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  • valerie_heinzen
    Hi Melody. I subscribe to this newsletter also, and I am shocked that so much can be going on in our country that the people don t know about. I would like
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2007
      Hi Melody. I subscribe to this newsletter also, and I am shocked
      that so much can be going on in our country that the people don't
      know about. I would like to talk to you about a future issue if you
      are interested. Have a wonderful day!
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      <melody_flannigan@...> wrote:
      > All of this is according to a newsletter I subscribe to and
      > "Some speak in fear of "The End Of The World" which, by the Bible,
      > is utterly absurd (at least not for the next thousand years),
      > because according to the Book of Revelation "The kings of the earth
      > who remain will be standing far off, watching a certain nation
      > burn. (The entire world can't be burning if there are leaders from
      > other nations watching.) It also says the merchants of the earth
      > who remain will all be complaining that no one is available to buy
      > their goods anymore, after which Christ will reign over these
      > remaining nations for a thousand years. (Rev 18:7-11, 20:4)
      > Before all that takes place (according to this newsletter), 1. God
      > will "sic" the Arabs on the nation He intends to destroy; 2. He
      > will have its top ten corporations move their assets (and jobs) to
      > foreign soil; 3. He will have the towers that represent its
      > financial strength brought to the ground; 4. Foreigners will move
      > in and take over, opposing everything this nation's people try to
      > do; 5. Tens of thousands will be killed by a single terrorist
      > attack; 6. This nation will be financially destroyed; 7. Toward
      > the end three of the world's leaders will die within a single
      > day period; 8. When its end does finally come there will be an
      > explosion and fire strong enough to knock the earth off its axis;
      > 9. This explosion will be so severe that men's dead bodies will
      > out of the air, with no one left to gather them, nor to bury them;
      > 10. Just as God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring
      > nations in such a way that they were burned off the face of the
      > earth, so shall it be with this nation and both of its neighbors.
      > (Far too many verses of scripture are cited for me to quote here.)
      > The next part sounds really far out there, until you realize that
      > our government has had everyone from its military, its brightest
      > scientists and engineers, and even engineers from Exxon Oil try to
      > disprove it, and they cannot. At any rate, since the 1920's our
      > companies have been pumping vast amounts of water down into the
      > earth to force oil and natural gas up out of what is known as the
      > Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve (which encompasses the entire
      > N. American Continent). Now, gravity is pulling that water toward
      > the center of the earth, causing the resulting vacuum to suck in
      > oxygen from the earth's surface, which has created one incredibly
      > huge gas and oxygen bomb under our entire continent. At a place
      > just north of Pantex, where America stores its larger nuclear
      > weapons, the H-P Reserve is less than fifty feet below the surface
      > of the earth, and extremely vulnerable to just anything falling
      > from the sky such as a meteor, or a bomb.
      > The above is scary enough all by itself, until you realize that the
      > third through fifth trumpets mentioned in the Book of Revelation
      > describe an object it refers to as wormwood falling from the sky
      > like a burning torch, and gaining entrance into what it refers to
      > as "The Great Abyss", resulting in an explosion the likes of which
      > the world has never known. In fact the Slavonic root for the place
      > in the Ukraine named Chernobyl, which is synonymous with the
      > worst nuclear disaster, has its roots in the term WORMWOOD!
      > Yes, I know in advance that a lot of people will call me naive for
      > even considering the above. But I say those who claim all the
      > is sheer coincidence are the ones who are truly naive. Especially
      > since they have one issue which documents everything to be both
      > logical, practical, and factual.
      > I used the following link to subscribe to this newsletter. Just
      > type "sign me up" on the subject line then send it. You're all
      > The_A-N_Newsletter@...
      > Melody
      > Melody_Flannigan@...
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