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29Re: [cheyennerpcv] My daughter Claire

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  • Judy Kallal
    Jun 30, 2010
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      This email should be forwarded to everyone at Peace Corps DC. J

      On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 22:01:45 -0600
      Jerry Laska <jerrylaska@...> wrote:
      > Just to update...
      > My daughter Claire is not doing Peace Corps after all. If her
      > experience is typical, it's a wonder anyone would join PC nowadays.
      > After six months of a very bureaucratic online application process,
      > being nominated by the local recruiter for a TEFL position in Eastern
      > Europe and investing hundreds of unreimbursed dollars for the
      > requested medical/dental/vision exams and vaccinations, she received
      > -- on three consecutive days -- three letters from PC Washington
      > saying: 1) She needed to have four teeth filled before staging; 2) PC
      > had no openings and she could reapply in six months; and 3) They were
      > waiting for her vaccination records (which had already been
      > submitted and PC acknowledged receiving several months earlier). At
      > that point she said the heck with it. I can't blame her. As a
      > parent, I wondered, if PC is that disorganized in the application
      > process, how well would they provide for her safety, medical care,
      > etc. while serving.
      > In the prehistoric era before computers, I applied and was accepted
      > in three months with the Peace Corps paying for a required physical
      > and inoculations before I left for staging.
      > Anyway, Claire is on to plan B, starting a program at Gonzaga for an
      > M.A. and certification in secondary education and TEFL.
      > Jerry Laska
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