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my account was hacked yesterday

My account was hacked yesterday, so if you received an email from me with a document, it was not me. Do NOT open it! I have no idea what it was. My apologies,
Camellia El-Antably
Jun 5, 2014


Do view the secured document i uploaded for you through Google drive CLICK HERE! and
Camellia El-Antably
Jun 4, 2014

Re: listserv

A listserv is a method for easily communicating with a group of people. By sending email to one address, in this case, cheyennerpcv@yahoogroups.com, it sends
Camellia E
Jul 22, 2010

Re: listserv

Guess that I need to know more about it--or be reminded when something is posted to it...not sure. Judy On Sat, 26 Jun 2010 16:30:18 -0000
Judy Kallal
Jul 8, 2010

Re: Some news from John Coe

Great to hear from you. I am now the Wyoming Geographic alliance Coordinator for national Geographic....love the low paying job---guess it is the Peace Corp
Judy Kallal
Jul 5, 2010

Re: My daughter Claire

Jerry, This email should be forwarded to everyone at Peace Corps DC. J On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 22:01:45 -0600
Judy Kallal
Jun 30, 2010

My daughter Claire

Just to update... My daughter Claire is not doing Peace Corps after all. If her experience is typical, it's a wonder anyone would join PC nowadays. After six
Jerry Laska
Jun 27, 2010

Some news from John Coe

Even though I am living some 1300 miles away from you guys in Winchester, Kentucky, where I have been taking care of my mother for the past 3 years, I am still
John Coe
Jun 26, 2010

Re: listserv

Well there is not a lot of action going on - I should stop in and see Connie sometime. To: cheyennerpcv@yahoogroups.com From: leillucy@... Date: Sat, 26
Stanley Clapp
Jun 26, 2010


Is there still interest in this listserv for SE Wyo RPCVs? As far as I can tell, it is not being used at all. Camellia
Camellia E
Jun 26, 2010

Re: Some type of PCV get-together in November

Amy, We are having a Halloween dinner at my home Halloween at six. Did you receive an email about it? I am fixing the chili. Judy On Wed, 19 Oct 2005
Judy Kallal
Oct 19, 2005

Re: Some type of PCV get-together in November

From Beth Pratt Hello all-- The next Cheyenne RPCV get together is scheduled for October 31st--Halloween!!! You may come dressed as a Peace Corps Volunteer
leil james alexander
Oct 19, 2005

Some type of PCV get-together in November

I got a postcard from the Denver PC Office, and it looks like they are having a PCV type of thing in Cheyenne. Just in case some of you didn't receive one I
Oct 19, 2005

Re: September get-together

Thanks Beth - Ill carry a healthy merlot along. stan
Stanley Clapp
Aug 30, 2005

Re: September get-together

Just bring yourself and whatever you want to drink--beer, wine, tequila, whatever. A good chunk of the cooking is already done and in the freezer. ... If I'm
Beth Pratt
Aug 30, 2005
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