the winner! But it was close!

      We will be going to the Regal Webster Place 11 for the 5:20 showing, 1471 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL. We will be picking a near by place to eat after the movie. (we have a lot of choices)

      For those of you with your heart set on our second place movie, The Hunger Games, you might consider going to the 4:20 showing of that movie. They should end about the same time and we can still meet as a group for dinner.

      Just text me at 513-509-2686 so I know to look for you.

      See you at the movies!